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Pristine's Problem | ONC 2024 by sparklet11
Pristine's Problem | ONC 2024by sparklet11
**ONC 2024 Shortlisted** Pristine Marvin, a shy sophomore harboring a secret crush on her classmate Andrei, finds herself unknowingly entangled in a web of mysterious ev...
The Stolen Hunter by KshipraSawant
The Stolen Hunterby Kshipra Sawant
Lure was just your average for-hire researcher under the employment of the I.F.A (Intergalactic Federation of Allies)... not. And once the I.F.A accidentally digs up his...
Clash of Campus Geniuses by xsphpqro
Clash of Campus Geniusesby Zee Bernales
Two different schools Two different groups of geniuses Eight different students Eight different lives Eight different personalities But have only one goal CLASH OF CAMPU...
Expressing my random thoughts through my writing ✨
Pristine Halo by GwynHuff
Pristine Haloby Gwyn Huff
Jennifer and Kree are forbidden to see each other--but they do and each moment is precious and secret. Until one night, Jennifer awakes beside Kree. She demands he take...
DESTINY by imperfectlyperfect_6
DESTINYby Sameera ✨
"Can we please start over?" He said tilting his head to the side as his hands dug deep in his pockets. I would love to, my heart said. No, my Brain countered...
The Pristine by Cool_Raven
The Pristineby Raven
'Follow the light, leave it all behind...' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you see everything you've every know being taken from you in front of your eyes you re...
cataclysm by pulchritudinousbooks
cataclysmby books for the soul
it's the end of the world as we know it
Twisted Paradise by -serenity
Twisted Paradiseby call me hayley
❝If you had the chance to go back and save the world, would you?❞ ❝No.❞ ---- Zöe Reed was part of a society that was the reason for the destruction of Earth. There was a...
Kpop lyrics  by MeisAwesome2024
Kpop lyrics by Kay C
This book has many groups lyrics from momolands bboom bboom, all the way to pentagons shine. Have fun reading!!!
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Thoughts of nature by ShadoeYelvington
Thoughts of natureby Shadoe Yelvington
This is a collection of poems that involve nature in some way. Thank you for reading them, Hope you enjoy them.
Angelic by iPurple
Angelicby Miss Purple
Previously named 'My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model'. Being the daughter Hollywood's golden couple is tough. Pristine Ferro should know. People always wondered...
Autumn's Rain by AwesomeArsh
Autumn's Rainby Omar Afroz
I wrote this poem as a birthday gift to my sweetest friend.. Though it cannot possibly do justice to the person but I would really appreciate your comments :) Happy read...
Corruption by abigail_marie99
Corruptionby abigail_marie99
Pristines are perfect and do nothing wrong. Corrupts are evil and do what they want. The only thing that keeps them apart is the Line. . .but when a Pristine--Thomas--is...
The Pristine Prelude by BarryLewisGreen
The Pristine Preludeby BarryLewisGreen
T'haren finds himself lost, but somehow not... all ahead of the Circle and the Firstival. Was T'haren lost or found? Is this the beginning or end or both?