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Second Chance.(Zootopia Fanfiction)  by FaridMarun77
Second Chance.(Zootopia Farid Marun
Jack is a normal person, one day he decides to join the army to become a soldier and fight for his country and to be a better person. On his last day of duty something g...
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!! by BrandonIzzaFonteir
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!by Brandon Hughes
NICK AND JUDY HAVE SEX!!!!(btw this is what it is all about)
I Trust You [Judy x Nick] by KawaiiExpertise
I Trust You [Judy x Nick]by Queen Kudo
[BOOK 2 NOW INCLUDED] Nick Wilde is hopelessly in love with the magnificent Judy Hopps, and wants to claim her as his own. But it's not easy to be the odd couple of Zoot...
Beautiful Feelings by Villain_godess
Beautiful Feelingsby Villain_godess
Just when Abigail thought Judy couldn't throw her for any more loops, they meet Nick Wilde, professional con artist. But he's actually not a bad guy, can the three figur...
Spy #1346: Agent Foxx [Nick Wilde x OC] by Vixy_the_Wolfoxgirl
Spy #1346: Agent Foxx [Nick Vixy
Anais(Anne) Foxx is a red vixen that works for a secret organization that saves animals all over Zootopia, known as the Zootopia Secret Organization(ZSO). They save anim...
Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps (One Shots) by Anotherdamnotaku
Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps (One Shots)by ADO
*Requests are welcome!* These will be a collection of one shots and drabbles for the Zootopia characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. (Both Romantic and Platonic) Hope you...
Nick Wilde X Reader | A New Partner by sodakatze
Nick Wilde X Reader | A New Partnerby SodaKatze
You were going about your normal life - - until you join Nick Wilde as his new con-partner! Mischief and fun ensue as he takes you on his adventures. He's quite a charme...
A Tale of Two Tails: Nick Wilde x Reader by Iris_the_RainWing
A Tale of Two Tails: Nick Wilde Iris_the_RainWing
Crystal Fluffytail moved to Zootopia to escape her family, but let's just say it's not what she expected. In this new world, bunnies can be friends with foxes, and love...
Zootopia: Runaway: Gazelle's Story by TheRealDrakeRedwing
Zootopia: Runaway: Gazelle's Storyby Supreme Overlord of FanWings...
She's the most beautiful, talented and wealthiest animal Zootopia has ever known. She rose from tragedy and ashes on more than one occasion to change the course of histo...
A Pet Named Nick by Drdiamondridge
A Pet Named Nickby Alpha wolf
I do not own all the characters in this story or the art. This is also my first fanfic. there is a turn of events. it all starts in the museum and Nick didn't switch th...
Different Life | Zootopia x Reader by ActualMess230
Different Life | Zootopia x Readerby …
Characters and Storyline belongs to Disney. (Y/n) belongs to (Y/n). (Various x Reader) WARNING: It takes me forever to update! **Inspired by The Human From The Animal...
Zootopia - The Visitor by TheNerdyKid2552
Zootopia - The Visitorby The Nerdy Kid
Three months ago, the savage case was solved by the first accomplished rabbit police officer, Judy L. Hopps, and the former con-artist fox, Nicholas P. Wilde. Since then...
Nick X Judy by Afucking_weirdo
Nick X Judyby ♡creepypasta♡
{Editing} Ever since the case of the missing mammals Nick and Judy Have been very close friends for a while..could they have feelings for each other? And could there be...
Justice League: Zootopia's Flash of Lightning  by Flashbolt157ninja
Justice League: Zootopia's Flash Flasheart Wolf 157
While practicing his speed, Barry Allen once again breaks the dimensional barrier, traveling to a different Earth in the Multiverse. Now, stranded in Zootopia, he finds...
A New Journey | Nick X Reader X Judy by youdontknowme0110
A New Journey | Nick X Reader X youdontknowme0110
I dreamt of this story a year ago so i decided to write it here since it couldn't get out of my mind. And i was getting more ideas by the minute so i decided, hey i'll m...
Love In The City by 323cherrycherry323
Love In The Cityby 😭Cry Baby😭
Nick has been having a hard time looking for a mate to settle down with, he then stumble upon a white female fox who gave him a chance but apparently someone has been ve...
~It's our Nature - ZooTopia Nick x Judy Fanfiction~ by xJudiesNickersx
~It's our Nature - ZooTopia Nick xJudiesNickersx
My first fanfiction so don't be too harsh, anyways it includes a bit of smut and it's based off this comic: Check it out and check my fanfiction o...
I'll Be There For You[NickXJudy] by KaliPrincess44
I'll Be There For You[NickXJudy]by ×Hamiltrash×
Ever since the missing mammal cases, Nick and Judy have been friends for a while, but then they started having feelings for each other.
Weird Love (Gideon Grey X Reader) by CareNoOneGives
Weird Love (Gideon Grey X Reader)by CareNoOneGives
What if Little Judy Hops had a bunny friend since she was a kid? What if they both were cops? What if that little bunny was you? And you knew who Gideon grey was. He hu...
nick wilde x Reader (very seggsual) by nello59
nick wilde x Reader (very seggsual)by nello59
for whatever f*cked up reason you fell in love with a fox. not knowing that he's only tryna play your wh0re ass, you become friends w benefits with him. now get that d*l...