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nothing ever ends well? || akitoya|| mini angst by adftfyg
nothing ever ends well? || akitoya real
(Art uploaded by @Kim Senpai on Pinterest) Akito, An, Kohane, and Toya are a music group that is called "Vivid BAD SQUAD". One day after they were done perform...
Stay, For Me by Luke_Dodge
Stay, For Meby Luke
How could Eddie just say he was leaving the 118? Did Buck really mean so little to him that he could just leave without talking to Buck? Buck felt his world stop spinnin...
"If I'm being honest he could rail me." (Akitoya oneshots) by CandyHiyoko
"If I'm being honest he could 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
There's barely anything pjsk related here so here y'all go. Eat up akitoya nation.
3 Turns, 2 Hearts by VelvetTheVictorious
3 Turns, 2 Heartsby Heather Herring
Buck, a nervous young boy. He just wanted directions to Yuu Ei high, his new high school since moving to Ohio. He got lost, and he needed help. He didn't expect to almos...
Eyes of a Demon by VelvetTheVictorious
Eyes of a Demonby Heather Herring
James Joana is a young teenage boy, always abused and taken advantage of. It's like he attracts danger, filled with bad luck. A young boy wanders into his school, his ey...
On that thin line between sleep and awake, anything can happen. Reality can be blurred, imagination becomes vivid. Which is a dream, which is not? You are here, but you...
A Song of Seas and Storms  by yatos_doodles
A Song of Seas and Storms by yatos_doodles
When Luca finally returns after years of studying in Genova, Alberto is determined to finally fulfil his promise to him many years ago. By travelling all across Italy! M...
Bl Yaoi One Shots  by Am4u__
Bl Yaoi One Shots by Am4u__
Krótkie wydarzenia opisujące o stycznościach seksualnych mężczyzn
Psycha by Toreso
Psychaby Toreso
A story about a shrink trying to just get by life in the most simple way as possible. He suddenly gets involved with a mob.
A Bit Of Trust by Opheliasgetaway
A Bit Of Trustby Ophelia
Oliver has been searching for a job for years but due to him being an alpha people don't wanna hire him until he gets a job at a company under a beta. Maybe Oliver will...
Insatiable in Another World by Roget10
Insatiable in Another Worldby Joshua Vargas
When the 20 years old unpopular, ugly, and fat guy Joseph died in a car accident he thought that was it for him until he opens his eyes to a brand new world for him to e...
El-Oh-Vee-Ee (BoyxBoy) by Sleepysadpoet
El-Oh-Vee-Ee (BoyxBoy)by Ridley Noah 💞
(BxB warning, if you're homophobic, get the frick out of here!!) Xander Kyle is just your average fifteen year old boy. Kind of. He listens to music, but not the music e...
World's Finest Heart Problem/SuperBat by thickkbob
World's Finest Heart Problem/ thickkbob
Etapy znajomości Clark'a i Bruce'a. Się dzieje podczas BVS i Ligi Sprawiedliwości.
Pak Burhan Tetanggaku by papjack
Pak Burhan Tetanggakuby papjack
Ini adalah kisah hubungan sejenis antara seorang pemuda dan bapak-bapak tetangga sebelah yang haus akan sentuhan laki-laki. Tidak ada romansa karena semua terjadi tiba-t...