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Let it Be || Paul McCartney by GTheHippie
Let it Be || Paul McCartneyby Greer
Alex Kelly and Paul McCartney have been best friends since they were babies. Alex's mother died when Alex was two. Alex is left with her loving father and 6 brothers. W...
An Arranged Match // Paul McCartney  by Little_Miss_Rocker
An Arranged Match // Paul l o u
"I f**king hate you, Paul." He smirked and replied. "Oh, we both know you mean the opposite of that, darling." »(This story is set in the PRESENT tim...
McLennon by -Sitarday-
McLennonby Joj Harrisun
Do you ship McLennon? Do you want to laugh? Do you want to say, "Awwwwww"? Do you want to have a feels-attack? If you answered yes to any of these questions, y...
paul mccartney~ smuts and fluffs by mccartneysmeddows
paul mccartney~ smuts and fluffsby 💞abi💞
i'm a paul mccartney simp here to provide 🤍 •started~ 18th august 2020
Growing Up Beside You [John Lennon/Beatles Fanfiction] by RedRoseCreates
Growing Up Beside You [John RedRoseCreates
For as long as Celia Pooley has remembered, she's hated John Lennon- a loud, abrasive, obnoxious and self-obsessed boy at her school. However, when Celia and John find...
The Little Twister Girl (A Beatles Fanfiction) by Sosgirl10
The Little Twister Girl (A Sosgirl10
Carol is just a girl who's nothing more than a stay at home worker. But what happens when a childhood friend wishes to meet her once again and tells her something not ev...
1968 by mysweetlordharrison
1968by mysweetlordharrison
The year in which everything changes for Sadie Harrow, signed to Apple Corps, and forever changed by four of the world's most sought after musicians, the Beatles.
In My Life - George Harrison/The Beatles by dinosaureatsman
In My Life - George Harrison/The Olivia
"We grew up together thinking of each other as best friends, but these last few weeks have been like us really getting to know each other, getting to know all the l...
The Night Before by ShootingStarr77
The Night Beforeby Danielle
1965 started off like any normal year, then one trip to visit my Uncle George at work turned out to completely change my life. Why, you ask? Because it started my life w...
Baby It's You by elisiamccartney
Baby It's Youby elisia
If you asked Anna Hartman what love is, she wouldn't have a clue. Her high class, private school life and over protective mother have always been distractions from a nor...
I Need You by mysweetlordharrison
I Need Youby mysweetlordharrison
(Do You Want to Know a Secret book 2)
George Harrison Smut by harrisonkrshna2
George Harrison Smutby Harrisonkrishna2
Smut involving your favourite Beatle George Harrison! Warning: -very kinky -daddykink -smut
The Beatles Smuts and maybe Fluffs (xreader) by Little-Losers
The Beatles Smuts and maybe emo babe💣
I really like The Beatles, Smut, and maybe a lil bit of Fluff so here is this thingy lol;)) im probably going to be more into smut tho just because. { requests r closed}...
The Beatles | Oneshots | On Hold  by jesuisunrockstar
The Beatles | Oneshots | On Hold by ˗ˏˋ 𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘢𝘴𝘢𝘨𝘯𝘢 ´ˎ˗
The Beatles Oneshots! Smuts and Fluffs <3 Paul/Ringo/John/George × Reader(Y/N) Comment/message me if you have any requests or feedback! I'm also available on Instagra...
Martha My Dear by mysweetlordharrison
Martha My Dearby mysweetlordharrison
1966. Charlie is a struggling waitress who's never cared for romance. Paul McCartney is a womanizing Beatle who romances millions of girls each day. Martha is Paul's do...
Beatles Stuff True Beatlemaniacs Will Understand... by LenMcHarriStarr
Beatles Stuff True Beatlemaniacs Mrs. McCartney
The Beatles- I love em, you love em, we all love em. And of course they... well they probably don't even know most of us exist BUT THATS BESIDES THE POINT
Paul McCartney smut by harrisonkrshna2
Paul McCartney smutby Harrisonkrishna2
Smut involving your favourite Beatle Paul McCartney
Let's Play House by MissMaccaSunshine
Let's Play Houseby Goodtime Girl
Meet The Beatles - they're the modern 1960's family! Daddy John and Mama Paul live a happy life with their good friend (and mortgage payer), Brian Epstein, and their fou...
George Harrison Smuts & Maybe Sometimes A Little Fluff by Malkat1969
George Harrison Smuts & Maybe Mallory Lane
Just some short smuts about our main man George with a few other Beatles smuts thrown in every once in a while. Have a look and enjoy ❤️✌️