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[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia × Yugo) by mflysnever
[Under Edit] The Threat (Amalia ×...by FracturedFlight
This story will take place a year after season 3 but they did not end up in the "God Realm" instead they ended up at the World Of Twelve again. Original Story:...
Wakfu: My One And Only  [New Update!] by Mini_7
Wakfu: My One And Only [New Updat...by heyomimo
Years After The Quest for the six Eliatrope Dofus, this tender tension between the best of friends is questionably growing into something more. He's The king of a race i...
(yugo x amalia) by MillyUzuma
(yugo x amalia)by MillyUzuma
so its been 6 years since oropo and echo's death. on this au the brotherhood and the gods didnt got teleported in inglorium instead it send em back to the saddida kingdo...
Eliatrope's  Wings by MoonTheEliatrope
Eliatrope's Wingsby Moon
Hey guys! My name is Moon. This is my first story and I hope you like it! I don't own any of the characters of Wakfu. All rights belong to the creator of the series. ...
Random wakfu lemons by DripMorshu
Random wakfu lemonsby Drip Morshu
Morshu's sister is going to show some lemons from wakfu
Wakfu Truth Or Dare!! by Pure_Bean
Wakfu Truth Or Dare!!by ☬
Disclaimer: i do not own wakfu or any of the characters used during this. Some characters may belong to me though.I also dont own the cover of this story so, credit to t...
yumalia stuff  by RaveTheSecond
yumalia stuff by RaveTheSecond
Btw yugo is his proper height for his age so he isn't a kid anymore /
Truth or Dare (Wakfu AUs/Fanfics) [canceled] by Jewel_Dragon
Truth or Dare (Wakfu AUs/Fanfics)...by 💮☯Jewel☯💮
-[this may contain spoilers for The Six Eliatropes and New Heros]- Ello elloo people. I am doin this and by the law of the flipping unisvers it is gonna fail but who car...
bright lights and secrets by tttyyyuuueee
bright lights and secretsby wu-wakfu-and-undertale
WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. some Yugo x Amalia fluff. it's the middle of the night, everyone is asleep. well, maybe not everyone.
Healing a Broken Bond by Star_OfTheShow
Healing a Broken Bondby Fable
Yugo and Adami. I'm sure you've heard of them. Their bond is strong. But what happens when it breaks?
Truth or Dare WITH THE AMAZING BROTHERHOOD! ^0^ (ended) by Wskfufandom101
Truth or Dare WITH THE AMAZING BRO...by neptune
I don't own any rights to the characters or the photo I was inspired by @darlafancookie and @Duckieluhv (my BFFAE) to creat this fan fic....I got bored of my first one...
yugo x amlia by tinatinacrazyidea
yugo x amliaby tinatina😇❤
so i have a serie look wakfu the serie was amazing cute and sad and romatic me like yugo x amalia sweet me like the ship so as the season the end is have thtking to...
i love you always by nichole030609
i love you alwaysby Nichole Peugh
First and foremost I do not own wack Foo in any way possible but I love the show so much that I thought I had to write my thoughts on what should happen but of course th...
Wakfu: The Diferent Story  by Ink_Oca
Wakfu: The Diferent Story by Ink_Oca
the whole history in Portuguese: https://my.w.tt/EgQdh9H2aN
The Dofus Seekers by AngelxYasutora
The Dofus Seekersby Reina Shirorufu
It had been eight years since the Eliatrope traiter, Qilby was sent back to the White Dimention by a young Yugo. Now Yugo is leading the Eliatropes as King along with hi...
THE CHAT (warning ships included) by Shiplord11
THE CHAT (warning ships included)by ELTRO11SHIPPER >:3
ummmmmm yea ( idk about this...) soooooo it's not all about Rayllum (sorry for the pic i have nothing else) it is about me, my friends and some characters from shows and...
Dear Amalia, by Star_OfTheShow
Dear Amalia,by Fable
Hard times have come upon the Sadida Kingdom. Armond is in the seat of the king, his fiancee is a brat, the king is sick, and Amalia has been locking herself in her roo...