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Bad Guy // Rye Beaumont  by roadiegal
Bad Guy // Rye Beaumont by Holly
He's the bad guy. Vanessa's dad works at a police station and her mother is a nurse, she has been getting through a rough break up and she decides to go the police stati...
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Rye Beaumont Imagines 🐝 by Brooklyns_Zelephant
Rye Beaumont Imagines 🐝by Vicki
Imagines of Rye from Roadtrip
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Andy Fowler Imagines by Brooklyns_Zelephant
Andy Fowler Imaginesby Vicki
Imagines about Andy from Roadtrip
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Jack Duff Imagines by Brooklyns_Zelephant
Jack Duff Imaginesby Vicki
Imagines of Jack from Roadtrip
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dangerous - andy fowler by amberrijghardd
dangerous - andy fowlerby Amber Rijghard
❝We need love, but all we want is danger❞ Everything changed when I - the new girl - accidently spilled a drink over Andy Fowler, the most handsome and popular guy from...
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Mikey Cobban Imagines  by Brooklyns_Zelephant
Mikey Cobban Imagines by Vicki
Imagines of Mikey from Roadtrip *Mikey read the book on his Fanfiction video which is on his channel*
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Brooklyn Wyatt Imagines  by Brooklyns_Zelephant
Brooklyn Wyatt Imagines by Vicki
Imagines of Brooklyn from Roadtrip
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Choose//Rye Beaumont by _bandaddicted_
Choose//Rye Beaumontby Shona
*DISCONTINUED* My name's Zara Fowler and my older brother Andy is in this band called RoadTrip. Since the band started I've had this hugest crush on Rye his fellow band...
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Master - Randy by shelbyxroadie
Master - Randyby shelbyxroadie
Includes: ⚠️Smutty scenes⚠️ ⚠️Stockholm Syndrome⚠️ ⚠️Strong language⚠️ ⚠️Rape⚠️
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A nightmare and the white shadow by russian_roadie
A nightmare and the white shadowby Добби
Andy have nightmares...had...
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Don't ;  {Randy} by ryanbeaumont
Don't ; {Randy}by (:
"Andy, Don't!" He cried. But I did. {Randy}
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If... [complete] by Choccco-milky-Mikey
If... [complete]by Issa.flippin.fowler
Andy is forced to go to a boarding school where he meets rye. A hot, lovable goofball. But and won't let himself fall for him. Not after what happened last time.
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RoadTripTv & Hrvy ~ •Imagines• by here_fanfics
RoadTripTv & Hrvy ~ •Imagines•by here_fanfics
#980 #682 #630 #600 #370 #240 #148 (30.1.18) of all Wattpad #5 in Andyfowler #1 in Hrvy #1 in Roadies #1 in RoadTripTv Shhh..just read. xx
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Being rye Beaumont's sister    by TiffanySutton679
Being rye Beaumont's sister by Tiffany Sutton
Bella Beaumont is your average type of teenage girl she lives with her grandparents and brother rye when she finds out that her brother joined a band called roadtrip wil...
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roadtrip imagines [ REQUESTS CLOSED ] by cdizzlevalntyne
roadtrip imagines [ REQUESTS valntyne
one shots about five crazy lads • lower case intended (sometimes) • completed [started june 27th 2017 - finished january 16th 2018]
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Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔ by ryanbeaumont
Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔by (:
❝Love requires two people with mutual feelings. Our relationship was one person in love, and one person who was too nice to refuse it. & I was the lover.❞
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roadtrip oneshots! by spookyghostlizard
roadtrip oneshots!by spookyghostlizard
i love roadtrip with my entire being so here. listen these are short and trash but thats ok. its mostly jacklyn because jack is 300% my lane. but sometimes other stuff...
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Tour Dates and Band Mates | Roadtrip + HRVY by fuckedupfanboy
Tour Dates and Band Mates | bronniesboy
Roadtrip & Hrvy: BxB - Mack, Brandy, Rarvey - No regular updates - Highest ranking: #3 in #roadies #1 in #Rack ❤️
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||falling for my brothers friend||roadtriptv|| by invaliduserxo
||falling for my brothers friend|| RoadTripFan🤓
alexa goes on a surprise visit to see her big brother andy fowler, all organised by the rest of roadtrip. however, it's all fun and games but stops when feelings are cau...
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I'm Fine || Andy Fowler by softiefowler
I'm Fine || Andy Fowlerby softiefowler
❝I'm so fucked up and broken, Andy, and I don't want you hurt because of my shattered pieces❞
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