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Second Chances: Arrow - Rough Draft by Lauriver1fanboy
Second Chances: Arrow - Rough Draftby Lauriverfanboy1
My name is Oliver Queen. After dying to restore the multiverse, I found myself back at the beginning of my story and now I plan to rewrite it to not only save my city, b...
Lauriver\ oneshots  by PLLauriverBS
Lauriver\ oneshots by LauriverBS
One shots about Lauriver (Laurel and Oliver) It may include some spoilers from ARROW seasons 1-6(I'll let you know if they do) Characters belong to CW's show Arrow,
Lauriver One Shots by sadassclorke
Lauriver One Shotsby Kaitlyn
Just a load of random Lauriver one shots. Cover by the wonderful @RomanogersForever_31
Arrow - A New Earth to Save by ArrowverseFan833
Arrow - A New Earth to Saveby ArrowverseFan833
The last thing that Oliver Queen remembered was that he was dying with Sara and Barry by his side after creating the new universe. He wakes up to find himself in the Mon...
Lauriver//One-Shots  by MzDinahLopez
Lauriver//One-Shots by Sinxxx
Just a bunch of short stories between my favorite couple Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance.
arrows  (season 1 - 8) by moviewizard
arrows (season 1 - 8)by moviewizard
the return of the Queen twins Oliver & Joanna (or Jo) who were both stranded on an island in the north China sea called Lian yu for five years they come back to starling...
Destiny Rewritten by Lauriver1fanboy
Destiny Rewrittenby Lauriverfanboy1
I got this idea after watching Elseworlds. How might things have changed if Oliver's arrow didn't just destroy the book of destiny? What if it also did one more rewrite...
Making A Better Future by ArrowverseFan833
Making A Better Futureby ArrowverseFan833
This is the sequel to Specter of Oliver Queen. Oliver is now on his way home from his five years in hell to protect his city. Little does he know that all of his friends...
A Magician's Gift by 52DCStan
A Magician's Giftby 52DCStan
John Constantine shows up in Metropolis out of nowhere, drops into the SHG's lives like some sort of magical bomb. He's a transfer student straight out of England. He's...
Lauriver Chronicles by Lauriver1fanboy
Lauriver Chroniclesby Lauriverfanboy1
After 5 years in hell, Oliver Queen is finally returning home to his family, his friends, and the woman he loves, but he's no longer the man he used to be. Now that he's...
Lauriver's Island- Year 1 by sadassclorke
Lauriver's Island- Year 1by Kaitlyn
'Laurel?' Oliver asked his dark haired girlfriend. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and smiled, 'yeah?' Oliver knitted his fingers with hers and held her han...
The Return of the Queens by ArrowverseFan833
The Return of the Queensby ArrowverseFan833
After five years on Lian Yu Oliver and Thea Queen are returning to Starling City to right their Family's wrongs. With both of their parents dying on the Gambit they are...
Multiverse Reborn: Arrow by Lauriver1fanboy
Multiverse Reborn: Arrowby Lauriverfanboy1
Part one of Multiverse Reborn saga. My name is Oliver Queen. After failing to stop a crisis unlike anything else I have ever faced before, I have awoken in a new multive...
Changes - An Arrowverse Story by CarVie16
Changes - An Arrowverse Storyby CarVie16
Team Flash struggles to protect Central City without The Flash. Oliver Queen deals with grief as he attempts to protect the city and raise his son, William, at the same...
Lauriver/Heart Throb by MzDinahLopez
Lauriver/Heart Throbby Sinxxx
For those who are reading this story, you must be Lauriver lovers, like myself. This story is about how I would have loved there journey to go. And of course it ends wit...
Rebirth by sidka28
Rebirthby VariantL1130
A complete rewrite of the Arrowverse with Superflash as the main couple.
Frosty Arrow by Lauriver1fanboy
Frosty Arrowby Lauriverfanboy1
Formerly Laurel's Power. This is a meta Laurel fanfic with a new twist. After Darhk attacked her at Iron Heights, Laurel Lance discovered an incredible new power within...
Lauriver/ Lauliver Christmas Week 2015 by abberrysnow
Lauriver/ Lauliver Christmas abberrysnow
This year in Arrow, during the week of Christmas, Oliver finds himself questioning whether he's abandoned the two women who care about him the most. Has he really sideli...
Arrowverse One-shots by SnowBarryFanatic
Arrowverse One-shotsby Arrowverse Fanfic Writer
Exactly what the title says Disclaimer: I don't anything, it all belongs to DC and the CW
arrow & canary  by hopper220
arrow & canary by hopper220
what if laurel was with Oliver instead of Sara and Oliver and laurel spent five years on lian yu working with Argus and when they come back to starling city married an...