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Tmnt: Raph x Mikey one-shots by lovemykitten
Tmnt: Raph x Mikey one-shotsby lovemykitten
Just some one-shots about one of my favourite ships.
A Mikey Story (Mikey x Raph) by derpy_fanfictionist
A Mikey Story (Mikey x Raph)by C0c0 loc0
A story about Mikey and his pain... Everyday he gets hit, pushed, teased by his brothers. He finally is fed up and tells them he has HAD it. The others regret it and...
TCEST one shots by DipperBipper
TCEST one shotsby Reader-Lover-God
Just basically TCEST one shots this will not form a story it's just random things I can think about that is about TCEST. WARNING: yaoi boyxboy sex swearing blood cutting...
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack] by donniesenpai
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack]by ohoho
Hi leotello shippers around the world. 👋 here I show you the sexy, kinky scenes of Leo and donnie. 👀👅... let's start. come with me. Envy written by: Jessica Arney Nig...
The gender swap.  by NaLu4EverNaLi4Death
The gender swap. by Seulgi Bear 🐻
Shredder captures Mikey and Donnie. Raph and Leo team up to go rescue them but when they get there shredder is waiting. There's a great battle but during the battle Mike...
Tmnt Tcest Oneshots and Requests! by LeoHamato226
Tmnt Tcest Oneshots and Requests!by LeoHamato226
Tmnt tcest oneshots and requests! Request what you want me to write about and I'll do my best! I'll allow any tcest ship and mpreg if you'd like. I'm also going to throw...
[TMNT YAOI] El amor que perdura  by kiwi-cho
[TMNT YAOI] El amor que perdura by Bessekai no me
un Príncipe que esta obligado a vestir de mujer se enamoró de un soldado /, El capitán de las tropas se enamoró. .de la princesa ...cuando el soldado se aleje del prínc...
True Colors.  by SilverandShadow
True Colors. by Love yourself💘
Raph stared to be a soft person while Mikey became depressed. Raph tried to make Mikey happy again but it doesn't work. But Raph doesn't give up, he tried to make him ha...
TMNT Pictures by TMNT_Mikeys_Girl
TMNT Picturesby DragonGoddess65
In this book will be TMNT pictures that I find online... probably a lot of RaphxMikey since thats what I ship but whatever. I do not own any pictures!
TMNT Tcest by SwearWolf13
TMNT Tcestby SwearWolf13
Group of TMNT Tcest one shots.
Shell Shockers by unknownblur
Shell Shockersby blursargi
Mikey has started to grow feelings towards raph. How do you think the others will react?
Loving Mikey  by Person_Who_Shipped
Loving Mikey by FloKip
The title says it all... Enjoy!
Sick:RaphxMikey by Tmntlover01
Sick:RaphxMikeyby Pretty lil phsyco
Not good with description so just read please
The Only One {TMNT Fanfiction} by Angel_Wolfie
The Only One {TMNT Fanfiction}by Potato!
Leonardo. Leonardo Hamato, was raised along with 'his' brothers. But the truth about Leonardo. Is that he isn't a boy. Leonardo was a female from the beginning. She take...
Who would have thought! by SweetSugaryCloud321
Who would have thought!by Uncrowned Ruler 👑
Raph and Donnie were in a relationship, but after something happened to Donnie, Raph got feelings for Mikey they started dating of course but Donnie was not happy about...
Magic is in the Air or is it Love? by sydatello
Magic is in the Air or is it Love?by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were separated from a almost fatal fall in the sewer, when Hamato-Yoshie tried to find them a home. what Yoshie didn't kno...
The Turtles by Uzamaki22
The Turtlesby Uzamaki22
Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello are best friends who are trying to become a world-famous band. They have the singer Leo, The electric guitar player Raph and the bass pla...