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Their Pretty Boy (mxbxm) by Xxsavage_surfer
Their Pretty Boy (mxbxm)by Just M
Callum Minette is a twenty two years old. Attends John Hopkins university for a PhD in the medical field. Its his fifth year in the field and often keeps to himself. Peo...
Wow really! BxBxB by Lamma04
Wow really! BxBxBby Nix
Andrew Silver was a normal kid up until he was 14 years old and was turned into a fox shifter by a infested fox bite. 3 years later while attending a ball a week after h...
Bl Oneshots 🤤 by Eatmyassallnight
Bl Oneshots 🤤by Cock Sperm producer
These are scenarios I make up in my head before bed 🤤 they go relatively fast because I'm impatient and they're really smutty so..... all of them are OCS I made unless...
Taking What's Theirs [T.W.T] by Zyle_Int_Reach
Taking What's Theirs [T.W.T]by Zylexander
Luckson Berg, an activist in his youth that catches a pair of twins attention in a complicated relationship. As years go by, their relationship faces a couple problems b...
A# Means My Baby Boy Is Going To Be Fine by boothang1023
A# Means My Baby Boy Is Going To kate marie
Levi is a 17 year old gifted cellist with a great reputation of the whole school. He is a very nice person until you touch his cello Nathan is a 30 year old soon to be...
"..corruption.." || "..aideku X micdeku.." by s_n_e_k_o_0
"..corruption.." || "..aideku X s_n_e_k_o_0
Izuku doesnt know how got to this phase of his life, technically it was his father, all mights fault.. How did he possibly expect him to resist two of his hot teachers w...
The Boy In The Tree by -YBNKtrihpi
The Boy In The Treeby SeeSaw
Junior was your regular black lightskinned dude. He wore extravagant things, and acted all high and mighty. His short height didn't allow him to do many things, but his...
gay creepypasta love story by cybercandy420
gay creepypasta love storyby @ᴴᴵᴳᴴ_ᵀᴴᴼᵁᴳᴴᵀˢ
Please do not hate on this. It is not real... It never happened... this is a role-play that is made up of 10 people.
Wings Sewn to Destiny (BoyxBoy) by blueroseace
Wings Sewn to Destiny (BoyxBoy)by Blue
Fear. The strongest emotion. I say that it's bullshit. The strongest emotion is pain. Even if someone is scared they will be able to overcome that, but why do you think...
Accismus (Polyfidelity) (MxM) (On Hold)  by LucikaAngeles
Accismus (Polyfidelity) (MxM) ( Luka Angel
Accismus. An insincere refusal of a thing that is greatly desired. Started - 7 February 2020 Completed - ongoing
The Bxb Recommendations by Anesha210
The Bxb Recommendationsby Anesha
The bxb stories I really liked and recommend.
The Safe Haven by tingina16
The Safe Havenby Theonewholikesreadingshit
Leo is an Orphan his mom left his dad because he's always drinking and gambling. Leo is abused everyday by his mom and he's only 10 that time, his mom always blames him...
Infatuation [MxMxM] by Laccaf
Infatuation [MxMxM]by Faccal
Logan's life is the same old boring routine, go to school, do homework, do laundry, cook dinner, shower, sleep, repeat. It's exhausting at times, but his father says it...
Abused Sold Mated - mxb by TinaMontella22
Abused Sold Mated - mxbby Alexandria Lawrence
Zayn, a young boy who simply wishes to be loved. Liam and Ethan who simply want there mate. What will happen when the Voltari are the cause of a war between vampires and...
Embracing love by cutehappypill
Embracing loveby cutehappypill
This is about a boy who hated love . He doesn't want any type of relationship in his life, he just like living and surviving alone. That was his life until he found a pu...
There's A Wolf At My Door | B X B X B by buttercuppoptop
There's A Wolf At My Door | B X kodabaye
A stranger's estranged company, An ex lover's adorable jealousy. He finds out he wants both of them, bad, and alongside that he finds outs one of them drinks blood and t...
The Dragons Lover by KIT-KAT_is_AWESOME
The Dragons Loverby KIT-KAT_is_AWESOME
Please let Me know if you think I should continue the story or not.