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The 2 Kingdoms by sentaicouples05
The 2 Kingdomsby sentaicouples05
Amu isn't willing to get marry. But after she met Tusk, she fell in love with him. Tusk also fell in love with Amu. But someone caused a war between the 2 kingdoms. They...
  • fanfiction
  • leo
  • bunglay
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A Way of Destiny by EllaGrazzi
A Way of Destinyby Ella Grazzi
REVAMPED! Two years have gone by and many things happened and changed. Yet still, Misao's love for Aoshi remained unrequited until a chance encounter of a stranger pulls...
  • rurounikenshin
  • awayofdestiny
  • fanfiction
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don't take him away from me (complete) (black bird manga) by KouMamoru
don't take him away from me (compl...by Kou_M
my version ending of black bird manga. Black bird manga don't belong to me
  • kyousui
  • demon
  • tarou
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Ask or Dare Ib, Mad Father, the Witch's House, Misao, Yume Nikki by LuckyDuckyOtaku
Ask or Dare Ib, Mad Father, the Wi...by Kenny
Ask or Dare the people from Ib, Mad Father, the Witch's house, Misao, and Yume Nikki!
  • dare
  • madfather
  • yumenikki
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[Drv3 Misao Au] "I will find you, friend" by MunkiSmol
[Drv3 Misao Au] "I will find you...by SHSL Memeologist
After Korekiyo had been missing for 3 months, students suspect he's dead, and will curse the school. The protagonist along with the class and their teacher are transport...
  • junkoenoshima
  • miuiruma
  • amaguji
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Fated by Fairyth-Angel
Fatedby Felli Skelli
Rorouni Kenshin: Misao Kamiya and her twin sister Kaoru have a little brother, Yahiko. They lost both of their parents long ago, and have been left to take care of Yahik...
  • megumi
  • pov
  • saitou
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•Stuck Inside The RPG World • by XxMaplestarxX
•Stuck Inside The RPG World •by XxMaplestarxX
[Book 1: Dreaming ] ~A young girl known as Evelyn North. Is a fan of Rpg games specialy horror games.~ ~She has a social life and many friends. But thats about to change...
  • madfather
  • dreamingmary
  • thewitchshouse
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•-Misao-• by Nightmare_Forever22
•-Misao-•by Nightmare_Forever22
Misao was just an Ordinary High-School Student, who didn't particularly stand out at all... until three months ago, when she stopped coming to class. And she wasn't at h...
  • horror
  • forgiveness
  • murder
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Ship , Ship ve Daha Çok Ship by -_PaperJam_Jammy_-
Ship , Ship ve Daha Çok Shipby Jammy Jam
Burada bulabileceğinizden daha çok ship var
  • misao
  • hatsune-miku
  • underswap
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Misao (Aki×Tohma) by yjnbgev
Misao (Aki×Tohma)by n_o
A girl went missing three months ago, and everywhere, chaos happens in the misfortune school. But one girl, Aki, will have to stop the curse and free Misao...but what ha...
  • bullying
  • misao
  • drama
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I Wasn't Alone ~ Ib Fanfic ~ by Raineko_chan
I Wasn't Alone ~ Ib Fanfic ~by 狼ライねこ
NOTE: I DON'T SHIP GARRY X MARY. THIS WILL JUST HAVE A TWISTED STORY SO. 4 years later after the gallery "incident" Garry visited the Guertena gallery with his...
  • rpg
  • yumenikki
  • madfather
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My First Love (HIATUS) by IlseRubioJimenez
My First Love (HIATUS)by Ilse Rubio
AU: Yamato Kazakiri meets a girl named Amu in a Summer Festival, in that moment they fall in love. After, they start to have a relationship, they promise to each other t...
  • sera
  • amu
  • misao
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La boda by Dodger15
La bodaby Dodger15
es un gender bender y songfic Kagami se va casar con Misao pero llega Konata a contarle todo lo que vivieron antes de separarse el tenia que ir un viaje y le mando una c...
  • misao
  • genderbender
  • kagami
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Missing Futures: Tenka by Abby-the-Abyssinian
Missing Futures: Tenkaby Parker
On the day of Tenka's 15th birthday, a stranger comes to visit. Giving her two things before sending her a nightmare of trials and immediately runs into reanimated corps...
  • mermaidswamp
  • corpseparty
  • madfather
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Baku the fangirl czyli ocenianie shipów by BakuBakuNyaNyaa
Baku the fangirl czyli ocenianie s...by Ouma Kokichi is my waifu 100%
Przyjmuję shipy z: -Undertale i AU -Ib -The witch house -Misao -Mad father -Dżemów (Dla wtajemniczonych) -Atomówek (Ciekawe czy ktoś poda XD) -Yandere Simulator -Vocal...
  • otp
  • notp
  • atomówki
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Headcannons And Confessions by Lucky_Citrus7
Headcannons And Confessionsby Lucky_Citrus7
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you looked for nothing ;3
  • yanderesim
  • wick
  • lunime
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Misao RP by R6S-Warden
Misao RPby Collinn McKinley
Another rp, this ones about the Steam PC indie horror game called Misao, be sure to enjoy it!
  • rp
  • videogames
  • anime
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The case of 1986 by floofymilk
The case of 1986by Ya boi, Aki
"Right, so you believe that Misao was.. killed?" Tohma fumbles around with his pencil as Aki nods, "Misao was talking to me last night, she asked me to 'f...
  • misao
  • rpggame
  • otome
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obsessed teacher by Fusion_fears
obsessed teacherby it's mom universe
Mr sohta always has his eye on people's hands but a new student has his class and he tried to kidnap her but she dose self-defense classes and karate (BTW she's a black...
  • misao
  • mrsohta
  • rpggame
Love a Horror Heart like me? (Brothers Conflict x Genderbend! RPG Horror) by Goldenkokoro
Love a Horror Heart like me? (Brot...by Goldenkokoro
Ema was walking home alone one day only to find something unusual, a boy her age was passed out on the sidewalk with a couple of injuries. So she took him to the Asahina...
  • madfather
  • alicemare
  • mogekocastle
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