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KITA AKAN BERCINTAby Penerbitan Idea Kreatif
Dalam hidup aku, hanya satu saja masalah besar yang aku terpaksa hadap iaitu abah. Tapi, aku silap. Selepas terserempak dengan seorang lelaki ketika sendirian di Perth...
Noveller by idaheartsmusic
Novellerby Ida
Gamle skolenoveller som jeg har fikset litt på. Blir sikkert noen nye også... Ja, vel, NOVELLER!!! YAAAAYYY!!
Monsteret by emmalieya
Monsteretby emmalieya
Det verste man kan noe gang oppleve, det jeg frykter mest kunne vel aldri skje?! Eller kunne det Opplevelsen mellom smerten og handlingen skremmer alle. Tør du å lese de...
The Guy by MilleLindberg4
The Guyby Mille Lindberg Hartvigsen - a...
A heavy scent of cigarettes and aftershave should have been enough of a warning sign for Maya, who was just trying to make the most out of her family boat trip. Little d...
Candyboy by BreadHead
Candyboyby BreadHead
A short story about Connor and Travis and how their realationship evolved.
The Sea of Life by ohmxsp
The Sea of Lifeby 𝘰𝘩𝘮
They had planned this trip for a long time, but they knew that this was a trip he would take alone... A one-page short story by ohmxsp 881 words 4,594 characters
Home by ejosie
Homeby Emam Josephine
The road was long. Long enough to make it harder than it would be if just they were together. But there was a long way to they could meet again. To they where home, tog...
Smuk? by Mathildefs04
Handler om en kvinde som ikke synes hun er smuk PS er ret mørk.
Kampen mot mørket by Melkaral
Kampen mot mørketby Melissa
- Dette er en novelle jeg skrev for veldig lenge siden- Et lite utdrag fra novella: Jenta trakk pusten dypt og ynket seg litt, før hun trakk kniven fra den brune lærsl...
La figlia di Denis Dosio e altre Novelle by pasta_al_suga
La figlia di Denis Dosio e altre Sono Trasgry
Una raccolta di novelle trash provenienti dal più profondo subconscio di @pasta_al_suga. Racconti composti tra una lezione e l'altra, mentre succedevano le cose riportat...
Monologo in treno by camillemarierose
Monologo in trenoby marie
Ogni passeggero ha una propria storia, unica, come la vita di tutti noi. Spetterà ad un anonimo narrarla.
Alene, eller? by juliegunneng
Alene, eller?by Julie Grønvold Gunneng
"Hun hadde sittet der lenge. Hvor lenge visste hun ikke, men skumringen hadde lagt seg over trærne for lenge siden. Det var det eneste hun kunne se ut av det lille...
Noveller by nygisdverg
Novellerby Dræggejenten
Dette er flere noveller jeg har skrevet på skolen.
Poetry by Nico  by _Demon_wh0re_
Poetry by Nico by Frey
Yeah I know. Another thing from me. This time it'a going to be poetry stuff or if I have something I feel like is good I can add in here. Hope you like it and might find...
Supernova by Shorty_Storiez
Supernovaby Shorty_Storiez
If there's seven billion people alive on Earth, what are the odds that you would find love with the person most perfectly matched to you? Novelle was that girl. She was...
KNOCK AWAY (original story) by konnieisacommie
KNOCK AWAY (original story)by Konnie Vilkas Stokke
Her entire family. Gone by a disease. Without a trace of where the disease came from. The young woman moves out into a world, and finds a new place to call home. Howeve...