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Baby Mama | NYMPHADORA TONKS by prongsette
Baby Mama | NYMPHADORA TONKSby effie
Roma Carlson had a BIG secret ... a nine month secret to be precise. Big jumpers and fake illnesses might have been enough if it weren't for one thing: her highly conser...
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The Sound of Silence - Fred Weasley by dramaqueen1306
The Sound of Silence - Fred Weasleyby DramaQueen1306
It's not easy having severe social anxiety and not being able to talk at the same time. At a young age, Andrelia Tonks was told that she was mute and would never be abl...
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Two of the same ↠ H. POTTER TWIN by mss_fantasy5
Two of the same ↠ H. POTTER TWINby Laura
"It's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all." Harper Lily Potter is Harry Potters twin sister. She lives with her Godfather Remus Lupin...
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THE DEATHLY HALLOWS BOOK TWO (Time Jump) Cassiopeia is starting her family and she knew this war was about to come to an end, but she didn't know of what cost. She had...
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Magic Works | Harry Potter [1] by EatYourDamnAppless
Magic Works | Harry Potter [1]by rαvεπ
Magic Works | ❝I am (Y/N) Tonks, and this is my sister Nymphadora, but don't call her that, Harry, she won't like it!❞ [book three of the 'one not two' series] [harry po...
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𝐑𝐔𝐈𝐍𝐒  ↠ harry potter by -OBLIVI4TE
𝐑𝐔𝐈𝐍𝐒 ↠ harry potterby 𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐇
❝ in which the younger sister of nymphadora tonks is given the job of watching over the boy who lived ❞ HARRY POTTER x F! OC [ order of the phoenix - deathly hall...
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Teddy Lupin- Twist In Time by The-Cupcake-Cult
Teddy Lupin- Twist In Timeby The-Cupcake-Cult
We know him as either the blue haired baby or the fully grown man kissing his girlfriend goodbye. Why was so much missed? And what if there really was a story Teddy R...
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Young Girl (Ronks) by The-Cupcake-Cult
Young Girl (Ronks)by The-Cupcake-Cult
"What do I do? Falling in love was never part of the plan." "Don't tell me what to do!" "I think our Moony is in love." "Typical! It...
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Imperfect. | Nymphadora Tonks. by LxmosLupin_
Imperfect. | Nymphadora Tonks.by H U F F L E P U F F
She loved him but he was too afraid. - They make you fear you imperfections, but in fact they are the diamond of your being. - © LxmosLupin_ | MalfoysWand_
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Rollercoaster - Hogwarts Mystery by Roseine101
Rollercoaster - Hogwarts Mysteryby J. Rose
Life for Eileen Pines always had unwanted attention. From her unnaturally coloured hair, to her family's reputation thanks to her brother, Jacob. But now it's time for h...
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One Last Chance: A Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin Love Story by SunsetButterfly321
One Last Chance: A Nymphadora Tonk...by ✏️📚Abby📚✏️
<Completed> "You've got one more chance to fall in love. Are you going to take it or not?" Falling in love just wasn't the plan when they joined the Ord...
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The Forgotten One by dancinggirl611
The Forgotten Oneby dancinggirl611
You know my baby cousins story. You probably even know my older cousin James story. You also probably think I don't exist. Well this is my story, the story of Isabella D...
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Light in the Darkness by rocky_the_hufflepuff
Light in the Darknessby rocky_the_hufflepuff
When Harry and Ron stop talking to Hermione during third year, she turns to her studies to drown out the loneliness. Fred and George, finding her crying one day, decide...
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Rainbows (A Hogwarts Mystery Story) by -fromthehallows
Rainbows (A Hogwarts Mystery Story)by -allegro-
It wasn't easy being Jacob's little sibling. Many people knew him as a mad kid, obsessed with locating the secret to the rumoured Cursed Vaults in his time at Hogwarts s...
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You Are My Sunshine (Solangelo @ Hogwarts) by ShooBoop
You Are My Sunshine (Solangelo @ H...by Alexander
Demigods at Hogwarts is my new addiction, so... here's a Solangelo fic created solely from cliches that I loved and things that I thought could make the fics even better...
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Etched, Engraved, Everlasting (a Hogwarts Mystery Year 6 Retell) by -fromthehallows
Etched, Engraved, Everlasting (a H...by -allegro-
When at last I thought I had him forever, he slipped through my fingers again. When at last I thought I could find that ray of sunshine in the sudden storm, it disappear...
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They are alive - agian! - Harry Potter Fanfiction  by Bookworm22_
They are alive - agian! - Harry Po...by Neeti Vakharia
What would happen if the dead started to return after Voldemort is dead? Would the death eaters return too? I don't think so. But will Harry believe them? His parents, g...
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Finding Her Patronus (Remus and Tonks/Remadora Short Love Story) by LupinIsMyPatronus
Finding Her Patronus (Remus and To...by LupinIsMyPatronus
"And what was it, that you couldn't get the hang of?" Remus asked. "I couldn't... conjure a Patronus," Tonks said, not meeting his eye. Remus grinn...
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Illusion by VampGirl343
Illusionby Stabby Snek
Hermione Granger is a Parselmouth. It is a secret, a secret she wrongly trusted her friends with. Her supposed best friend, Ron Weasley, tells the Order her secret. Natu...
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Dysfunctional: HP Fanfiction by afrose9797
Dysfunctional: HP Fanfictionby Rose9797
1st PLACE: BLUE ROSE AWARDS AU HBP & DH - Sirius is cleared and finally gets to give Harry the home he had always wanted. Rebuilding his life with a war brewing in thei...
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