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Ducktales: Reunion  by hirobee39
Ducktales: Reunion by Hiro
José and Panchito pay Donald a visit at the Mcduck mansion! What happens when Dewey unexpectedly brings up a question of the past? Will he find out more than he bargaine...
Duckshots! by avatarhay
Duckshots!by Avatarhay
This is a one shot book that covers All of the Duck Universe. Descriptions and warnings for each are at the chapter of the beginning. Chapter marked with a * are sequel...
Ze Carioca Line by Bellofmanycharacters
Ze Carioca Lineby I Love the Classics. Movies...
Jose Carioca has always been a womanizing charmer, but then he meets Jessica Crane, a beauty from Texas and falls in love with her. I do not own the songs or lyrics.
Three ✨Gay✨ caballeros by happyhappyjoy777
Three ✨Gay✨ caballerosby squidgi
this fic would be based off the show. "legend of the three caballeros" it had been awhile since the three defeated shellgoose and felldrake. and lives have be...
Y/n x Ronpa and friends  by AnonymousBoi139
Y/n x Ronpa and friends by xX_simp_Xx
my first fanfiction ^^"! it's based off a series I really liked, so I wanted to make fanfiction about it ^^! I hope people enjoy it.
You lover her but I love you  (𝚋𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚝𝚠𝚘) by Cariocapistoles
You lover her but I love you (𝚋� iluvgeorgepearison
Jose Carioca and his girlfriend Maria vaz (Rosinha) broke up and she kicked him out. Now he doesn't have anywhere to stay . But he calls his best friend panchito, and te...
Ronpa And Friends Zodiac signs  by alyssacbatt
Ronpa And Friends Zodiac signs by Alyssa Batt
I love Ronpa And Friends/Ronpa And Friends 2: Despair Rerun and there is a little bit of story's of that in this app... So why not make a zodiac signs story about Ronpa...
Ahh just some random mini stories we wrote for fun :3
"A Sweet Summer Romance" Human! Panchito x Fem Reader by xXMonsterLabStudioXx
"A Sweet Summer Romance" Human! xXGl00my_C0rpseXx
This is part of my new collection, the "Disney and Pixar Fanfic Collections" The collection will hold full fanfic 'x reader' stories and 'x reader' Oneshot boo...
The Son of the Shadow Queen by JazzyWazzy992
The Son of the Shadow Queenby Jazzy Wazzy
This is an AU that i came up with, called "the son of Magica". This is where a few months after Donald and Della were born, Magica was after Scrooge's number o...
Adventure Ducktales X Reader. (SLOW UPDATES) by StarCordero
Adventure Ducktales X Reader. ( StarCordero
Adventuring you really do find all your treasures! No these arent one shots I'm so embarrassed. I'm so sorry DuckTales Cast members and staff. I greatly apologize.
Broken Record  by normanhmich
Broken Record by normanhmich
Oneshot where Donald's life isn't as great as he wanted it to be, all until one day someone offered him a way out of his life.
Eres único para mi...   You are only one for me... by Xariam25
Eres único para mi... You are Xariam25
Por fin!!! Por fin!!! (Suena We are the champions de fondo) ... Bueno después de un hermoso año escribiendo borrador tras borrador de este fanfic, por fin se puede decir...
Opposites Attract. by DreamTheFox
Opposites DreamTheFox
A/N: This fanfic has no clear name. If you have any suggestions, please leave em in the comments. Also, the characters belong to Disney, not me. I also have horrible wri...
Ask the three caballeros! by AnimeGirlFan122
Ask the three caballeros!by Plus Ultra!
Welp here we go guys! Your going to ask the three caballeros! Our special guest are Donald Duck,Panchito and Jose Carioca! Go ahead and ask them,don't be shy
Jose Carioca x reader ( DISCONTINUED Welp Not Any More) by Papuress
Jose Carioca x reader ( a person
your 19 about to turn 20 your parents surprised you a trip to Mexico for the whole summer during the trip you meet the three Caballeros BTW this is my first one so don't...
Halloween With The Three Caballros by JervisCrane
Halloween With The Three Caballrosby SamWills
Después de mucho tiempo de que los tres caballeros volvieran cada quien a su país, Donald opta por la idea de que se reúnan por víspera de Halloween. After a long time o...
The Earth protectors and the Three Caballeros! by KylaNelson
The Earth protectors and the Kyla Nelson
What would happen if the Three Caballeros came to our world in our time of need? What would happen to the Great Earth protectors? Let's find out!
The three Caballeros and me! by KylaNelson
The three Caballeros and me!by Kyla Nelson
What would happen if I entered the world of The three Caballeros? Would I fall in love with Panchito or Jose? Or will I fall in love with Donald Duck? Or will I choose t...