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Iɴ Lᴏᴠᴇ Wɪᴛʜ A Bʀᴀᴛ. [𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚏] by Taestheticookie_
Iɴ Lᴏᴠᴇ Wɪᴛʜ A Bʀᴀᴛ. [𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚞𝚝𝚘...by Crystal's fan_fictions
a trouble maker... a guy who can snap so easily... #Lovestoryoftroublemakerandanarrogantguy #HarutoFF #FINALLYCOMPLETED
10:00 | haruto by harutoxic
10:00 | harutoby harutoxic
yeppeosoo: hi hello annyeong how's it going? in which a girl dms a guy every night, at ten o'clock started: 122218 finished: 102419 ranks: #1 haruto #1 treasure #1 ygtb ...
It All Started With A Kiss • A HaruHwan Story by midnightjusticeee
It All Started With A Kiss • A Har...by sailor star
It all started after Junghwan kissed Haruto with awkwardness between them.
SEEING YOU AGAIN(HARUTO) by kpop_forever2018
SEEING YOU AGAIN(HARUTO)by kpop_forever2018
He was your ex..you still love him. You guys lost contact with each other. But is there another way you can see how he is doing..?
Haruto Imagines by hxrutoo
Haruto Imaginesby hxruto
Just some Haruto imagines for you delulu Haruto stans. i hope you enjoy! you can make requests anytime you want🤍 Started: 6.02.2021
Soulmate ✔| Hajeongwoo by Crumbs29
Soulmate ✔| Hajeongwooby 𝘩𝘪𝘬𝘶𝘯
"The task was to make him smile, the only one who could do it was his best friend" haruto×jeongwoo status: completed ✔ cover credits : @PXRADISE_LXST
hanbyul | watanabe haruto ✔️ by ALOHAJUN
hanbyul | watanabe haruto ✔️by loki
❝how could you lie to me like that?❞ ❝how could you play me like that?❞ torn between family and love, choi hanbyul is supposed to make a choice. but like everything in l...
imagines - treasure by -kimyoungtae
imagines - treasureby ☁︎︎
❝ treasure, that is what you are ❞ a book for ygtb imagines #3 - ygtb #4 - choihyunsuk #5 - kimjunkyu © -kimyoungtae 2018
i love you | treasure 13th member by ALOHAJUN
i love you | treasure 13th memberby loki
♡ in which treasure debuted with thirteen members. treasure's golden diamond, park eunbyul. STARTED: 23.01.2021 FINISHED: TBA
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwoo by itsbaejinjja
A Jerk named Haruto | Hajeongwooby sy
T R E A S U R E Watanabe Haruto - Park Jeongwoo wherein Park Jeongwoo is a son of a maid working for the "Kang Family". The only thing he ever wanted was a...
The Work of Love (Hajeongwoo)  by hajeosaj
The Work of Love (Hajeongwoo) by lazia .♡
Haruto and Jeongwoo let the work of love take over them. Brought them into different tough situations, one who's chasing, the other one is hiding. "Chasing you is...
Treasure Fantasies | Treasure ✔ by fangirlelite
Treasure Fantasies | Treasure ✔by ray...
This book is an anthology of short stories and reactions spiralling around the K-pop boy group Treasure. The oneshots range from light-hearted, clichè scenarios to a few...
Eight Letters : K. Doyoung by dobbylogy
Eight Letters : K. Doyoungby dion
when a girl don't know how to appreciate others meet a boy who never confess
Soulmate || Hajeongwoo ✔ by precioustarlight
Soulmate || Hajeongwoo ✔by 💭
[ End ] When Haruto meets his second soulmate-- Park Jeongwoo. "Memangnya soulmate bisa lebih dari satu?" -Watanabe Haruto.
Marry Me? - HaruKyu FF by Uri_Peachyy
Marry Me? - HaruKyu FFby Uri Peachy
Throughout the years the two enemies namely Watanabe Haruto and Kim Junkyu have been hostile against each other, showing their hatred till an unexpected event emerges &q...
Book I : Kalopsia by dobbylogy
Book I : Kalopsiaby dion
watanabe haruto dan lim yeji merupakan salah satu pasangan jangkaan satu sekolah yang serasi. semua orang berfikir bahawa mereka tak lama lagi akan menjalinkan hubungan...
STUDY BUDDIES.  | hajeongwoo by seohayou
STUDY BUDDIES. | hajeongwooby ヤナ.
Working as a tutor to sustain his mother's hospital needs, Park Jeongwoo crosses paths with his high school crush, Watanabe Haruto, and has now taken the honor to be his...
i dare you [hajeongwoo] by snooopiie
i dare you [hajeongwoo]by 🍓
-short story- "i dare you to make out with me." in which jeongwoo has feelings for the distant boy in their friend group, and finds his chance while drunk and...
nothing near clarity by GreatTinker
nothing near clarityby sophia
a haruto watanabe fanfic (idol au) "i was taught to always put our group first, and think about my fans' happiness above anything else, but right now, I suddenly w...
Gonna Be Fine - Watanabe Haruto by cocoaruto
Gonna Be Fine - Watanabe Harutoby admin chae + admin june
"She falls in love with the guy who wasn't meant to exist..." based on "the mysterious class" by treasure 🥇1 watanabeharuto [15/04/22] 🥇1 jaehyuk...