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First Impressions: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Adaptation by DirectorPurry
First Impressions: A Modern DirectorPurry
The timeless classic "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen updated and retold for the 21st century. Liz Bennet lives with her parents and four sisters in the r...
Cinderella's Prince Charming by sapphiredragon6420
Cinderella's Prince Charmingby Sapphire Stone
"The Tale Of Cinderella." (Opens book) Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. She lived with her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters...
The Restoration of Aphrodite by kmbell92
The Restoration of Aphroditeby K.M.BELL
❝ Worlds change when eyes meet❞ In hopes of finding her own love story with a happy ending, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, seeks to win over the heart of a morta...
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculum by JanaWilde
Pride & Pre-Med Curriculumby JanaWilde
Elizabeth Bennet didn't need distractions, she was just attempting to make it through college with good enough grades to get accepted into med school. But she hadn't co...
Eleusínia Shrine ✔ by vestalar
Eleusínia Shrine ✔by 🥡⁷
a modern re-telling of hades and persephone because...why not?
Sunless World (JaDine AU) by kooridenka
Sunless World (JaDine AU)by Macy
Hades x Persephone modern adaptation 😊 James, the third of the Reid brothers, met Nadine over a party celebrating his brother's and Nadine's mother's marriage for conve...
The Girl With Red Hair by imaginator321
The Girl With Red Hairby Leah Park 💜🦄
"Anne! Anne Shirley! Come down now or you'll be late for school!" Yelled Marilla with a sigh. "Coming!" Was the reply of a excited thirteen year old...
ruby  by dreamg1rl
ruby by neen
once, there was a fighter, who bled like a river and bruised like a peach. book the third
Samirah and Betal by thatsarcasticweirdo
Samirah and Betalby 🍩SAMYWAMY37♓
When Samirah finds a ghoul who demands her to do something bizarre, she finds herself trapped into a hilarious and never-ending banter with the ghoul, Betal, who needs t...
The Beauty Within The Beast by Aria_6026
The Beauty Within The Beastby Ariana
The line between beauty and beastliness is not always black and white. Aiden is a boy with anger issues. He has had trouble keeping and making new friends, and feels lik...
Catherine Of Aragon by AnadilLestrange39
Catherine Of Aragonby AnadilLestrange39
A modern retelling of Henry the 8th's first wife and the queen of England.
petals fall (a modern beauty and the beast retelling) discontinued by Murphynicho
petals fall (a modern beauty and Bookworm
There are rumors, just outside of town where no one ever goes, lies a beast. You won't see him coming. He won't hear him coming. At the edge of town where he lies, there...
The Beast {#OnceUponNow} by YurpleDinosaur
The Beast {#OnceUponNow}by YurpleDinosaur
Jasper Lane is invisible. He is a nobody, but that's just the way he likes it. Because he's a monster. A beast. But then one day, something happens. And Jasper becomes...
Nerdunzel by AshleyWillingham
Nerdunzelby Lou Wilham
Dahlia is an art student, vlogger and self-proclaimed fangirl. She doesn't get out much because her adoptive mother is agoraphobic so when college begins things get inte...
Where It All Began: A Persuasion Fanfic by mohtan
Where It All Began: A Persuasion mohtan
What if Jane Austen's Persuasion were to be set in the 21st century? How would Anne Elliot and Fred Wentworth meet? How would they communicate through texts and emails...
Of Flowers and Fire (#onceuponnow story) by RobynHode24
Of Flowers and Fire ( RobynHode24
When Persephone said she hated her life, it wasn't an understatement. She had a name as old as the earth itself, a family who tried to hold itself together by only a few...
Bad Chick and the Beast by dee_nee_deenee
Bad Chick and the Beastby enchanted<>jerboa
What if Belle wasn't so sweet, and the Beast wasn't so mean? A Beauty and The Beast modern retelling.