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BAU Group Chat by Mekayla243
BAU Group Chatby Mekayla
Yeah, so this happened.
Hawaii Gone Haywire by CriminalMindsMorcia
Hawaii Gone Haywireby Criminal Minds Fan
Derek Morgan has fallen in love with a member if his BAU team, Penelope Garcia. As one of the cases unravels, the team finds out that the un-sub may be someone very clos...
Criminal Minds one shots by SRCriminalMinds
Criminal Minds one shotsby SRCriminalMinds
One Shots Some may have 2-3 parts Some are Smut and some are NOT ships just stories based around friendships Female oral receiving. Rough sex Foreplay Ropes Spankings g...
-𝔹𝔸𝕌 𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕚𝕖𝕤- by GirlsRhot_Imnot
-𝔹𝔸𝕌 𝔹𝕒𝕓𝕚𝕖𝕤-by KJ
Daycare AU Basically, all of our BAU baddies if they were in daycare together. And we're using first names here cause what 4-year-olds are gonna be on a last name basis...
How do we tell them (Heid) by ParanoiaStorm
How do we tell them (Heid)by ParanoiaStorm
Alright this is a criminal minds story. I was a dumb ass and accidentally deleted the last one I was working on. Story contains Heid, Jemily, morcia, Rossi/Gideon All ri...
#Garvez Drabbles by Overflowofthoughts
#Garvez Drabblesby Teyamarra
A collection of drabbles and oneshots involving our favorite crime-fighting duo. I don't take requests, but if you have any ideas you can reach at my tumblr: @teyamarra!
She's His Soul Mate by DrunkPups
She's His Soul Mateby It's_bearable
Derek loves Penelope but she gets engaged to Kevin. But what happens when an Unsub goes after Morgan and Penelope?
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I Will Do Anything For You by iamlaziiii
I Will Do Anything For Youby iamlaziiii
Derek Morgan always a bad temper. This gets him in trouble sometimes. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED
Morcia oneshots  by herophine1
Morcia oneshots by herophine1
lol i've got like loads of story's i need to finish but i'm obsessed with criminal minds rn and clearly i can't keep up with a book so enjoy some oneshots started -25/03...
Hunted by travellingteen
Huntedby travellingteen
When a unknown serial killer goes after Spencer Reid, his life gets put on the line many times. After He almost almost kills Spencer for the third time SSA Aaron Hotchne...
Family isn't Always Blood (A Criminal Minds fanfic) by Imogen_didge
Family isn't Always Blood (A Imogen_didge
Criminal Minds fanfic. No Jack or Henry (sorry). Jeid, Hotchniss and Morcia.
What Are You Waiting For by lindsayk2503
What Are You Waiting Forby JeidForLife
When Jennifer jareau and spencer reid realize they have feelings for each other how will their team react? How will they tell each other? This is my first fanfic! I hope...
Lilac (Criminal Minds Fanfiction) by sk8rgirl908
Lilac (Criminal Minds Fanfiction)by Yours Truly
Lilac never really felt like she fit it. She just saw things differently. Lilac wanted to be like the rest but knew her talents couldn't go to waste. She's a computer ge...
Family  by Jeid_Hotchniss03
Family by Jencer Jeid 03
Hotch and Emily are married. Jj is still married to will but is she in love with her Bestfriend. Derek and Garcia are together. Hope you enjoy this story. Please give m...
BAU vs Linda Barnes by JOCYYCREATION
Barnes didn't bother to listen to Emily's explanation and cuts in, "Stop. That's enough. Agent Prentiss, I know you are a chess player. All I am asking is for you t...
Demons by romanogers_widow97
Demonsby romanogers_widow97
When JJ is faced with her past, she does know what to do. She is lost and does not have any idea what to expect. If you want to know how she handles it read it.
All Or None (Criminal Minds Fanfic) #Wattys2017 by SSAAgentMalfoy
All Or None (Criminal Minds Erika Haffner
SSA Dr. Spencer Reid is pretty much the most important person on the team. There wouldn't even be a team without Pretty Boy. That's why they need to take every precautio...
Derek's Daughter by _javamuva_
Derek's Daughterby _javamuva_
Derek Morgan was having a normal day at work and then a surprise came to visit him. His daughter Maliyah. He didn't know he had a daughter. Maliyah is a normal 17 year...
50 Shades Of Morcia by Eliza-Gray
50 Shades Of Morciaby Eliza Gray
A cute little Morcia story. Derek and Penelope finally find out they love one another. DONT JUDGE THE NAME!!!
Love (Criminal Minds) *Completed* by CriminalMinds101620
Love (Criminal Minds) *Completed*by CriminalMinds101620
This is a Jeid, Hotchniss, and Morcia story. If you don't like one of the ships don't read. *Completed*