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The Skaiprisa by The100-Clexa16
The Skaiprisaby Clexa forever
This is a Clexa story! The 100 has just landed on the ground, excited and unknowning of the dangerous new world they entered. Lexa the Commander of the 12 clan is alread...
That's Why I Love You by HedaPrisa
That's Why I Love Youby The Commander and the Princess
Takes place after episode 307. This is what should've happened. Lexa and Clarke explore their new relationship and work together to defeat Pike and other problems that c...
Not everyone. Not you. (Completed) by okayavgeropoulos
Not everyone. Not you. (Completed)by okayavgeropoulos
Clarke makes her way through a new school, and meets a girl that makes everything more difficult. "Clarke Griffin, I'm falling in love with you all over again."
Pre-War Relic by MackenzieGrace21
Pre-War Relicby MackenzieGrace21
A young, prodigal scientist from New Mexico in 2051 was in her lab with her service doggo when the bombs dropped, so, the scientist put herself, and her service doggo in...
Clexa - Lexa lives by breathtakinq
Clexa - Lexa livesby Clexa lives
If Clarke had actually just left instead of the dumbass titus shooting at her, this is what could've happened for Lexa and Clarke. Planning on lots of fluff and som...
Lexa Deserved Better (clexa fic) by that-fanfic-chick
Lexa Deserved Better (clexa fic)by that-fanfic-chick
Remember season three, episode seven, when Bad Things happened? *shudders* Well, worry not, I'm going to do my best to fix them. This fic starts right after Lexa gets sh...
Clexa by SageIsTheName
Clexaby Clexa
It's a Clexa story I mean what other kind is there??? Give it a try, what's the worst that could happen?
Eternity  by alyciaemeraude
Eternity by HedaIzzy
"But you'll never be alone, I'll be with you from dusk till down". Clexa / Twilight AU
Lexa's legacy by LexaKatniss
Lexa's legacyby Lexa's legacy
Lexa kom Trikru was a lesbian character from CW's "The 100". But she wasn't only an inspiration to the lgbtq+ community but also a rolemodel and an extraordina...
Peace//Clexa by Halzhb
Peace//Clexaby Halzhb
What happens when an AI takes over the last of the human race? (This is the second book of "When sky met ground" so don't read this until you have read that!)
In the shortness of breath, All I had was you. by Clexaxd
In the shortness of breath, All I...by clexaxd
A sad Clexa One-Shot that I wrote at the beginning of pride month at 1 AM. Might turn it into something. Give it a chance. :)
Please Come Back to Me  by laursexual_
Please Come Back to Me by ToniBlossom
Set after 3x7, Clarke thinks Lexa is dead, and spends the next year in a tumble of severe depression, little does she know that Lexa is alive, and is making her way back...
Clexa - If they had their „someday" by Summer_Shadow
Clexa - If they had their „someday"by Summer_Shadow
This fanfiction starts at the end of season 4, where Clarke Griffin is left alone on earth after Praimfaya. It's a very short story of how I imagined Clexa to have their...
Don't Be Afraid//Clexa by Halzhb
Don't Be Afraid//Clexaby Halzhb
What happens when Clarke and Lexa meet in a different world, at a different time? What happens when they may be the only ones left in a zombie infested planet? (Clarke...
All is Fair in Love and War (Clexa Au)  by Lare_loi
All is Fair in Love and War (Clexa...by Confused.Clexa
After being exiled from their home, Clarke and the other exiles struggle to find a place to settle and call their own. They find a beautiful spot in the forest but there...
The happily ever after we deserve by Heda-Hailey
The happily ever after we deserveby Heda-Hailey
This story starts at the point where Lexa left Clarke at Mount Weather (Clarke got her people back from Mount Weather). The first chapter will be from Lexa's point of vi...
Picking up the pieces (Clexa) by moonnstarlight
Picking up the pieces (Clexa)by moonnstarlight
Todos hemos experimentado, o vamos a experimentar, lo que es tener nuestro primer amor.
Flatlined Heart by forgot_my_art
Flatlined Heartby Al
Clarke time travels and ends up in Australia 2 years before the start of FTWD and becomes Elyza Lex after faking memory loss. She's paranoid and tough because she rememb...
The Story Goes On by forgot_my_art
The Story Goes Onby Al
Lexa is trying to catch a baseball and goes barreling out of bounds into the dugout where Clarke is. Lexa ends up staying with Clarke overnight in the hospital and they...