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Body Dropper                                           (Dazai x Reader x Chuuya) by KarmaTells
Body Karma
Dazai x Fem! Reader x Chuuya 17year old Y/n L/n joins the Port Mafia before being kicked out of her home. Soon she falls in love with two of the executives, just to get...
One shot's, reacciones y mas by ryasamori
One shot's, reacciones y masby Ryasama
Nuevo libro donde estaré escribiendo cosas cualquiera que se me ocurran en el camino sin ningún tipo de hilo, por lo que esperen bastante actividad. Tenía bastantes gana...
UTOPIA  by kimjooantae
The story of two bestfriends who married to eachother without any feelings in romantic way...or by force. They agreed to eachother that once we get our true love we will...
Not even friends.                                         (Tsukishima x reader.) by Novauhu
Not even Novauhu.
•completed!!• You are Sugawaras half sister who has transferred to Karasuno halfway through the year. As an ex volleyball player, you help Karasuno through their hardest...
Never Less Than A Lady | Herophine by midnightreads97
Never Less Than A Lady | Herophineby Lexie
Hero Fiennes Tiffin knows his duty: find a wife and sire a son of his own. The perfect bride for a man in his position would be a biddable young girl of good breeding. B...
The Paid Companion | Herophine by midnightreads97
The Paid Companion | Herophineby Lexie
When Hero Fiennes Tiffin encounters Miss Josephine Langford, the fire in her blue eyes sways him to make a generous offer. And her sorry financial problems-and dreams o...
Foursome sex by taenzenia
Foursome sexby Moon 🌚
Jennie : I want to taste you jk Jk:( hearing her he smirked) Why not 🚫 He put his dick inside her mouth . Jennie: Omo while putting his dick while choking blobbing her...
⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ Reunited Once Again (Dazai x Reader x Chuuya) by KarmaTells
⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ Reunited Once Karma
Dazai x Fem! Reader x Chuuya 4 years later Executive Y/n L/n is found reliving her past. She reunites with a past lover, and has trouble with her psycho family. But the...
Gehraiyaan. by nashwritess
#9 nashwritess
After meeting each other, Darshan Raval & Navya Shekhawat realize that they're meant to be more than just friends. But the pain of a lost love, the fear of being heartbr...
Succession | Herophine by midnightreads97
Succession | Herophineby Lexie
When one is the rightful heir and the other wants everything just for himself. Josephine realised that she was caught in the middle of a succession war.
Cómo decir te quiero sin decir te quiero by larac_sun
Cómo decir te quiero sin decir larac_sun
Como decir te quiero sin decir te quiero. Frases bonitas o para llorar que te van a enamorar de libros y/o películas.
Timejumpers  by Enzos_Dreams
Timejumpers by Lorenzo’s museum
El destino los juntó por una razón que hasta ellos mismos desconocen, tal vez para salvar el tiempo, el universo, el mundo, pero su vida tal y como lo conocen está apunt...
Todo lo que necesito existe ya en mí.  by Literatura_Lectora00
Todo lo que necesito existe ya Literatura_Lectora
Tras haber estado desconectados durante mucho tiempo mi cuerpo y mi mente por fin se han vuelto a unir. -mi cuerpo, mi casa.
Tiktoker smuts/Imagines by ChicagoPdFan08
Tiktoker smuts/Imaginesby ChicagoShows_TikTok
This story will include all the guys on TikTok I think is hot y'all can also request some
Love is the most powerful force in the universe but it can also be the most destructive but Revenge is a dish best served cold. To be heartless is to be without compassi...
there's just some inches in between us by sblibraryy
there's just some inches in sblibraryy
every love story has it's own problems, question is, who will win, love or problems?
3 am thoughts enclosed in a book >>Poetry by SkyStar811
3 am thoughts enclosed in a book > SkyStar811
The things I wrote for some people, all enclosed in a book. I hope you relate to it so that I'm not the only one thinking I'm weird <3
Pasado Oculto by escritor_E
Pasado Ocultoby Escritor E
James Parker es un hombre de veintitantos, se despierta sin recordar nada de su pasado, sin saber nada de lo que ha vivido. Tendrá que averiguarlo y le sucederán cosas...
Narnia Facts by LittleLoop
Narnia Factsby Miss. Loop
Información sobre los libros, el autor, las películas y los actores de Narnia. Portada hecha por: starthatshine