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Table 15 by CaderiNights
Table 15by ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
✔ - Completed Sean (his friends call him Jack) is behind on his rent. YouTube hasn't been paying as well as he had hoped, and he's been forced to take on a part-time job...
You Had Me At Hello by salamandees
You Had Me At Helloby Nyanner
Septiplier fanfic! Markiplier's son Tim and Jacksepticeye's daughter Sammy grew up together in L.A. and are best friends. They think their parents are a perfect match. C...
We've Got It, Together [Septiplier] by MysticMisery
We've Got It, Together [Septiplier]by He A Queen
After the death of his father, Mark and his family move to LA to start anew. Here, he runs into Jack. He's spiffy and joyous and overall the most positive guy Mark's eve...
Whisk Me Away (Septiplier) by MysticMisery
Whisk Me Away (Septiplier)by He A Queen
It all happened so fast for Jack. One moment he was swimming, then drowning, then he was saved. Saved by some lifeguard at the beach. Someone he didn't even know. Yet, a...
Septiplier One-Shots by Septiplier_Away13
Septiplier One-Shotsby Septiplier_Away13
This is going to just be a one-shot book where I dump anything septiplier that comes into my mind. All/most of it will just be fluffy things that pop in to my head that...
The Beast Inside by TheMostInsane
The Beast Insideby TheMostInsane
Mark and Jack have been friends for a long time, they trust each other with their lives. However, even friends have secrets. Jack has kept it hidden, but he is a beast...
Fix Me (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 2 by Septiplier_Away13
Fix Me (Septiplier) || The Boy Septiplier_Away13
~COMPLETED~ ~"The Boy Trap" Book 2~ I had a broken boy in my arms. I only know half of who he truly is, and I need to find out the rest. I need to fix every li...
Septiplier~ Secret by Emmily519
Septiplier~ Secretby Dan
Jack was being picked on due to his sexuality, little did he know his football star crush was soon going to be more than just his bully. They spark a relationship after...
The Boy Trap (Septiplier) || The Boy Trap Book 1 by Septiplier_Away13
The Boy Trap (Septiplier) || The Septiplier_Away13
~COMPLETED~ Jack has found out Mark's biggest secret. Mark is terrified; his secret is in the hands of his biggest enemy, or rather, his biggest crush. Jack makes an off...
Septiplier at Freddy's ~A Septiplier Fanfic~ by CarryOnMahWaywardPie
Septiplier at Freddy's ~A Maki Nishikino is my angel
Mark and Jack were playing Five nights at Freddy's in Mark's room, but then the room changed and it wasn't Mark's anymore, it was an office, Mike's office (eee my name u...
Septiplier One-shots! (MarkiplierxJacksepticeye) by SeptiplierIsMyFire
Septiplier One-shots! ( Septifire
This book consists of one-shot works that I've done as just a sproutling of an idea I've gotten from everyday situations and will contain a few alternate universe smut...
Caution! Love ahead! by SawyerTheSloth
Caution! Love ahead!by SawyerTheSloth
Jack and Mark are in love with each other. A lot of you would say that this is great, but here's the catch: They don't know that the other one likes him back. They Skyp...
Broken Beyond Repair (Septiplier) by LittleRedAuthor
Broken Beyond Repair (Septiplier)by Little Red Author
JackSepticEye, known on YouTube as the loud energetic gamer, isn't all that he seems. For one, he has an evil bastard that lives in his mind. Two, he hasn't had the grea...
Trickery  (Darkiplier X Antisepticeye )  by mix-phan
Trickery (Darkiplier X Joshlerden Packelins
Jacksepticeye And Markiplier Live Pretty Normal Lives, Besides The Fact That They Are YouTube Stars With Millions Of Fans, And Their Dark Personality. Darkiplier And Ani...
Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye) by SeptiplierIsMyFire
Never Lose Hope (Septiplier/ Septifire
When Sean(Jack) uploads a new video that captures the attentions of all of his fans, he's shocked and surprised by the amount of supportive and fangirly comments. This m...
Best Friend's boy||Septiplier by storiesandships
Best Friend's boy||Septiplierby eliza
AU|•|Mark and Felix have been friends ever since they were young, and everything was perfect. That is, until Mark fell for Felix's boyfriend. HIGHEST RANKING:10
Teachers Teaser by SillyString09
Teachers Teaserby SillyString09
Sean McLoughlin goes to a school, as a usual 12 grader would, but when a new teacher comes into the picture many feelings are soon to come. WARNINGS: SMUT (sex) BOY X BO...
Let the ship sail! (Septiplier) by TooManyGayShips4Me
Let the ship sail! (Septiplier)by that_awkward_potato_
Basically a bunch of Septipler (Jacksepticeye x Markiplier) Stories and one-shots Warnings: most are sad/'ve been warned. Also, I am not liable for any...
Catlateral Catastrophe (Septiplier/MarkiplierxJacksepticeye) by SeptiplierIsMyFire
Catlateral Catastrophe ( Septifire
When recording and loading up the new level for Catlateral Damage, something unexpected and out of place happens to a famous YouTuber known as Jacksepticeye. Though he m...