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Eden: The Cell by Matteoarts
Eden: The Cellby Matteoarts
Valentine has awoken with nothing but a name. Note awakens with nothing but a doctrine. Each has found themselves in Spectra, a strange galaxy with an unique and mysteri...
  • cosmos
  • amnesia
  • cell
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Fragmented Crown  by Lovelybre103
Fragmented Crown by Lovelybre103
Ariella is the last born female in her ward, Seon, one of 5 poverty stricken sectors in the Kingdom of Theru. Throughout her whole life, this fact has kept her contained...
  • deceit
  • sentinels
  • youngadult
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The Sentinels vs The Rogues by 1countryfella
The Sentinels vs The Roguesby The Country Fella!
The third chapter in the Alpha Universe. One year after the alien incident, Reese is now a consultant for the superhero team The Sentinels, a man they can outsource cert...
  • aliens
  • reconstruction
  • sentinels
Veil and Sightless (A Hank Mccoy Fanfic) by Bookorm
Veil and Sightless (A Hank Mccoy Bookorm
(This is based on my Tumblr Imagine. @DSImagines) Mutants are close to extinction. The Sentinels can not be stopped. Holden, Granddaughter of Beast/Henry 'Hank' McCoy...
  • hankmccoy
  • mccoy
  • hank
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The Cycle of Time: The Journey by Anastasia_Cross
The Cycle of Time: The Journeyby Anastasia Cross
Darkness is nearer than the land of Janíza knows. Fire Eye, the ruthless ruler, is weakening the cities, and before the people will be able to react, everything they kno...
  • guardians
  • warriors
  • dragons
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Dacos Monteton - The Wrath of Nature by mariam2014
Dacos Monteton - The Wrath of mariam2014
Everything is painful. What hurts the most is losing him, my one true love. We first met when I was a young Sentinel, protecting Nature and recruiting others who would f...
  • war
  • druids
  • sentinels
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WasteLand Earth by TheNazriq
WasteLand Earthby TheNazriq
Man kind only rely on Sentinels to guard and fight for survival and hope. But these Sentinels have much more to tell,a tale of life and death,they fight with god-like be...
  • postapocalyptictheme
  • wasteland
  • sentinels
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Chapter 5 by AlfieStix
Chapter 5by AlfieStix
  • anarchy
  • satans
  • sentinels
The Harvest Moon by Snowpaladin13
The Harvest Moonby ObliviousSky
Happy Early Halloween with a spooky Paladins story! Tyra goes into the woods to look for Viktor. What she finds isn't very pleasant.
  • strix
  • buck
  • viktor
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The Liberator ~Volume Two of the Sentinel Saga~ by Ashe_Hime
The Liberator ~Volume Two of the Ashley S. Reynolds
Following the breakout of Theta,Vanessa Ives decides to track down the missing Sentinel using her only weakness. Her beloved Delta who's suddenly become very loyal to Va...
  • parttwo
  • action
  • survival
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Dragon Quest IX Shard's Travelers' Handbook by Yohannai
Dragon Quest IX Shard's Travelers' Yohanna
Shard is the Hero, <You> of Dragon Quest 9. She pulls her friends; Yo, Gyfie and Popcorn into a crazy 'scheme' to make a Handbook for the Travelers of the Mortal R...
  • skies
  • travel
  • starry
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Sentinel Poem by rambeaufan3000
Sentinel Poemby Eowyn Bonaparte
A poem I wrote a while back about (you guessed it) the Sentinels. Cross-posted from AO3.
  • poem
  • daysoffuturepast
  • sentinels
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The Unforgiving by ThatChileseGuy
The Unforgivingby ThatChileseGuy
No one knew what “The Unforgiving” was. Was it a spirit? An Angel or Demon? A Saint or a Sinner. Was it an object? A person? Could it have just been a manifestation of o...
  • unforgiving
  • spirit
  • demons
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Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy: Hiraeth, Book 2 by Fennagin
Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy: F e n n
»» This is a work in progress/first draft. Its messy. But enjoy it anyways. «« Book 2 in the Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy! "Who are you?" "The last Seer...
  • fennagin
  • princess
  • adventure
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The Elemental Diaries: Sentinels (Book 1) by Fretzene
The Elemental Diaries: Sentinels ( Fretzene
Megan Orville is a normal teenage girl who spends most of her time writing her diary, but when the Davsons arrived at her school, things starting to change especially wh...
  • terrence
  • lightning
  • romance
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   E L I X I R[LeorioXOc]A HXH FANFIC by MsRibonny
E L I X I R[LeorioXOc]A HXH MsRibonny
A Hunter and a Doctor love story
  • sentinels
  • leorio
  • fanfic
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Skyborn by valkyriefyre79
Skybornby Valkyrie Fyre
In the kingdom of Airad, when youth reach their coming of age, they become one of two things: a normal, average person, or a Sentinel. However, Sentinels are few and...
  • powers
  • airad
  • redclaw
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The Keepers of Onslaught (Avengers FF #4) by TAngel96
The Keepers of Onslaught ( Tara ❤
Dead. They're all dead. The team had been hit hard by the deaths of some members, but that didn't stop them from trying to move on. Well...all of them but one. Natasha...
  • daredevil
  • steverogers
  • fanfiction
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Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy: Ethereal, Book 1 | ✓ by Fennagin
Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy: F e n n
»» This is a work in progress/first draft. Its messy. But enjoy it anyways. «« »» Currently in editing «« Book One in the Of Sentinels And Seers Trilogy! "Who are y...
  • yafantasy
  • princess
  • newadult
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