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Bizarre OneShots (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) by JustARandomRiter
Bizarre OneShots (Jojo's Bizarre T
**** ACCEPTING ANY CHARACTER REQUESTS, IDEAS, OR SCENARIOS REGARDING JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! **** Hello and welcome to my little book of OneShots for Jojo! I will acce...
  • stoneocean
  • goldenwind
  • steelballrun
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JJBA | scenarios by albumICE
JJBA | scenariosby countryhumans
❝I'm so fucking scared of not finding love.❞ jojo's bizarre adventure belongs to hirohiko araki
  • phantomblood
  • jjba
  • angst
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The Past Always Comes Back to Haunt You by AngelicWarriorofHope
The Past Always Comes Back to Songs in the Dark
Eleanor Griffin stupidly became the guardian on Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando at a young age after becoming obsessed with protecting Jonathan before Dio even came. Dio...
  • partthree
  • kakyoinnoriaki
  • action
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JJBA x Reader by 4JoJoke4
JJBA x Readerby 4JoJoke4
It's probably just gonna be one shots but there might be some that have two to three parts.
  • town
  • rohankishibe
  • phantomblood
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JoJo One-Shot Book by AwakingIIILeaves
JoJo One-Shot Bookby M i t s u b a
Hi I'm back and hopefully my writing is better but it's probably not requests are closed for now!! thank you for your patience!
  • jojonokimyounabouken
  • anime
  • phantomblood
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure One Shots by jjbamommies
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure One Shotsby Kay and Mons
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure One Shots by Kiara (Kay) and Monica (Mons) (: we take requests!
  • josukexreader
  • ventoaauero
  • jjba
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JJBA Oneshots (5K READS!!!) by alexiosoo
JJBA Oneshots (5K READS!!!)by josukes soulmate
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure One-SHOTS (Requests open) Rules: There aren't many but I won't do: Kinky shit Incest Under-age Abusive There might be more, but if you request...
  • diamondisinbreakable
  • phantomblood
  • jonathanjoestar
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HIT OR MISTA (JJBA x Reader: Requests Open!) by StryperDaNeko
HIT OR MISTA (JJBA x Reader: Porple Hazeu
Just some oneshots bout my fav anime I do not own any pics or characters (unless i be an ass and decide to put myself in it and tease you which i totally do)
  • ventoaureo
  • xreader
  • nickytriesherbest
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Star Platinum's Bizarre Adventures by SeventhDegree
Star Platinum's Bizarre Adventuresby Meme
THIS IS A BOOK OF CRACK FICS FOR JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE. TREAD CAREFULLY. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Note that these are intentionally poorly written lol)
  • meme
  • dio
  • jjba
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Bazar [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure] by Toki-Sama
Bazar [Jojo's Bizarre Adventure]by 『 IT’S ANIKI’S BIRTHDAY』
It's a Jojo reference?
  • ventoaureo
  • jojo
  • steelballrun
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JJBA X Reader: One-shots, scenarios, etc. by Christy_sparks27
JJBA X Reader: One-shots, Christy Sparks
I personally think that there are not enough of these and so I decided to contribute to the cause. If you wish to request a page, PLEASE specify the person and the plot...
  • jojolion
  • scenarios
  • araki
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Headcannons/Imagines by Mutants_in_Manhattan
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Mutants_in_Manhattan
I've seen up to part 4 so it'll mainly be characters from there and requests of all kinds are welcome from relationship ones to just any kind are welcome NSFW is all goo...
  • battletendency
  • readerxcharacter
  • reader×jjba
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Try Me! by KitsuneQueenClare
Try Me!by KitsuneQueenClare
[Phantom Blood Reader Insert] People challenge others to do things an individual would be too intimated to do, and maybe there are others that charge into the challenge...
  • readerxcharacter
  • jonathanjostar
  • diobrando
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jjba x reader  by theseedofvirtue
jjba x reader by 🐇 vincent 🐇
🐇gender neutral pronouns 💮jjba belongs to hirohiko araki! 🏮 part 1 - 5 so far,but will most likely be pt 5!
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • jjbapartfour
  • phantomblood
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JJBA Oneshots by LowkeyFailing
JJBA Oneshotsby LowkeyFailing
Also available on Quotev-- just a bunch of self indulgent one shots You can request any character from Parts 1-8, but I'm not too comfortable with Part 8 just yet
  • josephjoestar
  • jonathanjoestar
  • diobrando
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jjba oneshots by theseedofvirtue
jjba oneshotsby 🐇 vincent 🐇
🌺this isnt a x reader,please check out my other book! 🏖this is for jjba character x character! ☎️only sfw,sorry ('・ω・`)
  • jjbaventoaureo
  • angst
  • jjbapartthree
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Traveler (A Maybe JJBA x Reader Fanfic) by KoolKat42
Traveler (A Maybe JJBA x Reader Birdmaster
(Y/N) (L/N) is an intelligent, curious girl who is a big fan of an anime called Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. She likes anything related to JJBA. She writes fanfiction of he...
  • ocs
  • battletendency
  • attemptedcomedy
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JJBAXReader || *REQUESTS ARE ON HOLD* by MistressKillerQueen
JJBAXReader || *REQUESTS ARE ON ThatOneFanGirl
From part 1 to part 8, I can do any type of requests. I don't really do female characters in the Jojo series, I only do male Jojo characters. I can do Phantom Blood,to B...
  • stoneocean
  • jojo
  • steelballrun
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Another Day Another Dio [DioxReader] by SatansOlives
Another Day Another Dio [ an artifact
It starts out in England, 1880. You're good friends with the Joestar's new era, Jonathan Joestar. But once the blond boy Dio Brando joins your life takes a different tur...
  • jojo
  • jojosbizzareadventure
  • hotstuff
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A Gentleman's Red Butterfly by Ladywhite12
A Gentleman's Red Butterflyby Shizuka Suzu
The Joestar bloodline. A powerful family with English roots; most of its members attract particular trials and tribulations when confronting their enemies. Where each m...
  • jojosbizarreadventure
  • ocs
  • fanfiction
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