Ryota Echizen by JadeNight14
Ryota Echizenby JadeNight14
We've all heard of Ryoma and Ryoga Echizen's adventures, but we haven't heard about their youngest brother. Although he's related to the two wild cards, Ryota Echizen is...
  • ryoma
  • hyotei
  • ryoga
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The Prince of Tennis: D'Grass Court Queen by Cheenatalie
The Prince of Tennis: D'Grass Cour...by Chena
Ryuki Echizen. A 14 yrs. old tennis pro who's father is a Legend tennis player named Nanjirou Echizen. Hunted by her dark past, she decided to leave the world under the...
  • hyotei
  • fudoumine
  • shitenhouji
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Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Mysterious Sister, Echizen Ryoka! by Neko1290
Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Mysterio...by Shin-chan
Echizen Ryoma is a definitely a mysterious boy, but not many would have predicted this! Echizen Ryoma has a sister! Younger twin sister to be precise, but has the same...
  • tenipuri
  • seigaku
  • hyotei
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Prince of Tennis x Reader by NatsuKyoya
Prince of Tennis x Readerby NatsuKyoya
A bunch of Prince of Tennis characters x you, the reader. :3 Enjoy~ I won't be taking requests for this, but I'll try to get at least one for as many characters as I can.
  • prince
  • hyotei
  • readerinsert
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Ryoma's Twin brother and childhood friend!(Prince Of Tennis) by animefriendly
Ryoma's Twin brother and childhood...by Animefriendly
Ryoma has a twin brother what if he come s with someone Ryoma knows.
  • friends
  • ryoma
  • seigaku
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The Echizen's Little Princess by White-Angel94
The Echizen's Little Princessby Aira
If you are thinking that this is FemRyoma then, you are wrong. A twist of family secret and the side of Echizen Ryoga that was unknown by all will surely make your day b...
  • princeoftennis
  • ryogaechizen
  • hyotei
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The Princess of Tennis: Ryoma's Sister by Dieplin
The Princess of Tennis: Ryoma's Si...by DiepLin Y.
A mysterious girl, whose tennis skills are superior to most boys, transfers to Rikkaidai's tennis team. There, she proves that she can handle boy's tennis and become one...
  • hyotei
  • tezuka
  • tennis
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Prince Of Tennis (Various x OC): Smile by Mocacrepe21
Prince Of Tennis (Various x OC): S...by Mocacrepe21
Hello readers!! This is my first story that I'm making. Just to let you guys know I REALLY SUCK AT WRITING STORIES and ENGLISH ISN'T MY FIRST LANGUAGE so there will be...
  • hyotei
  • u-17
  • tennisnooujisama
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So close yet so far by otaku_of_the_night
So close yet so farby Anne Yukimura
Martina Jasmine at age of 11 became the youngest ever to be ranked as number one in the world of tennis. Winning four Grand slam tournament in just a matter of a year. S...
  • highschool
  • hyotei
  • youth
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Prince Of Tennis | Various by jungkooks_hoe
Prince Of Tennis | Variousby love myself
One shots and crazy stories of hot guys that play tennis. Various x Reader. // editing //
  • shots
  • one
  • hotguys
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The Sister He Never Noticed by dark-wolf1
The Sister He Never Noticedby Dark-wolf1
Atobe Keria is the twin sister of Atobe Kegio. She felt alone when she lived in the Atobe household due to her brother getting all the attention. She was abused, neglect...
  • akashi
  • kuroko
  • kise
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Inner Fantasies {Prince of Tennis Scenarios} by Animaniachan
Inner Fantasies {Prince of Tennis...by 『ヨナちゃん』
{REQUESTS OPEN} Live out your inner fantasies in this book! How would your dearest princes react to certain situations? Let's all find out together~
  • yukimura
  • tennisnooujisama
  • headcanons
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A Prince of Tennis FanFic by AdorkableMT
A Prince of Tennis FanFicby AdorkableMT
What happens when the U-17 camp gets shared with a cheer camp...the boys don't know what to do, that's what happens.
  • seigaku
  • romance
  • hyotei
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By your side (Prince of Tennis Fan Fiction) ~On Hold~ by AyaKusunagi
By your side (Prince of Tennis Fan...by Izalyn Zalavarria
Aya Miller a pro tennis player at the age of 11 and Tezuka's beloved cousin. What will happen to her after that night when she was 6 years old. Will her friends be able...
  • rikkaidai
  • middle
  • tennis
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Prince of Tennis X Reader (On Hold) by stephanotsky
Prince of Tennis X Reader (On Hold)by Caliber
Okay, this is my first ever FanFic so bear with me. Anyways,this will be a one shot stories and I want to add some sort of scenarios if I happened to be in the mood. WAR...
  • slowupdates
  • seigaku
  • reader
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Queen of Tennis by DragonDramione081007
Queen of Tennisby MJ
Vicc-Chan has been playing tennis a lot since the last couple months. Little did she know her tennis experience will change as she transfers to Hyotei Gakuen junior high.
  • atobe
  • tennis
  • hyotei
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prince of tennis by yanagirenjiidealtype
prince of tennisby yanagi renji's romance lover
various schools
  • prince
  • josei
  • hyotei
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