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Jose Carioca x reader ( DISCONTINUED Welp Not Any More) by Papuress
Jose Carioca x reader ( a person
your 19 about to turn 20 your parents surprised you a trip to Mexico for the whole summer during the trip you meet the three Caballeros BTW this is my first one so don't...
RANDOM DUCKVERSE / THREE CABALLEROS ONE SHOTS (and more) by floofyisasfloofydoes
RANDOM DUCKVERSE / THREE floofyisasfloofydoes
Oh no.... You've clicked on it...... Why?!?!?........... Good luck?
Se lo podré decir a alguien ? by gatitafeliz14
Se lo podré decir a alguien ?by Claura_chan35
Sólo diré que todo está en el primer capítulo y que habrá yaoi y que Daisy será Fuyoshi
The Three Caballeros ( Human)  x Reader by 3happychappies
The Three Caballeros ( Human) x 3happychappies
While on your yearly visit to your family's hacienda in México you're surprised to meet 3 charming amigos who take a liking to you. Coincidentally one of the young men h...
Donella Duck: Three Caballeros by Zero-1388
Donella Duck: Three Caballerosby Zero-1388
Donella Duck wanted a break from the adventures her Uncle Scrooge and Sister that drag her along cause her "Bizarre Luck" always made things it more interestin...
Ronpa & Friends by Midgetgames
Ronpa & Friendsby Angrymidget
WARNING: This does not belong to me, the rightfully owners are a Instagram account which I really enjoyed reading!! This is like that with the same characters but with a...
The Live Laugh and Loves of Micwpluto (Mickey x Pluto x TransMasc!Minnie) by katiewritestingz
The Live Laugh and Loves of Kay
The story of how Minnow Mouse realized he and his boyfriend were also in love with Pluto.
donde habitan los angeles by amyvalleter
donde habitan los angelesby amy
la historia de Panchito un niño al que su mama lo abandono.
Los Tres Caballeros by JoeyDrew1927
Los Tres Caballerosby Этот
Something that'll keep me busy Ranked number 7 in Bois!
Three Kid Caballeros by ArzCena
Three Kid Caballerosby Arz Cena
It's a story of young Donald, Jose and Panchito living in a Cabana house with Xandra. It should be the second season of child era of Legend of the Three Caballeros thoug...
Panchito by TheLionGuard
Panchitoby Liana R.
Panchito... The Chick That Never Was Did you ever wonder what happened to the eggs that never got to be little chickens? Well, here is your answer. This is a dramatic ta...
A silent shadow [DISCONTINUED] by TheFanGirl16fanfics
A silent shadow [DISCONTINUED]by TheFanGirl16fanfics
The caballeros fic set in the ducktales2017 universe May or May be continued Cringey fic from when I was like 15
Human Panchito x fem reader by Premingerslittlebabe
Human Panchito x fem readerby PremsBabe
Your a 20 year old model going on a vacation with your family to duckberg, although you don't wanna go, you wanted to go to Dubai but you can always go when you want af...
The Earth protectors and the Three Caballeros! by KylaNelson
The Earth protectors and the Kyla Nelson
What would happen if the Three Caballeros came to our world in our time of need? What would happen to the Great Earth protectors? Let's find out!
The three Caballeros and me! by KylaNelson
The three Caballeros and me!by Kyla Nelson
What would happen if I entered the world of The three Caballeros? Would I fall in love with Panchito or Jose? Or will I fall in love with Donald Duck? Or will I choose t...
Brainwashed Bridget?! by Gamers666girl
Brainwashed Bridget?!by Gamers666girl
Any summary for this? This episode will be based on "Who Framed Vampirina?" from DisneyScripts, CarolineCat1, and Yvoire Abad's episodes
Pokemon and the Three Caballeros in the Real world?! Oh my! by KylaNelson
Pokemon and the Three Caballeros Kyla Nelson
It's been 3 years since Pokemon has been introduced to the Real World... Now we have Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, Panchito Gonzalez and Xandra the goddess of Adventure. Wh...