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[Edit & Translation] [OnKey] Oneshot Collection by camominle
[Edit & Translation] [OnKey] Onesh...by 齡
[Edit & Translation] Oneshot Collection Pairing: OnKey
[Edit] [OnKey] Thầy giáo by camominle
[Edit] [OnKey] Thầy giáoby 齡
[Edit] Thầy giáo Author: Tiểu Hoàng Mao Trans: QT Editor: Min Genre: Angst, drama Pairing: OnKey
Kpop Shipping Imagines by Lillyjay
Kpop Shipping Imaginesby Lilly Jay
A secondary version of my first book, Kpop Bias Imagines My first book was about different one shots between you and a certain idol, whereas this one is aimed at our shi...
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[Edit] [OnKey] Trăm hoa by camominle
[Edit] [OnKey] Trăm hoaby 齡
[Edit] Trăm hoa Author: ChericeCherice Trans: QT Editor: Min Genre: nhẹ nhàng, thanh mai trúc mã, không có gì ngoài phấn hường Pairing: OnKey
Pure soul-Dark secret [shinee jongtae] by SungjaeLittleShit
Pure soul-Dark secret [shinee jong...by Sungjae.PastelBoy
Lee Taemin, 19 is a sweet, kind, innocent boy with a deep secret. Kim Jonghyun, 24 is a werewolf and an alpha who is looking for his mate. One day at school they meet du...
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shinee groupchat by jinkisthighs
shinee groupchatby taeil
shinee's groupchat (i.e: shinee gc. a mess. forgive me) -rly spaced out updates-
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[Edit] Boyfriend and Big Daddy by camominle
[Edit] Boyfriend and Big Daddyby 齡
[Edit] Boyfriend and Big Daddy Author: sasaza Trans: QT Editor: Min Genre: romance, ấm áp, HE. Pairing: OnKey
The Curse by Purplepixieflower
The Curseby Purplepixieflower
Do you like Fruits Basket? Then you may like this story. It's Fruits Basket meets Shinee... Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin and Amber are cursed. If they get hugged b...
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Jealousy - OnKey/JinKibum by AnnieSeokmin
Jealousy - OnKey/JinKibumby LoveSeokmin💕
Kibum has feels for Jinki, who doesn't have a clue about that. Minho knows the situation, and always cheers him up. Everything changes when they are invited to a party...
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[OnKey] Siblings by camominle
[OnKey] Siblingsby 齡
Siblings Author: omiichan Translator: Min Rating: PG-15 Genre: AU, Romance Pairing: Het!Onkey, Side!Het!2min Summary: Jinki chỉ muốn tập trung vào công việc vì cuộc sống...
WAITING FOR THE STAR [END] by anyababyanya
Ketika adik-adik Jinki dan Kibum merasa gemas dengan kakak mereka terbilang bodoh karena saling menyukai dalam diam-diam. bagaimana jadinya ketika adik-adik turun tanga...
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Cheater 💔Jongkey💔 by lcvhxnter
Cheater 💔Jongkey💔by ᴋ ᴇ ʏ
✖Cheater✖ a story of love and heartbreak. As two boys are deeply in love, everything falls apart one day because of one simple mistake. A story of cheating on your lover...
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[OnKey] The Stage by camominle
[OnKey] The Stageby 齡
[Fanfic] The Stage Pairing: OnKey Author: Min Genre: Crack, OOC Rating: PG-14
[Onkey] Ánh Sáng by camominle
[Onkey] Ánh Sángby 齡
[Translate] Ánh Sáng Author: Sweetmoontdk Trans: Min Pairing: OnKey Warning: Violence &torture. Foreword: Kim KiBum chưa bao giờ bình thường. Không. Cậu quá nguy hiểm. C...
Tales of Jinkibum/Onkey by lSKMoonl
Tales of Jinkibum/Onkeyby lSKMoonl
<> No. 2 in Onew! <> Short stories/tales with a mix of reality and fiction. Enjoy! Comments and votes are much appreciated! Thank you! °v°
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[OnKey] Căn Nguyên Hoàn Hảo by camominle
[OnKey] Căn Nguyên Hoàn Hảoby 齡
[Translate] Căn Nguyên Hoàn Hảo Author: mumuja &luv4yen Trans: Min Genre: angst, psychological problems, open ending Pairing: OnKey, sidepairing!JongHo Rating: PG-15 Th...
° Yours...Truly ° by lSKMoonl
° Yours...Truly °by lSKMoonl
>No.8 in SENSUALITY!< The shadows of a past he wants to leave behind, an unconditional love and a mystery that might lead to an uncertain future ...
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[OnKey] I'm home by camominle
[OnKey] I'm homeby 齡
I'm home Pairing: OnKey Author: Min Genre: Romance & Drama Rating: M A/N: Fic được lấy cảm hứng từ fanfic Yoosu Everyday (Tác giả: Dearamida | Dịch giả: ech_xanh). Đây...
[OnKey][Edit] Robotronic by camominle
[OnKey][Edit] Robotronicby 齡
[Edit] Robotronic Author: machi801215 Trans: QT Editor: Min Genre: romance, angst, science, drama. Pairing: OnKey Onew là của Kim KiBum
Real Love  • JongKey [ FANFIC | ADAPTACIÓN] by blingket_5106
Real Love • JongKey [ FANFIC | AD...by ᴜɴɪᴡᴏʟ_sᴛᴀʀʙʏ
► Segunda temporada de "Love's Bet" ◄
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