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book one: unrequited || sword art online  by FrogTwinTopMagician
book one: unrequited || sword 𝕞𝕣𝕤. 𝕤𝕢𝕦𝕚𝕤𝕙𝕪
"I'm sorry, Kazuto," I whispered. I will not let you fall. "Stay alive and get out of here...Kirito...Asuna..." I'm sorry. "Goodbye." I...
When You Called Me Over That Day (Kirito x Sinon) by Kisoru
When You Called Me Over That Day ( Kisoru
Kazuto just got DUMPED? Asuna left Kazuto for another man. Kazuto goes to his best friend, Shino, for help. Shino started to feel something she'd never felt before. As...
Beater by KatsTales444
Beaterby Kat
KiritoxReader SAO Your father is the Co-CEO of a successful gaming company that specialises in vrmmorpg and is helping develop SAO. You were a beta tester but he forbid...
Be My Kitty by InGameProdigy
Be My Kittyby ✌(0 - 0) ...
Kirito can't get a hold of her Asuna. With Asuna not replying, they all decide to look for her. When they finally find her, they thought all problems were settled. But t...
Blurred lines by kira18091
Blurred linesby kira
Izuku just wanted to escape the real world. He wanted to belong somewhere. Feel needed and useful. Feel like he was more than just a quirkless worthless boy. However, wh...
The Black Swordsman and the Integrity Knight (Season 1). by WhiteShadowWolfe
The Black Swordsman and the Jacob S.
Alice Zuberg is a sheltered girl who is highly intellegent and very athletic, but has bad trust issues with romance do to a childhood accident. One day her parents bough...
Sparda Kirito by Hollow_wrld6969
Sparda Kiritoby Getsuga itself
What if Kazuto, aka Kirito, had the memories of the 3 descendents of Sparda along with a slight bit of their power? Well, let's find out now, shall we? Kirito x harem
Better Off With Her ( Kirito X Reader ) by exoticsepticeye
Better Off With Her ( Kirito X exoticsepticeye
** Completed ** You were Y/N. You were 16, in highschool. You had a best friend named B/F, and a boyfriend named Kazuto Kirigaya. You both were together for 2 years. It...
GLITCHED[Kirito X Seme!male!Reader] by Lazy-mad-succubi
GLITCHED[Kirito X Seme!male!Reader]by Cereza.A Campbell
The world of SAO was created for two reasons.. One;For hardcore gamer's two;For someone live once more... Akihiko Kayaba had a younger brother who died,with the horribl...
The Saber Among Sabers (SAO x FGO) by NightcoreNaegiri
The Saber Among Sabers (SAO x FGO)by Kiri-san
Long story short Kirito dies from the poison that was injected into him in ep 1 season 4. He is then given a place in the throne of heroes and is summoned as a grand sab...
The Swordsman of the Hidden Leaf (male reader x Naruto) by Jordan4506
The Swordsman of the Hidden Leaf ( Jordan Tregle
Y/n Kirigaya was working to push back the Dark Territory with his friends and ends up dying to PoH. He then wakes up in a completely different world.
The Wolf Of SAO ( Sword Art Online Anime x OC/male reader insert)  by zer0420
The Wolf Of SAO ( Sword Art Zer0420
Wrongfully accused and charged for a crime he did not commit, Nhazul Hatake was abandoned and outcasted by everyone around him. Forced into a cruel world on his own, a l...
Glitch in the System (Male Reader x Sword Art Online) by Warzan86
Glitch in the System (Male Lonewolf76
Who is Y/n? Why does he keep appearing in the dungeons or missions that Kirito and his friends explore? Why is it that Y/N can see memories of a girl that talks to him s...
Fear of blades (Sao and Ac crossover) by Kimokitcat
Fear of blades (Sao and Ac Kimokitcat
In this story Kazuto Kirigaya is a girl and prefers the name Kirito. Kirito did not meet Asuna or any of his friends he meet with in Sao. This was inspired by SAO 2 and...
love conquers all | kirisuna by stelllaax_
love conquers all | kirisunaby Stella L.
[UPDATED MONTHLY] Asuna Stacia, Princess of the Underworld discovered a secret that would turn her whole luxurious life around. [Historical-Themed Kirisuna AU Romance] B...
Rough » sao by eluvious
Rough » saoby 스카이
Rei Kiyoshi was born into a wealthy family, enrolled into one of the top private schools, got stunning grades, and was the talk of the neighborhood. So what would they...
Aichmophobia: Sao x Ass class (Rewrite!) by Kimokitcat
Aichmophobia: Sao x Ass class ( Kimokitcat
Kazuto Kirigaya: A girl who just escaped the death game, Sword Art Online. Preferring to be called Kirito, she must deal with PTSD triggers and the moon being blown up...
COTE: Trapped Inside Sword Art Online [COTE X SAO] by Riku3055
COTE: Trapped Inside Sword Art Riku
During Ayanokoji's second year, right at the time of the cultural festival, the school decided to introduce their student's something unusual that would immensely impact...
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Art Online X OC) by Sora_Flashing12
The Night Sky Swordsman (Sword Sora_Flashing
Sora Yatagami was a young boy who lost everything. His parents were framed by a mistake they never commit. After that none of his friends and other family wants to take...
Sword Art Online: X by Timeless_95
Sword Art Online: Xby Just Another Fanfic Writer
X is a mysterious player. He was a beta tester of Sword Art Online, but no-one knew much about him. In SAO, his only friend seemed to be Kirito, but he was distant, even...