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Not A Princess • Original Story by darlingrosexo
Not A Princess • Original Storyby darlingrosexo
Elizabeth Ashlie Marin- her mother died, her father ignored her, her ex-boyfriend was an abuser, her brand new step mom hated her, she lost her job, and she was known to...
Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Rescuing Tiffany ✔️ (#4~Stone Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #3 ~ 10/30/17** Shadow has been a Navy Seal for the past eight years. After several tours, and some close calls, he decides to call...
Saving Cassie ✔️(#2~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Saving Cassie ✔️(#2~Stone Knight' Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨ HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 11/3/17** Cassie married the wrong man. He was abusive, both mentally and physically. She longed for real love, a love that...
3 musketeers (#1 Of Biker Vengeance Series) by afirmedbymyself
3 musketeers (#1 Of Biker none of your business
This is a story of father and son getting to know their new daughters and sisters. After traveling a long time one reluctantly and one eagerly, the twins arrived at th...
Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Finding Ali ✔️ (#1~Stone Knight' Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #1 Ali woke with no recollection of who she was or what had taken place. She was lying on the floor and four terrifying bikers were...
The Devil's Saints by hayleydawnanne
The Devil's Saintsby Hayley Dawn
Aubree Carter has been living in a dorm by herself at woodly high private academy since she was 14 when her public school decided to move her up a few grades that's when...
Viper's MC: Alice & Snake by Canary21
Viper's MC: Alice & Snakeby Canary21
Alice They say without knowing the darkness then we would never know the light. His light burned brighter than the sun and I wanted to bask in it. He was only a boy wh...
His Queen (Hells Angels MC #1) by ms_misschief
His Queen (Hells Angels MC #1)by ms_misschief
Juno was kidnapped and abused for five months. She was kidnapped by filthy and scary looking bikers. Why? She has no idea. All she wants is to get out. How would she re...
Guarding Alexandria ✔️ (#5~Stone Knight's MC) | SAMPLE by Meganfall
Guarding Alexandria ✔️ (#5~Stone Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 11/27/17** Mario is a criminal. He's tough, he's rich, and he's feared. He gave up everything to become the man he is, even t...
Lucy by Theuntoldstoryteller
Lucyby May
Lucy just moved out of her parental home and is super excited to move into her new house. But not everything is rainbows and sunshine for Lucy. What happens when your al...
Defending Zoe (#9 ~ Stone Knight's MC) | SAMPLE  by Meganfall
Defending Zoe (#9 ~ Stone Knight' Meganfall
**COMPLETED**HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 2/20/18**Dagger is known as the comedian of the Stone Knight's MC. When things get too tense, he steps in and lightens the mood. It's...
The Only Girl by sam1397
The Only Girlby sam1397
Sophia is back in her home town Monroe, after being away for over a year after he father passed. It's weird for her to be back but what secrets will she let go and what...
Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Soldiers MC) SAMPLE  by Meganfall
Resisting Diesel (#1 - Devils Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #1 ~ 4/5/18** Trinity's dad was savagely executed by his own motorcycle club, and she was witness to it all. Now on the run, she hid...
Bad Reputation(Rewriting) by kitmarah
Bad Reputation(Rewriting)by kitmarah
Adam 'Jett' Jenkins joined the Deimos Riders as soon as his family got custody of him. At fifteen he spent a year in a group home until his older brother Steel could tak...
Happy Lowman's Daughter by IvyMarley
Happy Lowman's Daughterby IvyMarley
I do not own any SOA characters. This is a story about Happy Lowmans daughter moving to Charming and experiencing the SAMCRO life. In this story, Amelia gets to experien...
Ryker's Fight by Heloni
Ryker's Fightby Heloni
Lilly left her old life with the promise of something better. She had gotten a full ride to college and couldn't wait to get away and start over. That's until her past c...
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight's MC) SAMPLE by Meganfall
Loving Misty ✔️ (#3~Stone Knight' Meganfall
✨PUBLISHED ON AMAZON✨HIGHEST RANKING #2 ~ 10/19/17** Trike loves being in The Stone Knight's, but it still feels like he's missing something. That's when Ali calls him...
To Trap a Kiss - Iron Angels MC by kikikiwi121
To Trap a Kiss - Iron Angels MCby kikikiwi121
If Wolf knows one thing, he knows he loves Emily West. Ever since the president of his MC club placed her in his arms when he was fourteen he knew that she was his. Now...
Spotting Thorns (Riders of Silence MC 4) by Booklives75
Spotting Thorns (Riders of Booklives75
Rose: My new con. Find and possibly kill Briac Bledig. The man who is said to have killed my brother. I hide everything, it's my job. The life of a grifter is dangerous...
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Kicking Up Dirt • S.O.A by peeshaa
Kicking Up Dirt • S.O.Aby Sha
The adventures that Sunny Davies had, and the lessons she learned from them. • This story is not going to follow a specific timeline in the show, just having fun with it...