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Love in War by Avitha101
Love in Warby Avitha Nigam
Following the events in Qui Gong in Mulan 2, the story is nowhere near its conclusion.
Stranger by Snips_Jo
Strangerby Abbijo
Warning: as some mature themes Once the word get out that a new Slave trader as information about the Republic that can cost them the war, they send young Ahsoka Tano un...
Myshka by IamSilver98
Myshkaby Anushka
Look inside to go back in history, to find a different place, to read an epic story about the Prince of Dramero and the warrior girl who loathed him........ Full summary...
The Fractured (short story) by Dugnin
The Fractured (short story)by Nathan Goldschot
A technological breakthrough backfires, causing mass destruction and sinking the nation into civil war. A soldier on the front lines feels a strange connection to a noto...
The Run from the War  by -CountryLover-
The Run from the War by Mango
The war had began to the south of us. We done our best to rock in our windows so we could see out but they couldn't see in. But in the end it didn't matter. We would all...
Blurry Vision  by Pretty_Snowflakes
Blurry Vision by Jana A.
Putting their souls on the cliff without blinking twice, Dylan Wilson and his team members are ready to perform any action for the sake of their mission of capturing the...
New Age War by anairdalisa
New Age Warby anairdalisa
A recruitment brings brenna abregou to the army in middle of the war she will face betrayal broken hearts and pain. Now will she survive this way of living and thrive o...
Love in War by Shadowhunter1223
Love in Warby K.A. Rain
The year is 1862 and a young woman named Tessa knows nothing about the dealings of war until her best friend, her older brother William, signs up to fight. She wants to...
Transformers prime Destiny by Banning15
Transformers prime Destinyby Martin, Shal, Farnsworth
Jack travels to cybertron with the key to vector sigma to restore optimums is memories. on his journey he is attacked a critically wounded. Primus interferes. What will...