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The Lone Wolf ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 1} by MelissaJames22
The Lone Wolf ~ Nick Sorrentino { MelissaJames22
Katherine (Kat) Hale has come to Bear Valley alone, searching for Jeremy's pack for her to join. However, after joining the pack, it seems there is another threat that s...
The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 2} by MelissaJames22
The New Witch ~ Nick Sorrentino { MelissaJames22
*Sequel to The Lone Wolf* A few weeks after the pack fought the war of the mutts, the pack finds themselves facing a new enemy with some new allies; witches. However, af...
Life Under siege (Bitten Fanfic) by streetracer227
Life Under siege (Bitten Fanfic)by Galadrial Dixon
Medaline Sorrentino is the sister of Nick Sorrentino who (like Elena) Changed into a wolf when she was brought to stone Haven to be killed for knowing her Brother is a W...
Hunter ❁ N. Sorrentino by _asiwicki
Hunter ❁ N. Sorrentinoby Dani
❝ we protect those who cannot protect themselves ❞ Throughout her life, Cami and her brothers were taught to hold their own. From learning how to cook and sustain themse...
The Call of the Prey by anyideasgo
The Call of the Preyby Teen Fan Central
This book is a mix of the storyline of the TV show 'Bitten' and my own spin on the show and novel. | This takes place after Elena Micheals came back and got back togethe...
BRUISES to ASH ― bitten by ws04816
BRUISES to ASH ― bittenby ws04816
Yara Faraday would give her last breath to avenge her father and the missing. She arrives at the steps of Stonehaven prepared to die. The last thing she expects to find...
Emily. - A Bitten Fanfiction  by alphashewolf90
Emily. - A Bitten Fanfiction by alphashewolf90
The borders of Stone Haven was surrounded, with no way of escaping. The woodland that filled and spread throughout the land was crawling with the creatures that owned th...
Stories by hollyBradbury4
Storiesby holly Bradbury
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Howling Beauty by Immortality-to-go
Howling Beautyby ༒༺ 𝔾igi ༻༒
❝Most species bare their teeth as a threat, as a display of aggression, of leadership. It is a reminder that these clenched jaws can and will open your yielding throat. ...
The Cursed Mutt (Bitten fanfiction) by celina7x
The Cursed Mutt (Bitten fanfiction)by celina7x
You were human once until scientist used you as a lab rat. They tested on werewolves but made you different from the rest, you were their weapon but now you're out in th...
This Animal I Have Become (A Negan/Bitten Fanfic) by Queso0317
This Animal I Have Become (A Queso0317
A crossover/alt. universe story about a girl named Bree Danvers who is a werewolf that gets stuck in her wolf form during the Zombie apocalypse. She meets Negan and the...
First Born by SkylarFB2002
First Bornby SkylarFB2002
Skylar Danvers, ever heard of her? Probably not. She's the secret daughter to the Alpha of the North American Pack, Jeremy Danvers. But unlike her father, she's not a wo...
The Half Sister ~ Nick Sorrentino {Book 3} by MelissaJames22
The Half Sister ~ Nick MelissaJames22
*Sequel to The New Witch* One year after the pack defeated Aleister and the undoing, a lot has changed for Kat and the rest of the pack. Kat and Nick are living the life...
BLOODSUCKER || BITTEN ( hiatus ) by Fandom202
BLOODSUCKER || BITTEN ( hiatus )by 🌻Haimster🌻
"How strange to dream of you Even when I am wide awake." - d.j (BITTEN) [season one] {O...
The Alpha Female by ava_ledx
The Alpha Femaleby dreaming
What happens when a new werewolf strolls right into Bear Valley? But the thing is, it's an Alpha Female. She knows there is another female werewolf in town, but that's n...
The Daughter || WTS by DoritoKiller
The Daughter || WTSby Ðørïtõ
In which people are brought together to watch the life of Jeremy Danvers daughter and see the changes one person can have in their lives while also seeing what could hav...