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The Duke And His Four Wards by Zetar086
The Duke And His Four Wardsby Zetar086
Felix Cambridge couldn't believe it. Along with the dukedom of Twyford, he-London's most notorious rogue-had inherited wardship of four devilishly attractive sisters! In...
Tale Of Vengeance by imthestarr
Tale Of Vengeanceby Hi
Childhood nemesis Asher Matthews and Felicity Lawson despise each other, it all started in kindergarden when they threw pranks after pranks at each other, and from ther...
Rake x Reader by MrPatatoFace
Rake x Readerby MrPatatoFace
This is self explanatory but there is no smut or lemons strictly because I mean honestly how would that work out!?!?
*EDITING* Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios *COMPLETED* by destiny_x17
*EDITING* Creepypasta Boyfriend Sc...by destiny_x17
*UNDER CONSTRUCTION * I DIDN'T STEAL IT I TOOK IT FROM MY QUOTEV ACCOUNT. It's Destiny(destinyanimelover) It's going to have Rake, Seedeater, Herobrine, BRVR, Grinny, Za...
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) by thesleepymonster
Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (M...by Zero Cipher
So, I'm bored and saw more of these female scenarios than male. Might as well give it a try. Basically, for male readers but anyone can read it. Enjoy gentlemen or anyon...
Untold - The Rake by nivsingh
Untold - The Rakeby nivsingh
This is the first story in what I hope becomes a series, the books focus on urban legends and creepy pasta. The first story follows Edward Miller as he investigates the...
The Duke's Surreptitious Ways (Rafael Benedict Valiente) by MsDreamerGirl84
The Duke's Surreptitious Ways (Raf...by MsDreamerGirl84
Highes Rating in GenFic: # 4 He was the perfect man and every girl desperately wants him. He was loyal to his girlfriend, Natalia Petropoulis. That's what everyone thoug...
You can Johnny my Knoxville Anyday (Johnny Knoxville Love story) by akh119
You can Johnny my Knoxville Anyday...by akh119
Miranda is recently divorced and has a 3 year old son. She suffers from depression and anxiety, but manages to keep it together thanks to her son and great job as a mete...
Creepypasta Zodiac 2 by Sunflower_seedsss_
Creepypasta Zodiac 2by ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ
Hello, this is book two!! hope you enjoy it! This book will reach 150 planned so far! ❤️ Ranking: Killing Kate - first
Creepypasta X Reader/Creepypasta One Shots by INSANE_izzy
Creepypasta X Reader/Creepypasta O...by ~Depressed_Bitch~
My first book! A bunch of one shots about different Creepypastas! xReader and xCreepypasta! Hope you enjoy :3 It's about time I edited the description a little XD
Animal Whisperer (Creepypasta X Child!Reader) (Discontinued) by Shiyorururu
Animal Whisperer (Creepypasta X Ch...by 𝚂𝚑𝚒𝚢𝚘𝚛𝚞
(Y/N) was a 7 year old that was constantly bullied and abused. At home, she was beaten by her drunken dad that blamed her for her mother's death, and in school she has b...
Creepypasta Facts by Biohazard_FoxX
Creepypasta Factsby Biohazard_FoxX
This is just facts about some of your favorite characters in the Creepypasta!! I don't know everything about them, but I decided to write down what I do know about the f...
Marionetka / Creepypasta (Zakończone) by lubiemakaronok
Marionetka / Creepypasta (Zakończo...by boze co
Cześć, nazywam się Sara i mam 17 lat. Źyje w małym mieście jednak mam w miarę blisko do wszystkiego. Cóż, moi rodzice niezbyt mnie lubią, a także pewnego dnia odkrywam ż...
To Love Endlessly by YramLem
To Love Endlesslyby Yram Lem
Lady Athena Cottswold's life is as bright as sunshine when she fell head-over-heels in love with Matthew, Viscount of Tonbridge, but when she witnessed the latter's betr...
Romancing a spinster  by ashmita1321
Romancing a spinster by ashmita1321
*This is an excerpt* Lady Olivia Cavendish had resigned herself to spinsterhood after she had been jilted by her fiancé. She's beautiful and rich, her father is the Duke...
Creepypasta Origins and Stories by LoveChefSanji
Creepypasta Origins and Storiesby Married To Op Girls
These are creepypasta stories and origins. If you dont know creepypasta are stories passed through the web and or urban legends of scary stories. Such as Slenderman, Ben...
the forgotten Child creepypasta x Child reader [Dis-Continued?] by luna_shadow_wolf
the forgotten Child creepypasta x...by pup_hunter
*you are a 5 year old child and you have these wierd dreams about bad people and you live in a orphanage and you are mute and very shy and you have a stuff animal you al...
Everything is Fine by Puppylover6543890
Everything is Fineby SmallWorldHuh
Ticcimask.... Thats all im saying
What if creepypasta scenarios by YumenoKKinnie
What if creepypasta scenariosby Cheyenne Tindall
The title should explain it
Creepypasta Compendium by Merirusamansa
Creepypasta Compendiumby Merirusamansa
Yeah, creepypasta things. Need help knowing more about them? Then read this.