New Start by onceuponatime992
New Startby onceuponatime992
Regina is Emma Swan's teacher. Emma is a shy students bullied by many. She has a son. That's why she loved to this high school. No one knew she had a son and no one need...
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2018 REGAL AWARDS | JUDGING by RegalAwards
2018 REGAL AWARDS | JUDGINGby Regal Awards
Welcome to the first season of the Regal Awards! Created to aim the spotlight at the undiscovered authors hiding behind the curtains, the awards invite you to fight for...
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Possess Me (Yandere princes x princess!reader x Yandere King) by Monochromiss
Possess Me (Yandere princes x Monochromiss
The day I turned sixteen, my life was over. I could no longer choose what my heart desired, instead I had to follow the path that had been paved for me since birth. I ha...
  • reader
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Regal academy my Love for Rose(continue) by Parislover54487
Regal academy my Love for Rose( nkaiseng
Hi hase fans as I said I am continue with my hase story sorry guys I thought you didn't like my story so I deleted wattpad ???? but now i'm back!!!!! And r...
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Regal Academy:  fairytale ever after (Completed)  by SnowTaku
Regal Academy: fairytale ever Paulene JDO
One day Hawk finally had a chance to confess his feelings for Rose, the team was happy to hear their favorite couple finally confessing their love... But difficulties o...
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Regal Academy (Hase) by aarmaulifu6023
Regal Academy (Hase)by Phoebe Gregana
All about Hase yup! This is my first time don't expect this book is great as u think
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Side  by  Side A Hase story by Parislover54487
Side by Side A Hase storyby nkaiseng
Hi to all Hase fan around the world I red all your comments on my previous Hase story and I thought what the heck let me write a second Hase story called Si...
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College  by onceuponatime992
College by onceuponatime992
Emma swan is in collage. Her teacher is hot! Regina mills is a reserved mother to a son and a very strict teacher. How will she react to her new shy student? Will Regina...
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Regal  Academy  staying with you  by Parislover54487
Regal Academy staying with you by nkaiseng
this is the official sequel of Regal Academy my love for Rose ( fireworks everywhere ) anyways After the summer vacation everyone was back to Regal Aca...
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Another year has started at regal academy. New villains, and new friends. And another mysterious fairy tale, is about to be revealed.
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Regal Akademi-Aşk (Askıda) by rose_Sanayairani06
Regal Akademi-Aşk (Askıda)by Rose
ben aynı zamanda @sanayairani06 hesabının sahibiyim hesabım silinmiştir annem tarafından her gece ağlıyorum gerçekten yalvarırım hayırlısıyla kurtarmam için dua edin...
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Adopted by onceuponatime992
Adoptedby onceuponatime992
Reyna has lived with her adopted parents for as long as she can remember. Regina Mills have her up due to only being 19 when she was born. Reyna isn't happy with this fa...
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Çizimlerim-2 by rose_Sanayairani06
Çizimlerim-2by Rose
çizdiğim resimler (R.A) rose hawk ? astoria shawn ? travis ling ling ? joy ?
  • love
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Regal academy: Secrets by Katie12Is4
Regal academy: Secretsby Rose_cinderella
Join rose and her secret life
  • shastoria
  • josquire
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Regal Academy  my  love  for rose by MandyBolton42699
Regal Academy my love for roseby Nkaiseng Jakobo
Hi. Hawk and Rose fans this is my first time writing a story so please don't be harsh. Okay this is about when hawk realized that. he loved rose more than anythi...
  • academy
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Arkadaşlık 💘 by rose_Sanayairani06
Arkadaşlık 💘by Rose
!!Bu kitaptaki kişiler gerçektir!! Ben, @66ALEYNA6655, @Mavimilena__26, @tuncak213, @Cayca1234, Seven_UNOZ1541 Karakterlerimizin (bizim) yaptığı şeyler gerçekten yapabil...
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Regal Akademi-Whatsapp konuşmaları by 66ALEYNA6655
Regal Akademi-Whatsapp konuşmalarıby Aleyna Gençaslan
Umarım beğenirsiniz.
  • hawk
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  • akademi
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AşK by Emre_yorulmaz1
AşKby Hawk
kapak resmi çok hoşuma gidiyo benim hayatımda bir prenses var @rose_Sanayairani06 işte o prenses çok güzel bir kız aşkı bans öğreten kişi o....
  • academy
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The Sign  by onceuponatime992
The Sign by onceuponatime992
Regina is a new high school teacher. She meets a shy blonde wig a secret to hide. Will she fall for this mysterious blonde?
  • reginamills
  • swanqueen
  • school
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//SIRIĞIM// by rose_Sanayairani06
//SIRIĞIM//by Rose
"Sırıııık Yardım et! Şu yukardaki tabağı alsana" "Yetişemedin mi yine" "ya-ya dalga geçme!"💄 🍃 💓 💖👸🏼 🤴
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