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Many The Miles by cherrybee365
Many The Milesby Julie
I kept replaying the scene over and over again. All I could see when I closed my eyes were flashes of it. His hips moving against hers, her hands on his desk, the way hi...
Something Stupid by C_deguzman
Something Stupidby Carla de Guzman
Music producer Teddy's always been told that he's "lucky sa work, malas sa love." So when he accidentally asks Andi, the girl of his dreams, out for a dinner d...
Black Spade || BxB by xLouser_
Black Spade || BxBby Lou
Marc, the lead guitarist of the rising band Black Spade, finds himself facing a big problem in his personal life. When his long-term girlfriend, Sylvia, suddenly ends th...
Girls Like Me by sarah3534
Girls Like Meby Sarah James
First in Series: Atlee, a headstrong eighteen-year-old resident of a tranquil beach town, is armed with her red Chucks and Grateful Dead T-shirt and is ready to take on...
People Like Us  by sarah3534
People Like Us by Sarah James
Third in Series: [COMING SOON] Fenton's band, The Dead Prophets, has made its mark on the music scene, and Atlee's career at SEED, the number-one online music journal, i...
A Whirlwind of Emotions  by EdozeroDawn
A Whirlwind of Emotions by Dawn Edozero
unfolds in the heart of Tokyo, where the brooding musician, Haruki, and the free-spirited artist, Aika, cross paths beneath the enchanting sakura blossoms. As Haruki's h...
Let Romance Motivate us💖 by Jaythakkar78190
Let Romance Motivate us💖by Love&Relationship💖
All of us have our own goals. Some of us have goals that look highly impossible. But history tells us that this has been done. Unknown people born in unknown families ha...
Chasing your voice  by ceaser_salad_00
Chasing your voice by ceaser_salad_00
A young girl achieving her dream as a music producer, meets the man with the most incredible voice she's ever heard. She knew she needed to be the one to put his voice i...
Notes of Clarity by a_chair_of_all_time
Notes of Clarityby a_chair_of_all_time
What happens when two high school friends have feelings for each other, but neither one knows? How will they handle their relationship with each other, and how will thei...
Angelique Gallagher by Miss_Pamela
Angelique Gallagherby Miss Pamela
Angelique Gallagher, the name that shakes every bone in David's body. Her sparkling green eyes and passion for life are what he admires every 2nd of November with his ch...
Music Is love by hananbajrai
Music Is loveby hananb
The story about how justin met jessy with their freinds zez and sasha.Jessy a talented songwritter and she can also sing but she have stage fright.Justin a talentsd sing...
Boys Like You  by sarah3534
Boys Like You by Sarah James
Second in Series: [COMING SOON] One year after her childhood crush departed for college, Atlee has buried the past and set it on metaphorical fire. She is finally lookin...
Cloud 69 - a musical/band romance by rosie333_
Cloud 69 - a musical/band romanceby mor m
Perfect for fans of "The heartbreakers" by Ali Novak. A musical/band romance, inspiration: Ali Novak, Chase atlantic etc.
what is relationship between girlfriend and boyfriend by Jaythakkar78190
what is relationship between Love&Relationship💖
A relationship between a girlfriend and boyfriend typically refers to a romantic and intimate partnership between two people who are not married but have chosen to be em...
I Am His Chaos. by kaylacoldplayer
I Am His Kayla
17 year old Gracious (Grace) falls in like with a local artist that just moved into town to help her school's art department. 22 year old Derek Woods was hopeful for new...
Attract Your Ideal Relationship Using the Law of Attraction by Jaythakkar78190
Attract Your Ideal Relationship Love&Relationship💖
Want to know how to attract your ideal mate? Build a list of all the things you didn't like about your current or last mate/partner. This list, we'll call "contrast...
Sing it for me by Dalonsowriter
Sing it for meby Daniel Alonso
Ebenezer met a girl online a few years ago, but they live too far away to start a relationship. Now, he's so in love with her that he's even considering inviting her to...
How to Be Romantic by Jaythakkar78190
How to Be Romanticby Love&Relationship💖
Being romantic is something anyone can be. Some of us just need a little help and guidance to get started. Read on for pr
Un maledetto per sempre by biancamarconero
Un maledetto per sempreby Bianca Marconero
"fucking forever series" è tutta disponibile su Amazon <3 Ordine di lettura Un maledetto lieto fine (#1.0 ) Montreal (#1.5 novella - missing moment) Un m...
Is This Love or Emotional Dependency?💖 by Jaythakkar78190
Is This Love or Emotional Love&Relationship💖
One of my clients, whose ex-girlfriend recently broke up with him, asked me the following question: "I think I still love her, but is this love or just emotional de...