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Ruthless Revenge                                  Ducktales  by Amelia_Queen01
Ruthless 💙 no active
Magica is fed up with the Mcduck clan ruining her plans to become the richest duck in the world and humiliating her .She seeks and plans a revenge but this revenge won'...
The Three Caballeros x Reader by weird_blueberry
The Three Caballeros x Readerby Dinsy
I'm basically making this because theres less of these and yeah lol(also they are human cuz idfk?)I might draw the human versions(at least in my version??)
Eres único para mi...   You are only one for me... by Xariam25
Eres único para mi... You are Xariam25
Por fin!!! Por fin!!! (Suena We are the champions de fondo) ... Bueno después de un hermoso año escribiendo borrador tras borrador de este fanfic, por fin se puede decir...
Ducktales: Reunion  by hirobee39
Ducktales: Reunion by Hiro
José and Panchito pay Donald a visit at the Mcduck mansion! What happens when Dewey unexpectedly brings up a question of the past? Will he find out more than he bargaine...
Halloween With The Three Caballros by JervisCrane
Halloween With The Three Caballrosby SamWills
Después de mucho tiempo de que los tres caballeros volvieran cada quien a su país, Donald opta por la idea de que se reúnan por víspera de Halloween. After a long time o...
Adventure Ducktales X Reader. (SLOW UPDATES) by StarCordero
Adventure Ducktales X Reader. ( StarCordero
Adventuring you really do find all your treasures! No these arent one shots I'm so embarrassed. I'm so sorry DuckTales Cast members and staff. I greatly apologize.
Ducktales Characters x Reader Oneshots by -Chips-
Ducktales Characters x Reader King_Lesbian
A few years ago I tried to make one of these books and all my stories were written pretty bad. Since I've found interest in DuckTales again I'll be writing new stories...
Ze Carioca Line by Bellofmanycharacters
Ze Carioca Lineby I Love the Classics. Movies...
Jose Carioca has always been a womanizing charmer, but then he meets Jessica Crane, a beauty from Texas and falls in love with her. I do not own the songs or lyrics.
The Three Caballeros Oneshots by SaltyCherries
The Three Caballeros Oneshotsby Jasper
I'm not much of a "poly-shipper" (if that's even a term???) (you know what I mean :/ ) but José, Donald, and Panchito are perfect together. Cringe culture does...
Y/n x Ronpa and friends  by AnonymousBoi139
Y/n x Ronpa and friends by xX_simp_Xx
my first fanfiction ^^"! it's based off a series I really liked, so I wanted to make fanfiction about it ^^! I hope people enjoy it.
Three Gay Caballeros by lanibannani
Three Gay Caballerosby Bananaboi
Donald has ran into José and Panchito while they're visiting duckburg. but they've been acting a lot different towards each other than they used to, and Donald's not goi...
Donald Duck X Panchito Pistoles X Jose Carioca : YOU ARE OUR SUNSHINE by SampeaStories
Donald Duck X Panchito Pistoles Sampea CAML
(Remember my little teaser I posted last night on this website? Well, I decided that my idea for a story needed expansion into a fully formed short fanfiction! To give...
The Three Caballeros ( Human)  x Reader by 3happychappies
The Three Caballeros ( Human) x 3happychappies
While on your yearly visit to your family's hacienda in México you're surprised to meet 3 charming amigos who take a liking to you. Coincidentally one of the young men h...
Ahh just some random mini stories we wrote for fun :3
A silent shadow [DISCONTINUED] by TheFanGirl16fanfics
A silent shadow [DISCONTINUED]by TheFanGirl16fanfics
The caballeros fic set in the ducktales2017 universe May or May be continued Cringey fic from when I was like 15
Quédate junto a mi by Wizard_Alexa
Quédate junto a miby Ale
Cuando niño él se había enamorado de su primer amigo, su primer beso. Aquél que llenó ese vacío en su corazón, aquél que le hizo feliz. Pero de eso hace mucho tiempo y h...
Three ✨Gay✨ caballeros by happyhappyjoy777
Three ✨Gay✨ caballerosby squidgi
this fic would be based off the show. "legend of the three caballeros" it had been awhile since the three defeated shellgoose and felldrake. and lives have be...
The True 8's Greatest Adventure by magiclove99
The True 8's Greatest Adventureby Abby Lightfoot
The True 8 compete with each other in a around the world race.
Mickey very merry christmas party by Xariam25
Mickey very merry christmas partyby Xariam25
El trabajo me ha dado un respiro espero que este fanfic les guste :)... Esta basado en el show navideño de Walt Disney World 2016, decidi agregale trasfondo y una histor...
The Three Caballeros by italkto_walls
The Three Caballerosby italkto_walls
Hi! This story was written for my friend Ana but if you are not her you are still more than welcome to read it. However you may not understand everything that is going o...