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Ryoma's Girlfriend?!  || PoT FANFIC by yagirljace1211
Ryoma's Girlfriend?! || PoT FANFICby jacelyn.
(A Ryoma Fanfiction) A girl. Precisely Ryoma's childhood friend. He unwillingly leaves her in the USA not knowing that she also came to Japan. She joins Seigaku knowing...
I'm sorry, what? (Ryoma X Reader) by CeceliaThirteen
I'm sorry, what? (Ryoma X Reader)by Cecelia13
Ryoma and Y/n have been dating every since they met. They only met because Y/n's father forced her to play tennis with some other junior kids her age and she had been pa...
Fiancé...WAIT WHAT!? (Ryoma×Oc Fanfic) Pot by Luciel_Raze21
Fiancé...WAIT WHAT!? (Ryoma×Oc Fan...by Luciel_Raze21
What if the Famous Prince of tennis have a Fiance?, How will the Regulars gonna react?, What's going to be Ryoma's faith?, How will he tell the Regulars?, What wil...
Cross Over [ PoT - KnB ] by WickedFG
Cross Over [ PoT - KnB ]by •KRML•
after a devastating change, Yuki had decided to transfer to where her Childhood Bestfriend is, where she met his quirky Teammates and friends, and there also; she'll lea...
The Misplaced Foreigner (Prince of Tennis) by Crystalinaa
The Misplaced Foreigner (Prince of...by Crystalinaa
When Yuri first shows up in Japan in the middle of the night, she disturbs the balance of the Seigaku tennis team turning their lives upside down, but none more so than...
Reincarnated into prince of tennis by kittenfrosty
Reincarnated into prince of tennisby Pearl
My name is Hanna Melody. When I died i was reincarnated into prince of tennis. Well in my past life I was a genius, so then in this life I guess I a double genius. With...
The Dragon goddess Of Tennis by Arianaz1386
The Dragon goddess Of Tennisby Arianaz1386
Ayu Sanders the daughter of former tennis pros, Yumi and Tom Sanders decided to go to Japan and attend Seigaku high school. Will she face love or she keeps being oblivio...
Ponta Pair ♥ (RyoSaku Featured Fanfic Compilations) by YouGotEhM
Ponta Pair ♥ (RyoSaku Featured Fan...by Misha
Happy 31k reads! If you're a TeniPuri fan I'm sure you'll get crazy with these fics. Read and go figure out why. (Since November 15,2014) Edited by YourMindlessDreams Fo...
My final wish! by ohhreolli_
My final wish!by doie
Ryoma QUIT?!!!
His No Ordinary Girl by Rahyia29
His No Ordinary Girlby Rahyia29
Kumi Tezuka, cousin of the very strict and very serious looking Captain of Seigaku's Tennis Club, Kunimitsu Tezuka. She's beautiful, kind, bubbly, athletic and clever gi...
Prince Of Tennis x Reader by enhypedup
Prince Of Tennis x Readerby enhypedup
These are ones I have written in my notes some are oneshots others are long
The King's Queen [Rewritten] by XxPotatoPuffxX
The King's Queen [Rewritten]by P@1g3
Yuri and Ryoma have gone through a lot in their freshman year at Seigaku. They fulfilled their promise to one another and even went as far as getting married! They had t...
Eiji's sister is Ryoma's girlfriend?! by roxy639
Eiji's sister is Ryoma's girlfrien...by roxy639
Well the title says it in the first chapter you'll see her story hope you like it!
Mysterious Princess of Tennis by _heli_mooon_
Mysterious Princess of Tennisby HellishMoon
A girl who was cheerful but change into a girl whose as cold as an ice, met a group of chaotic guys who love tennis. Will they be able to bring back her old self? Let's...
Prince Of Tennis: Trauma Of The Youngest by laciesong97
Prince Of Tennis: Trauma Of The Yo...by Lacie Midfield
Fanfic of Prince of Tennis. This story will not 100% follows the plot in the original PoT. Read the prologue to know more! DISCLAIMER The prince of tennis is not mine. F...
The Haunted School (RyoSaku Mainly) by NashiRyuuzaki00
The Haunted School (RyoSaku Mainly)by Nashia Islam
They were in a place where anything could happen... Ryoma will teach her a lesson,never to ignore him ever again.
Prince of Tennis || One-shots by akaashitheowl
Prince of Tennis || One-shotsby Akaashi Keiji
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Princess Vs Prince (Echizen Ryoma X Reader) by SitiSakura
Princess Vs Prince (Echizen Ryoma...by Siti Sakura
Synopsis : You are a tomboy girl and been popular of 'The Princess of Tennis' nickname. You are really love tennis and want to enter the tennis tournament. However, what...
Forever - A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction (Ryoma x OC) - Slow Updates :( by PoT_Forever
Forever - A Prince of Tennis Fanfi...by :P
Tezuka Naru, Tezuka Kunimitsu's sister, is a world famous tennis player who lives in San Diego. After getting an offer to coach the Seigaku Tennis Team and train them fo...
Don't Regret by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
Don't Regretby Yuki Iseri
At sweet sixteen, Sakuno is still shy and timid. However, she is now beginning her first year in senior high at Rikkai Dai instead of Seigaku. Why? All answers will be k...