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Crusher. *.゜。:+.゜。* JJ Maybank. by blackgenesis444
Crusher. *.゜。:+.゜。* JJ phoebe
[BEING REWRITTEN] "Violet Marcus, aka; The new girl, had moved to the cut, she was quick to befriend the Pogues. JJ's friends seem to like her, unfortunately it do...
Random BATMM Stories by KaylaMoonlight
Random BATMM Storiesby KaylaMoonlight 121
Title kinda says it all. All sorts of stories will be in this such as abuse (?), smut (?), fluff etc and everything else. AUs will probably be the most common in this. I...
BATMM Quotes and Other Stuff by Moonaline
BATMM Quotes and Other Stuffby Moonaline
Yep, I'm bored and busy. Let me just write this in peace XD
BFS random stories but I'm high asf by broiliterally
BFS random stories but I'm high asfby Baller
oh god I don't even know what I'm writing anymore. So like Baller, Slicer, Crusher, and Piercer all live in the castle kingdom thing and they do dumb shit together ynow...
BATMM Quotes and Other Stuff 2 by Moonaline
BATMM Quotes and Other Stuff 2by Moonaline
The other one was full, so here's book 2!
A Race Car In Axle City  by Moonaline
A Race Car In Axle City by Moonaline
Blaze and AJ take Speedrick to Axle City to make friends. Doesn't really go so well.
Jurassic Park: Altered LOST World: Origins /Rexy And Crusher's Love Story by TyrannosaurKing
Jurassic Park: Altered LOST TyrantKing
This story is based on my original story I did when I first started on Wattpad, and Crusher's arch nemesis, instead of a Spinosaurus, I made it a T-Rex, naming it Black...
Corruption Of The Moonstone 2: Demons On The Loose by Moonaline
Corruption Of The Moonstone 2: Moonaline
Zhan Tiri is back, and with Krisha and Calvin too. Blaze, Crusher and their family have to travel to get the other element stones in order to defeat the villains once an...
Crusher And Pickle's Secrets by Moonaline
Crusher And Pickle's Secretsby Moonaline
Crusher and Pickle have some secrets. First Blaze and the Monster Machines Fanfic. Crusher X Pickle. Mpreg.
A Change Of Family (on Hiatus) by Moonaline
A Change Of Family (on Hiatus)by Moonaline
AU where a 5-year old Crusher is adopted by the Blaze Fam and is raised with them. Prompt from BATMM_PP.
Blaze and the monster machines Ask or Dare by -Weirdlmao-
Blaze and the monster machines Weird
A little ask or dare with the blaze and the monster machine gang :0
BATMM (Blaze and the Monster Machines) Ask And Dare by Moonaline
BATMM (Blaze and the Monster Moonaline
Title says it all! Ask and dare the gang! And me too, if you guys want! XD
Secret Little Assassin by Moonaline
Secret Little Assassinby Moonaline
Pickle's the most adorable, most innocent monster machine around. But what if it's all an act? Assassin AU.
We Like thighs :D (shitpost) by DarklandBlood
We Like thighs :D (shitpost)by Wioletta Wojtowicz
Blaze, Crusher, Dusty, Ripslinger, McQueen and Storm are sharing a House. what do they do? random stupid Shit This is a shitpost, do not take this seriously, this is was...
Eclipse Of The Night by Moonaline
Eclipse Of The Nightby Moonaline
When an evil wizard traps Axle City into eternal night time, it's up to Blaze and his friends to head to the Moon Kingdom and save Axle City. But can they prove their st...
Corruption Of The Moonstone (Aftermath One-shots) by Moonaline
Corruption Of The Moonstone ( Moonaline
The life of Crusher, Blaze, Pickle and the rest of the racers after Zhan Tiri's takeover and death. If you haven't read Corruption Of The Moonstone, this wont make sense...
Secret Wings by Moonaline
Secret Wingsby Moonaline
AU where Blaze and AJ are secretly fairies in disguise, but when a familiar enemy captures Blaze's parents, it seems that their secret must come out. And more secrets th...
Our Story (batmm) by DarklandBlood
Our Story (batmm)by Wioletta Wojtowicz
This will be a slice of life kinda story. Basically Blaze and Crusher are paired together for a challenge and have to find out how they can somehow get along. During thi...
Never meant to be by L0n31yD4nge7
Never meant to beby SMG3?!?!?
In which 1 doesn't like the other but the other 1 like him. A angst Rocketer and Bomber story. All characters aren't mine at all Story cover isn't mine