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LOST STARS  ► hajeongwoo✅ by haruvaille
LOST STARS ► hajeongwoo✅by `r
❛MERAKI series #2❜ Park Jeongwoo got lost of himself when his ex-boyfriend, So Junghwan broke up with him to focus more on his family and career His friends wanted him t...
played by fate by GreatTinker
played by fateby sophia
a park jeongwoo fanfic (idol au) "you don't have to hold yourself back from fangirling, it's fine. tell me what you wanna say so bad." "wait, so i can now...
i love you | treasure 13th member [1] by ALOHAJUN
i love you | treasure 13th loki (hiatus!)
♡ in which treasure debuted with thirteen members. treasure's golden diamond, park eunbyul. © 2021 - 2023 ALOHAJUN
Still My Captain? by Chnrbll
Still My Captain?by chn
Dalam sebuah rumah tangga, pasti ada praharanya, bukan? Lantas, bagaimana cara Jeongwoo menyikapi semuanya? Apakah ia memilih untuk bertahan, atau justru meninggalkan? S...
DEAR MY STAR ► hajeongwoo by haruvaille
DEAR MY STAR ► hajeongwooby `r
SYPNOSIS: Park Jeongwoo, a hopeless and mentally unstable young man who was trying to explore the things he likes as well as the things that would bring him happiness by...
The Park Family (HJW) ✔ by MedinaBlue
The Park Family (HJW) ✔by Bluemoon
Warn! BxB start: 050422 end: 030522
You make me feel special || hjw by Anjeongg
You make me feel special || hjwby hwanz
Watanabe Haruto definitely does not have a crush on his annoying neighbor Park Jeongwoo.
hanbyul | watanabe haruto by ALOHAJUN
hanbyul | watanabe harutoby loki (hiatus!)
❝ how could you lie to me like that? ❞ ❝ how could you play me like that? ❞ torn between family and love, choi hanbyul is supposed to make a choice. but like everything...
Hello || Jeongwoo Minji by efteutic
Hello || Jeongwoo Minjiby E F T E
Pap, gue mau tau lo yang mana - Jazzel
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwoo by itsbaejinjja
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwooby sy
T R E A S U R E Watanabe Haruto - Park Jeongwoo wherein Park Jeongwoo is a son of a maid working for the "Kang Family". The only thing he ever wanted was a...
Treasure Fantasies | Treasure ✔ by fangirlelite
Treasure Fantasies | Treasure ✔by ray...
This book is an anthology of short stories and reactions spiralling around the K-pop boy group Treasure. The oneshots range from light-hearted, clichè scenarios to a few...
 aurora ✦ by wonzns
aurora ✦by wonzns
treasure imagines / 보석 / 宝 [discontinued]
TREASURE IMAGINES by cherry_kookiies
TREASURE IMAGINESby .。゚+..。 𝖇𝖆𝖙 ゚+..。*゚+
The title says it all, yes i couldn't complete my other books in my draft so I came out with this instead. Hopefully you guys would like it! - Imagines of every member...
wrong number | hajeongwoo by gentle_sexy
wrong number | hajeongwooby gentle_sexy
"we're bro's but you seriously need to pay the rent." "who tf?" fanfic where jeongwoo accidentally texted the wrong number. 【#TREASURE ; 하루토 & 박정우】  ...
i own you. - a hajeongwoo short au by ye_amsterdam
i own you. - a hajeongwoo short auby everyday ⛅
- well,no one expected that ceo watanabe haruto will marry a half-werewolf.his baby,his darling,his wife.don't make this man cry if you don't want to cry yourself.and w...
Your bite - Kim Junkyu by scriitorimea
Your bite - Kim Junkyuby your wattpad bias wrecker
a TREASURE vampire fic Giving into temptation and eating some unlabeled candy turns into catching the interest of something Park Danbi never thought she'd see in her nat...
Treasure Imagines by bxnksologyy
Treasure Imaginesby whosbxnkss ✰
hii everyone, This is a Imagine stories of Treasure !! Please comment whenever you want to request Thank you <33 #52 : parkjihoon , May 10, 2023 | Time : 9:22 pm #62...
midnight love ┃ bang yedam  by hoonlvty
midnight love ┃ bang yedam by 미요
inspired by girl in red's 'midnight love' ⸻ ⭒ ⭑ ⭒ ⸻ "Yedam?", I whispered incredulously and he gave me a sheepish smile. He was s...
AGAIN  [ completed ] by nanarain__
AGAIN [ completed ]by 04zIsmine
HaJeongWoo Myanmar FanFiction Credit - cover photo zawgyi & unicode start: 20210813 end:20211009 @nanarain__
Begin Again | Park Jeongwoo by jeome3
Begin Again | Park Jeongwooby JEO
I think it's strange that you think I'm funny 'cause he never did I've been spending the last eight months Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end But o...