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belladonna | alejandro vargas ✓ by _Rosier_
belladonna | alejandro vargas ✓by 𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚢𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚘𝚜
She was the brightest star out there, outshining thousands of suns. Her fire, her chaos, her soul seeking out the darkest of places, thinking that nothing and nobody cou...
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amor| an Alejandro Vargas fanfiction by c0ca1ne__
amor| an Alejandro Vargas c0ca1ne__
Trigger warnings: violence, mention of drugs, blood, suicide and traumatic events that may trigger some, swear words, mature content. This story, unlike the first one, i...
COD Oneshots  by keegancodkonig05
COD Oneshots by keegancodkonig05
I'll only be doing character x character for this book unless specified so if you don't like then don't read Requests are token as long as you give the plot you want and...
Fire And Love by ValentinaYEAHHH
Fire And Loveby ValentinaYEAHHH
In a world filled with dragons and mystery, Ghost in only in it for the count and how many bullets he has to put in someone. That was until he met Soap Mactavish. Now...
Redemption by lumierethesecond_
Redemptionby 🧭
This book incorporates the question, "What would've happened if the fate of Graves had changed? What would've happened if he was actually inside the tank that led t...
The One That Got Away || Alejandro x Rudy || by de_sade
The One That Got Away || de_sade
!!ENGLISH ISNT MY FIRST LANGUAGE (NEITHER IS SPANISH)!! From little children, to teenagers, to adults, this story describes the life of Rodolfo Parra and his childhood b...
Love and affection   by Tayla2848
Love and affection by Alejandros-wife
Ghost finds out the new sergeant is gay and transgender Also he was 16 when he joined the military and he had to be 18 to join so he lied about his age and if you wanna...
Valeria x Reader: Wallet by Bast_Overlord
Valeria x Reader: Walletby Bast_Overlord
You dated Valeria before you even met Ghost. So here's what happened Obviously this is before Looking Out For Me but you don't really have to read it to understand the...
Call of Duty one shots (x Reader) by Ends_Of_Time
Call of Duty one shots (x Reader)by ?
Requests are open! dm or see inside for details.
Yandere COD X OC Male by JACEFRAY306
Yandere COD X OC Maleby Jace Fray
I've been wanting to do a yandere book for awhile never found the right time to do one but I recently played all the modern warfare games (and cried for hours) and I wan...
Cafe and Band au MW2 by BUNNIX_LOVES
Cafe and Band au MW2by bunnix love
Hi, first time writing something like this, give me ideas to write along the way of writing this. Soap and Rudy run a Cafe by themselves. They're kinda clueless because...
Birthday s3x - ghostsoap by Kittymarilynwp
Birthday s3x - ghostsoapby ※𝙲𝚑3𝚛𝚛𝚈_p0p※
a short little idea I got and couldn't get outta my head so- I wrote it!
MW2/oneshots by MiniGroont
MW2/oneshotsby Booba Mc Hoo ha
The title says everything y'all can request any character you like.It'll help my empty mind find any story ideas sooo yeA.hope you like this or not idk
CoD One-Shots/HeadCannons by ImSorryImShi
CoD One-Shots/HeadCannonsby ImSorryImShi
Welp. Here we are. I didn't think that we'd end up here. I thought that I would be able to finish my book (This was a Grave Mistake, go check it out) first before starti...
La Caquita Félix by alonelygirll
La Caquita Félixby zecs
Sólo soy una Caquita sin rumbo alguno. TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS.
Other Realms - Tiger in a Wolf's Den by bloodredvoodoo
Other Realms - Tiger in a Wolf's Dorothy
The story of Soramena - Born from a wolf mother and a wolf father, Soramena was the only triplelet who didn't get the lycan disease. In fact she's the first of the entir...
Era uma noite de Natal by LulisOmnes
Era uma noite de Natalby LulisOmnes
Era uma noite de Natal para todas as famílias, o momento de compartilhar somente coisas boas. Mas, não é bem assim que funciona para os comensais da morte.Como será um N...
THE RESISTANCE (COD) by callsign_Roach
Shadow Company won the war. Shepherd rules. Task force 141 is the only hope for humanity. can they win and bring Shepherd down? or will they die trying? DISCLAIMER: this...