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My Force Awakens by Sammyghhg
My Force Awakensby Sammyghhg
Before I go all out on the whats, why's and wheretofore's. I want to give a special thanks and shout out to a fellow wattpad member and great rl mate, Arlexior who took...
  • vader
  • starwars
  • deathstar
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David's Written Universe by daverd219
David's Written Universeby daverd219
Every story of mine that is in the DWU!
  • intrepid
  • space
  • mobard
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Entropy's Compass by OliviaMWatts
Entropy's Compassby Olivia Monique Watts
Is time linear? Can events in spacetime only travel in one direction? Does 'direction' even have meaning? Is there a past, present and future and must they always o...
  • space
  • timetravel
  • sci-fi
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Forevermore by JordanBloom4
Forevermoreby Jordan Bloom
Follow a boy and his robot as they travel the stars and overcome perilous obstacles in the weekly installments of this story. UPDATE: THE STORY IS ON HOLD FOR NOW. BIG U...
  • sci-fi
  • novel
  • invasion
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Bond of Hatred by CollectiveAuthors
Bond of Hatredby CollectiveAuthors
Ruko and Zeera are siblings of the proud warrior race known as Killoran. Their home planet is Killora, which is situated in the Andromeda System. Both of them are excell...
  • conspiracy
  • fantasy
  • aliens
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Searching by SLPincock
Searchingby Seth Pincock
Humans are bored. They haven't anything to do with their newfound time and technology but to explore. They'll go further than they ever have before to answer the same qu...
  • hyperspace
  • alone
  • wattys
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The Third Prince by UnsanctionedStudios
The Third Princeby Unsanctioned Studios
Waking up to reality melting around would you handle it? This Prince is calm and steady, as any next-in-line King should be! However, does he make the wisest...
  • sword
  • monsters
  • fantasy
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The Bounty: A Star Wars Story by roadkingrider
The Bounty: A Star Wars Storyby Steve CS
Kevannon and Astra, two professional and well-respected Republic bounty hunters, embark on a simple case of finding a man accused of industrial espionage. But as the hu...
  • hyperspace
  • bountyhunter
  • preclonewars
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Saving Pompeii Book No.2   by NASCAR21191
Saving Pompeii Book No.2 by Nasracer219
Carter, Tricer, Spencer, and Zack are off were ever they are needed. Back at Pompeii many people are homeless and need help to re-build Pompeii. Carter and the team a...
  • pompeii
  • hypertime
  • island
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New Beginnings  (Elite Dangerous) by DuckDoesGaming
New Beginnings (Elite Dangerous)by DuckDoesGaming
This my story and adventure in the video game Elite Dangerous. For the purpose of the book I will make it into an actual story to bring the moments alive and to make it...
  • milky
  • dangerous
  • action
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Star Control: Hyperspace by crypticevincar
Star Control: Hyperspaceby crypticevincar
I do not own the Star Control universe or any characters other than those of my own creation.
  • fanfic
  • starcontrol
  • intro
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Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Sister by x-mengirl000
Star Wars Rebels: Ezra's Sisterby Asha Romanoff
When the Ghost crew goes back to Lothal on a supply run, they come back with the supplies and a new member; a young Jedi woman who closely resembles Ezra. The crew disco...
  • rebels
  • chopper
  • hera
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Wormhole by AuthorJJMadden
Wormholeby Joseph J. Madden
Major Christi Thom's first faster-than-light flight yields some unexpected results.
  • adventure
  • hyperspace
  • science
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Star Wolves - The Tribes of Yggdrasil: Book 1 by AuthorHughLong
Star Wolves - The Tribes of Author Hugh Long
- “Stargate meets Lord of the Rings!” A century ago a beneficent alien race, the Alfar, uplifted mankind to the stars and unwittingly seeded their doom. Humanity had jus...
  • warp
  • stargate
  • hyperspace
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The Donkey - 2013 SciFi SmackDown Round 2 by HardeeBurger
The Donkey - 2013 SciFi HardeeBurger
ACTION - Space trucking - Long and lonely days spent in the sickening swirl of hyper-space, piloting a craft the size of a warehouse. Man has spread himself far and wid...
  • sciencefiction
  • spartan
  • 2013
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Marduk's Rebellion by JennLyons
Marduk's Rebellionby Jenn Lyons
The war is over but our problems have only just begun. The Sarcodinay were humanity’s benevolent masters, galactic guardians who saved us from apocalypse and claimed us...
  • superpowers
  • fiction
  • aliens
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The Hyperscape Project - Book One - Sample by DonaldSwan
The Hyperscape Project - Book DonaldSwan
He set out to prove a theory. Now he’s racing to save the galaxy from his mistake. An action-packed, fun and intelligent adventure into the unknown. Along with his newly...
  • star
  • battle
  • fun
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Fatal Containment by grandmobiusbrian
Fatal Containmentby Brian Jeffreys
Lt. Cheryl Kinson and Cmdr. Connor Leary are worlds apart. Kinson, a geeky smart girl on the science division fast track, isn't making any friends on the new ship quick...
  • terran
  • cyborg
  • murder
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Exodus by AkashKapur
Exodusby Akash Kapur
Summary: Left a damaged husk, a pale shadow of all it once was by the last war, Earth, the cradle of our civilization is now populated by only a few million, living amon...
  • artifact
  • exodus
  • space
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The Mental Aspect by Cabral095
The Mental Aspectby Cabral095
Nate Mentroly is the head administrator of all the OWA Academies located throughout the human inhabited solar system, as well as the planet on Alpha Centauri. Nate has u...
  • onuea
  • sci-fi
  • science
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