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Let Our Love Flow by LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
Let Our Love Flowby LunaSaysMoneyIsBest
(Og)Cale and Choi Han after the beat up. met Again. but this time was different. Choi Han Told Cale he was Sorry. Cale didn't forgive him at first. but soon did. friends...
The Trash is Not What You Think He Is by TintinLegario
The Trash is Not What You Think He...by GABI (NIGHT)
Cale Henituse was known for being trash in their territory since he was 8 years old. After Choi Han beaten up to death he remembers everything that happens in his first...
Only you can rewrite my story by LeMayora07
Only you can rewrite my storyby LeMayora
Choi Han woke up right next to the man that he once beat to a pulp. The last thing he remembered is fighting against the white star and now he was lying next to Cale Hen...
TBOAH reacts by jiminhello
TBOAH reactsby jais
'The Birth of a Hero' reacts to tcf! This is my first story, so there might be mistakes. The characters do not belong to me. Please read The trash of the Count's Famil...
My gentle and kind hearted bride|choicale  by JustmeandKlee
My gentle and kind hearted bride|c...by bi_shc
This story was inspired by a book i read Au: Choi hans parents never died and they were nobles from the loom kingdom after the war with white star he return to his fami...
FanFic Ideas by ShinobuKocho_668
FanFic Ideasby Ihsana Karim
I'm not really good at writing but, I love reading some of you guy's lovely fanfics, and I gain inspiration of one also but can't put it into an actual fanFic, so I am w...
Starfall (LCF Choi Han-centric fanfiction) by mishamoonberry
Starfall (LCF Choi Han-centric fan...by Mishamoonberry
A look into Choi Han, from the day he beats up Cale Henituse in Rain City, until the day Cale Henituse died in a war against the White Star.
Vermilion made of Cinnabar by AlanaSujibto
Vermilion made of Cinnabarby PoisonousLana
Who is Jour Thames? The woman is a mother, a countess, a beautiful lady with extraordinary talent in music and arts. What lies behind the now bloodied walls of the Henit...
The Glimpse of Us (trash of count family fanfic) by 01LuNa08
The Glimpse of Us (trash of count...by 01LuNa08
War is a strange thing. It is wholly man-made, but its demise is an unavoidable occurrence. It has beginning but it never seem to end; it just flows on indefinitely. Yea...
regression 11 time by sleepy_gianna
regression 11 timeby aisha
cale henituse regress after the died in the hands of the white star In first cale thought he is dreaming but no he is actually regress when he is kid when his fath...
Vermillion made of Cinnabar by AlvreynaCheriendaLav
Vermillion made of Cinnabarby PoisonousLana
An OG Cale fanfic Cale has powers and is a badass A mysterious mother An unknown ally Who the hell is Jour?
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(Old & Quit) The Gods will show our future?!  by TearOfSorrow
(Old & Quit) The Gods will show ou...by No longer on Wattpad
⚠️ Warning ⚠️ ○No actual ship here Etc:flirting with your bff as a joke. ●A bit old ○On hiatus ●Curse words ○Angst ●Fluff ○Blood ●Grammer mistakes ○A Lot of father fi...
The Beginning of The End (BOAH) by TearOfSorrow
The Beginning of The End (BOAH)by No longer on Wattpad
(Dis-continues,Might rewrite it on A03 with same name) It's a Og Cale fanfic about his life at 18 years old until he turned 40 years old & made the deal with God of Dead...
Tcf stuff idk by Ayuza001
Tcf stuff idkby Ayuza001
Jokes, ideas, oneshots whatever is related to tcf that i managed to conjure up in my brain will come here
random thoughts i wanna share by winter_Everest
random thoughts i wanna shareby Simp for mens slutty waist
just me and my thoughts wondering else where while breathing.