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A Hunter's Pride  by Jurassicat_2000
A Hunter's Pride by Jurassicat_2000
(Y/n) is a rather unknown bounty hunter. Despite her lacking reputation, she wants to reach the top, held by the infamous Boba Fett. When the young female gets another...
Glory and Empire by grandmobiusbrian
Glory and Empireby grandmobiusbrian
The Terran Empire is in a state of chaos after the successful sack by the Valdi armada. As the Terran fleets struggle to reorganize, First Marshal Scott Pearson led the...
Fall of the Terran Empire - Traci Ganner series book 1 by grandmobiusbrian
Fall of the Terran Empire - Traci...by grandmobiusbrian
Resisting the cruel, conquering machine of the mighty Terran Empire, the Orion Star Cluster locks its fledgling navy in combat with one of the most brilliant Terran admi...
Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner series book 2 by grandmobiusbrian
Orion Gambit - Traci Ganner series...by grandmobiusbrian
This is the second book in the Traci Ganner series. After her successful campaign as a starship captain (and spy), she had been assigned to Orion's newest cloaking batt...
Empire Of Fantasy (Mass EffectxStellaris Crossover)  by JherseyJumig
Empire Of Fantasy (Mass EffectxSte...by Phalanx 4015
The Leviathans thought that they were the sole rulers of the galaxy, inherently superior from all the other primitive races due to the fact that they were the first to i...
Scavenger Hunt by slicerboy165
Scavenger Huntby slicerboy165
When Cal Kestis' starship malfunctions in hyperspace and flings him into a desolate desert, Cal struggles to survive and finds a cave to sleep in for the night. When he...
Realities by Vatanpreet
Realitiesby Vatanpreet
Reality of Everything? What's it? I think this article will help you to know about it.
Apocalyptic Live streaming by LadyLaDeMa
Apocalyptic Live streamingby Dezza Mae Panilo
|Yes| |No| Antoinette looked at the two words intently, her mind deep in upheaval. 'Should she agree, or not?' After a minute of hesitation, Antoinette discarded her unc...
Star Wars: The Fallen Brother by KiallGarrett
Star Wars: The Fallen Brotherby Kiall Garrett
Sifo-Dyas is reunited with his old friend Dooku as he attends a hostile negotiation on Felucia. But the plans of the Sith are advancing, and it is time for Sifo-Dyas to...
The Iron Hyperspace by BlitzwingDecept
The Iron Hyperspaceby BlitzwingDecept
The Iron Hyperspace- a go-to place for all space travelling junkies and all the con artists that trarverse the worlds. Travelling is the norm for all beings in the univ...
Hyperscape Safari  by T_J_Fathom
Hyperscape Safari by Thomas J. Fathom
A short window into lives in a distant place.
The Bounty: A Star Wars Story by roadkingrider
The Bounty: A Star Wars Storyby Steve CS
Kevannon and Astra, two professional and well-respected Republic bounty hunters, embark on a simple case of finding a man accused of industrial espionage. But as the hu...
ALTERNATE TRUTH by ramneet_khanuja
WHAT IF...One day!!! you encounter a contrasting personality akin to you, a new universe where you exist but it's not exactly you.....!
The First Order - (SW Fanfiction) by StarWars_Stories101
The First Order - (SW Fanfiction)by Anime x Star Wars
The people of Lothal thought the planet was finally safe from the empire, until the empire snuck a spy in and killed the governor Ryder Azadi and regained power to the c...
Entropy's Compass by OliviaMWatts
Entropy's Compassby Olivia Monique Watts
Is time linear? Can events in spacetime only travel in one direction? Does 'direction' even have meaning? Is there a past, present and future and must they always o...
Nightfire Warriors (Remastered) by xzachly
Nightfire Warriors (Remastered)by Zach Ragan
What if American Idol did a competition for best Superhero? Everybody wants to be the best, have their name in lights, but Sag just wants to find his dad. Abigail's tou...
Exodus by AkashKapur
Exodusby Akash Kapur
Summary: Left a damaged husk, a pale shadow of all it once was by the last war, Earth, the cradle of our civilization is now populated by only a few million, living amon...
Endeavors: One Small Step by MyRandomology
Endeavors: One Small Stepby Michel Martin del Campo
Vanguard-3 is field-testing a new hyperdrive that will open up interstellar space to humanity... but when a catastrophic accident sends the ship flying towards Saturn's...
Delta Star: A Star Wars Fanfic by Kayreadsbooks18
Delta Star: A Star Wars Fanficby Kayleigh L.S.
During the beginning of The Clone Wars, many stories have yet to be told.
STAR WARS: The Force Awakens | Re-Written by ConnorJ7
STAR WARS: The Force Awakens | Re...by connor johnston
WHAT IF...? The Sequel Trilogy was good? Or at least consistent and not absolutely terrible. Here I'll be rewriting The sequel trilogy to something that I think could ha...