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Prodigy- Wesley Crusher x Female Reader by MountedPhan
Prodigy- Wesley Crusher x Female 🔹Maisie🔹
You are the daughter of Commander Riker, a teenage girl living aboard the Enterprise-D. You had only been on board one week, due to delays in getting you there. Within y...
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Jurassic Park: An Alternative Lost World/Origin of Crusher the T-Rex by TyrannosaurKing
Jurassic Park: An Alternative TyrantKing
This story is based on my original story I did when I first started on Wattpad, and Crusher's arch nemesis, instead of a Spinosaurus, I made it a T-Rex, naming it Black...
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Crush✔ by wtwrites
Crush✔by Whitney
He was just a crush anyway.
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Bad Dreams by thingcalledwhat
Bad Dreamsby The Geeky Self
Beverly Crusher has a bad dream and need advice for how to deal with it. Will she finally admit her feelings?
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Stuck Trek by Maia2Stars
Stuck Trekby Galactic Hitchiker
Meet Janie, or Jane, a girl who is obsessed with Star Trek. Her favorite series is The Next Generation. One night, she starts the series all over and plans to watch as m...
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Salt Crystals [] Blaze and monster machines x fem!reader by Dxki-Dxki
Salt Crystals [] Blaze and 👌
"Whoes this hawtie?" [ Blaze ❤ or 💔 ] "uwu im blushin', time to swipe left~" Y/n's s/c figer brushed over the heart, soon a tinder d8 took place an...
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ideal world by IAMEREMIN
ideal worldby wonderingaboutrobin
long days of travel on the enterprise are boring for wesley crusher. there's only so many books you can read and tv shows you can watch. but with the holodeck at hand th...
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Jurassic Park: Crusher's Young Adult Life (prequel) by TyrannosaurKing
Jurassic Park: Crusher's Young TyrantKing
This takes place before the events where he met Rexy, so it will be about his young adult life on Sorna before he was brought out of Isla Sorna and onto Nublar. And also...
Father material?  by HeroHall
Father material? by Hero Hall
(This is a next generation fanfic) Docking at star base 223 for repairs , the crew of Enterprise are in for a surprise. Riker, A social worker, a 4 year old , confusion...
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Imprecision {Star Trek The Next Generation Fan Fiction} by jespah
Imprecision {Star Trek The Next jespah
Wesley Crusher leaves the Traveler and begins a new life. Star Trek The Next Generation Fanfiction starring Wesley Crusher and the Traveler.
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Tasha/Riker by ColoursUnlimited
Tasha/Rikerby Colours
Based on Hide and Q when Will was using the power of Q to give the crew something they wanted to most. Then he got to Tasha and that's where it all begins. Just in a bli...
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Overture {Star Trek The Next Generation Fan Fiction} by jespah
Overture {Star Trek The Next jespah
Wesley and Lakeisha start something new. Star Trek The Next Generation fan fiction starring Wesley Crusher and his new girlfriend.
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