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The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETED by unkn0wnx3
The Bad Boy Next Door- COMPLETEDby Peter pan
When Kylie loses everything and becomes pretty reckless shes sent to live with her aunt and her bestfriend Bobby thinking that things are going to be completely boring s...
Girls STILL love Beyoncé  by _NiceforWhat
Girls STILL love Beyoncé by Melanin_Monroe
Since the original got taken down , let's get back into the adventures of Beyoncé and JAY-Z and the ups and downs of having an open marriage
To love a sword  by NimtheWriter
To love a sword by NimtheWriter
After sacrificing his arm before his demise, Emiya fulfilled his desires to never let the past repeat itself. The man expected to return in a land surrounded by swords...
Lazy, but still got a harem (To Love Ru x Male Sans Reader) by MylesDTate
Lazy, but still got a harem (To Myles Tate
(Y/n) Gaster is a human with powers that no one knows about. What would happen if he were to be living with an alien girl? To Love Ru isn't owned by me. Sans from Undert...
Slendytubbies lll ((Reader Insert)) by DraikaTheDragon
Slendytubbies lll ((Reader Insert))by Draika The Dragon
"We all know what's going to happen. A girl mysteriously shows up in teletubby land and has to go through the whole game to get back home.'re right....s...
mahilig chocolate and strawberries basagulerang babae what if mapunta sya sa delubyong katulad nya at hindi inaasahan na mangyayari sa kanya meet crystal claire lux and...
Breadbox (Lala X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Breadbox (Lala X Reader)by AJ Torres
The Grim Reaper monster girl who detaches her head finds someone who comes around to deliver groceries and cook for the monster girls attractive. Eventually she likes hi...
Monster Musume: Mending Broken Hearts by Silver_Skyes
Monster Musume: Mending Broken Fraise
DISCONTINUED Kimihito has passed away, and Smith has to find a new host for the girls- or perhaps hostess? Mao was Kimihito's sole childhood friend, and though she is sh...
We don't care | YamiXReader by HaremXRomance
We don't care | YamiXReaderby HaremXRomance
A nerd, gamer, or whatever they call him. Society always talks bad about them and even in school, they are seen as not cool. As a beautiful girl who transferred to the s...
Monster Musume, Lucky half breed. by BlazeDX7
Monster Musume, Lucky half BraeonX2
The name is Ray Kuroko Earth. His a hybrid of human and subspecies. His mother is Kuroko Smith and his father none other then the King Of The Monster, Godzilla. that's r...
Pornhub ♛..  by xcubann-
Pornhub ♛.. by ♔
//. Daddy Know he Want This
Academt Of Five Peaks by FrizzBlue
Academt Of Five Peaksby Mr Bean
Two hundred years ago demons from hell ravaged the world.They came for earth, killing and destroying the place humans had lived in, not stopping for anything or anyone. ...
Our Little Monster~ (Yandere Monster Musume X Human Child Reader) (Discontinued) by usedtobedeno
Our Little Monster~ (Yandere [RETIRED ACCOUNT]
Y/N L/N is a young child who is sent to Japan where his cousin Kimihito lives to stay with for the summer, however also living with him are 7 demi-human girls who all wa...
El Dragón de la Ira y Las Princesas Devilukianas by Chavatronico
El Dragón de la Ira y Las Salvador Pinales Escalona
"Parecía que todo se iba a solucionar, que al vencer a mi padre y recuperar mis emociones todo iría a mejor... Pero estaba equivocado. " -Meliodas... Prométem...
To love ru ft Saiyans by jasonmakoni54321
To love ru ft Saiyansby Jason Makoni
Planet Vegeta has been destroyed while Bardock, Gine, Kakorot and his younger siblings escape to earth, how will their live change.
The Strongest Human (To Love RU X Male OC) [DISCONTINUED] by Ruler_Of_The_Void
The Strongest Human (To Love RU OBLIVION
Yuuki Riku, adopted brother of Yuuki Riko (yes rito is a girl in this story) and Mikan, however, he is no ordinary human, born with powers that could destroy worlds, no...
Monster Musume Male Reader One Shots! by GoldenAbyss619
Monster Musume Male Reader One Austin Adkins
Various one shots featuring YOU and the monster girls from Monster Musume! No Lemons. Sorry I don't do those. Just slight lemons.
What If by Am_Cham_123
What Ifby Am~Cham
What if Lala never woke up. What if she fades out of everyone memories? What if she never existed? What if she wakes up and has no memory? Change all these what ifs to i...
One Shot : Support System by Pacific_Deer
One Shot : Support Systemby Pacific Deer
(18+) Datang ke Ibukota dengan membawa harapan untuk menjadi seorang entertainer, Lala perlahan mengerti jika hidup tak selamanya mudah. Dalam kariernya, ia membutuhkan...
the most dangerous member(male prototype reader x monster musume) by christonaplane
the most dangerous member(male lee
(PROTOTYPE BELONGS TO RADICAL ENTERTAINMENT AND YOU OWN YOURSELF!)y/n mercer has unnatural abilities that M.O.N uses to their advantages.he is unpradictable but will the...