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Under The Moonlight by Sandalini
Under The Moonlightby Just a kpop fan
"Sukiah" "Yes?" "Are you afraid of me?" He asked me with his honey combed voice. I looked up at him and looked right into his eyes. "N...
  • werewolf
  • romance
  • nct
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his wounded heart | lee jinki  by jinkismile
his wounded heart | lee jinki by aimei♡
"i might be just another unimportant person in this world, nobody, but this nobody loves you more than you can imagine. this nobody will always cheer you on." ...
  • fanfic
  • fanfiction
  • shinee
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Confused | Taemin X Reader | SHINee Fanfic| COMPLETED by cheonsa_k
Confused | Taemin X Reader | SHINe...by Lee Cheonsa
"Mistletoe!" I point at the place above us. "Want to kiss?" I pout at her, cutely. She looks at me with wide eyes. We stand there quietly. I observe...
  • shineefanfic
  • kpopidols
  • shinee
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Kang Soorim | SHINEE Sixth Member Imagine by udabomb
Kang Soorim | SHINEE Sixth Member...by oof
| Kang Soorim is SHINEE's sixth member | ~ requests for scenarios, texts and preferences are open ~ ~ either comment or message me privately for any requests ~ -- #1 in...
  • sment
  • shinee
  • tamin
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High School isn't so bad (a JongKey fanfic) [Editing] by Nikki_Chambers
High School isn't so bad (a JongKe...by Linae Chambers
Kibum hated going to school until he met Jonghyun
  • kimjonghyun
  • onew
  • leetaemin
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SHINee Memes by heartmindandseoul
SHINee Memesby la vie est belle
Due to running out of lots of new memes for my SNSD version, I'll be starting anew! Enjoy! COMPLETE
  • leeteamin
  • minho
  • shinee
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certain curiosity | lee jinki / SHINee Onew by stanblingbling
certain curiosity | lee jinki / SH...by v 💕💓💖
"you know I always thought of you as different" "how so?" "you're far more then just a pretty face, something like an angel disguise" ...
  • minho
  • leetaemin
  • kimkibum
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Forgetting You | SHINee Minho Fanfic by keys_burntgucci
Forgetting You | SHINee Minho Fanf...by keys_burntgucci
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment before it becomes a memory 💛 started : 02/20/18 💛 💛 completed : 08/11/18 💛
  • choiminho
  • kimkibum
  • onew
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SHINee Oneshots by troubled_tribute
SHINee Oneshotsby Ana Robbinson
Best rank : #2 in kimjonghyun #1 in shawol Who doesn't like to read fanfictions about their favourite fandoms, idols, bands, characters or TV Shows. It's like an alterna...
  • shineefanfiction
  • leetaemin
  • halloween
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The Lee Brothers: Jihoon's Healing by Gemstone03
The Lee Brothers: Jihoon's Healingby KLAUDIA
The brothers Are Lee Jinki, Lee Yoongi, Lee Jihoon, Lee Seokmin and Lee Chan. Jihoon is a short, grumpy, cute 22 year old singer/songwriter. Was in a happy relationship...
  • leejihoon
  • xuminghao
  • coupzi
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Beautiful *Onew Fanfic* by Shineelovestory
Beautiful *Onew Fanfic*by Shineelovestory
You're beautiful...
  • leejinki
  • shinee
  • shineekpop
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SHINee Imagines by jj91liners
SHINee Imaginesby jjong
[COMPLETED] A collection of fluff/hot SHINeexReader imagines :)
  • jonghyun
  • kpop
  • leejinki
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SHINee One Shots by ambiijung
SHINee One Shotsby Amber
Just cute little one shots for SHINee
  • kimjonghyun
  • shineeoneshots
  • kimkibum
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~Island~ [Lee Taemin ff] by Taemin_Jams
~Island~ [Lee Taemin ff]by Someone
"Do you trust me?" When a simple boat trip turned out much different than you had expected. "Can I trust you?" I'll try to keep the fanfiction gende...
  • kimjonghyun
  • choiminho
  • 5hinee
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kala | shinee's 6th member by MINHOZCHOI
kala | shinee's 6th memberby ミ☆
get to know huang zhixin/kalaya rasameeprapa, known as who is the only female member of south korean group shinee. inspired by @kxchan & @yoiisho
  • leejinki
  • boygroup
  • leetaemin
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Loving Mr. Perfect of All Imperfections (SHINee Onew) by amatif_zbad
Loving Mr. Perfect of All Imperfec...by amatif_zbad
"I love you jagiya... And I will never be tired of loving you. I will never be tired of surprising you." These are the words that Jinki told me during our 2nd...
  • parkeunjae
  • linki
  • taewoo
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forever yours ミ❁ | shinee's key  by -redrose
forever yours ミ❁ | shinee's key by c o u n t l e s s | p t 3
"i want to hear it," "what?" "oppa. i want to hear it. kibum oppa," "why should i call you oppa since i can call you mine?" - h...
  • koreanfanfic
  • leeteuk
  • shinee
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Clumsy *Onew Fanfic* by Shineelovestory
Clumsy *Onew Fanfic*by Shineelovestory
What a cute clumsy teacher.
  • fluff
  • fanfic
  • shinee
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Hirai Momo x Lee jinki ff ( Childhood friends) by twiceonce182
Hirai Momo x Lee jinki ff ( Childh...by twice once
Jinki and Momo knows each other from their childhood. Jinki is a very famous Playboy in school and Momo is a simple nerd. Jinki use to bully her. She is his favourite vi...
  • minyoongi
  • kimnamjoon
  • minatozakisana
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