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Helpless~ (Philip Hamilton X Reader)  by _Eliza_Schuyler_1776
Helpless~ (Philip Hamilton X *Eliza~*
Y/N Madison is the daughter of James Madison. So Thomas Jefferson has a big control on how her father reacts to guys you hang out with. But of course, that doesn't stop...
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  • hamilton
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STEPSISTER  by Purple_Ghost_1782
Phillip thought he was prepared for the changes that would occur on his life. Undoubtably, it seemed like he actually wasn't. Because Phillip was ready to move with his...
  • hamilton
  • fanfic
  • laurens
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THE NARRATIVE. ( anthony ramos ) by TrustFaithSalvatore
THE NARRATIVE. ( anthony ramos )by Trust Salvatore
❝let me be apart of the narrative.❞ × stories that were erased and forgotten. × [SOCIAL MEDIA]
  • linmanuelmiranda
  • hamilton
  • schuylersisters
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Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {*~Modern~*} by xXDerpyPepsiXx
Hamilton Boyfriend Scenarios {* xXDerpyPepsiXx
Yeah. This author has no life and is bored, let's see what we get outta this...
  • georgeeacker
  • thomasjefferson
  • georgewashington
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To the future by ANDPEGGY4LIFE
To the futureby Cinnamonrollsisters
Alexandra and Jayden are sisters who live together. One night after rehearsal, they meet the founding fathers and others. What's going to happen now?
  • johnlaurens
  • tthomasjefferson
  • eliza
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Forever Yours by simplyhamilton
Forever Yoursby Angelica Hamilton
Sequel to I'm Yours Alex and John have just gotten married and are braving the real world. With the Squad by their side, can they manage to survive? Marriage, children...
  • angelicahamilton
  • hamilton
  • lams
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Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton) by GoldsberryDiggs
Raise A Glass To Freedom (Hamilton)by Optimistic Whale
What happens when a university student from Washington, in the 21st century, apparently is plopped into New York City... before the American Revolution? It all started...
  • lafayette
  • lams
  • andpeggy
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HamFam // Hamilsquad  by horizonsofhope
HamFam // Hamilsquad by Raven✨
[HAMILTON X FUTURE] "My name is Alexander Hamilton." he slid his soft hand under hers and lifted it up, delicately kissing the top of it. She blushed; what a g...
  • wereintheplay
  • hamiltoninthefuture
  • elizaschuylerhamilton
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton by fullofcrazyness
Hamilton Watches Hamiltonby The Fangirl
This is gonna be a story about the characters from Hamilton watching the musical. (ps. I'm not actually going by historical physical characteristics. they go with the or...
  • herculesmulligan
  • georgewashington
  • lafayette
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нαмιℓтσи σиє-ѕнσтѕ by ruffleddroses
нαмιℓтσи σиє-ѕнσтѕby rose
[cover picture credits to fewines on tumblr] Just some basic hamilton one-shots. You can request ships and stuff. {#145 in ships}
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  • theodosiaburr
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This can't be real // hamilsquad x reader by yvsvsy
This can't be real // hamilsquad ;)
❌ may be a mature book ❌ Cover art belongs to Szin from yt
  • alexander
  • alexanderhamilton
  • aaron
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яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ adopted by a.ham by Petunia938
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм ☆ ☆petunia☆
яαιѕє α gℓαѕѕ тσ fяєє∂σм adopted by alexander hamilton [reader insert] -completed- Y/N a fourteen year old girl living in the 1700s. The revolution against Britain ha...
  • alexanderhamilton
  • lafayette
  • georgewashington
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Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
  • georgeeackers
  • angelicahamilton
  • georgewashington
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I Thought He Shot Me ¦ Hamilton Characters X Reader by aroundsound87
I Thought He Shot Me ¦ Hamilton ✨Alex✨
When (Y/n) finds a group of people from the 1700s at her front door, she doesn't know that they will change her life forever.. - Alexander Hamilton X Reader Lafayette X...
  • johnlaurens
  • hamiltonxreader
  • hamilton
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Blow us all away ~Philip Hamilton x reader~ IN THE WORKS by Julialikesriverdale
Blow us all away ~Philip Julialikesriverdale
Started July of 2018~ You have just started high school at a rich prep school only higher end families go to. You aren't a snob or anything, you just got a scholarship...
  • hurricane
  • hamilton
  • john
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The Story of Tonight by Aussie_Ramos
The Story of Tonightby Aussie_Ramos
When Amy meets her new neighbors, Lin-Manuel and Vanessa Miranda, they introduce her to the Hamilton cast, giving her jobs. Phillipa, her best friend, and Amy are very t...
  • lynch
  • fanfiction
  • alexanderhamilton
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Time Traveler || Philip Hamilton x Reader || Hamilton  by hamwicknews_21
Time Traveler || Philip Hamilton joshuroutoftheband
"That doesn't look like a math book," "Huh...that's funny. There's no title." I opened up the book and thumbed through its yellowed pages. They're...
  • readerinsert
  • philiphamiltonxreader
  • readerxphiliphamilton
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Hamilton watches Hamilton by Sparks-fly-
Hamilton watches Hamiltonby Psyche
What if all the Hamilton characters somehow met after they died to watch Hamilton the musical? Let's see together!
  • elizabeth
  • george
  • heruclesmulligan
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Hamilton watches 'Hamilton' by MusicAndPassion
Hamilton watches 'Hamilton'by MusicAndPassion
The whole gang watches the musical about Alexander Hamilton. People come back from the dead, people laugh at each other, and people get slapped. It's fun!
  • hamilton
  • fanfiction
  • hamiltonmusical
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freckles // phillip hamilton x reader by uhohyeemo
freckles // phillip hamilton x penguin
pa, I'm well aware that I was a mistake. but because you stuck around for me when you were lying to yourself makes me ever so grateful. let's move to new york, so you ca...
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  • johnlaurens
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