Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Fanfic) ( by cooljazzftw
Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Cooljazzftw
(Not cliché) Percy Jackson had it all friends,family,a perfect girlfriend 6 months after the 2nd Giant War Percy Jackson finally hopes for peace but when a son of Zeus c...
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Faking It by -jaza-
Faking Itby jaza 💜
Travis and Katie are...not the best of friends at Camp Half, at all. But when Travis needs a favor he turns to Katie for help. Little does she know that it'...
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Son of Hestia (Percy Jackson fanfic) ( (Completed) by cooljazzftw
Son of Hestia (Percy Jackson Cooljazzftw
Percy breaks up with Annabeth and run away from camp after the Giant War. As he run away from his pain and his life. He finds a new and unexpected ally. Together, they w...
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Intertwined (Published) by jerileekaye
Intertwined (Published)by Jerilee Kaye
(Sample. Watch out for the official book release on January 31, 2015!) The women in Brianne Montgomery's family have a curse. And she isn't going to be the first one t...
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Cut, Bruises, and Scars by Arkenx
Cut, Bruises, and Scarsby ArkenX Xavier
After the summer camp attack, toga gets captured by the police. But gets help from someone that was unexpected her crush Izuki Midoriya. What happens with both of them d...
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This is a book, where it'll have stories specifically hp kind that I would like to share to you wattpadians from the platforms of [AO3 & FANFICTION.NET] There are some n...
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My Net Savior. by EnzanorBlues
My Net Ijuuin Enzan
I know. Lame title. This the first story I've ever written, just warning you. Okay, quick summary... Both you and your operator, Lily Rose, are in love. You seem to be a...
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neglected potential ~ Discontinued by Eishi_Hibari8027
neglected potential ~ Discontinuedby [Nofkumo Before]
Just read it man.
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Beautiful Pakistani Lawn Suits at Best Price by flaviadsouza
Beautiful Pakistani Lawn Suits Flavia Hemworld
At Zindagi Collection, we provide a great taste for women of the new era. The collection which justifies for all occasions. Best quality dresss /suits material, Pakistan...
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Ponta Pair ♥ (RyoSaku Featured Fanfic Compilations) by YouGotEhM
Ponta Pair ♥ (RyoSaku Featured Misha
From rank #886 to #820 in Random (yey!) If you're a TeniPuri fan I'm sure you'll get crazy with these fics. Read and go figure out why. (Since November 15,2014) Edited b...
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Sen Kimsin? by DarkLoversss
Sen Kimsin?by Boşversene
Bir garip texting.
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The Shifters by Jadehuntress
The Shiftersby Jadehuntress
Wbwl story including percy Jackson and oc as triplets with friends.
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Harry's little army of puffskiens by MariannaDestiny
Harry's little army of puffskiensby Marie D.
this is a one shot i found on and i thought it would be a really good idea to post it and if you like it i might post more of these kind of things Like vo...
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My Love For Leila by 336Bailey
My Love For Leilaby Baileyy
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Cerita Nyata Yang sangat Sedih dan Mengharukan by monicacuy
Cerita Nyata Yang sangat Sedih Vivi Owiill
"Aku menghabiskan sepuluh tahun untuk membencinya, tetapi menghabiskan hampir sepanjang sisa hidupku untuk mencintainya. Aku bebas darinya karena kematian, tapi aku...
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Zekrom and Reshiram's Love by Shurikanea
Zekrom and Reshiram's Loveby Wolfie9170 aj
With all their might... with all their strength.... what will they do when their love is stopped by Alahooparing and Kiurem?
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Because, lets face it by Drarry1xo
Because, lets face itby Samantha Nunes
Fred shouldn't be staring at George's ass. Especially in the shower.Together.Naked.
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Fanfiction Recommendations by thefangirlofhp
Fanfiction Recommendationsby Amelia
In which I seek to sneak anyone who is reading this into heaven by suggesting the hidden gems I stumbled across fortunately while on my time on Wattpad. Seriously, y'al...
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Net Game Hero by ta2ya821
Net Game Heroby Tatsuya Sugimoto
Internet boy adventure 異世界と現実世界の狭間
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Naruto Fanfiction Reposts by Mishi_Uchiha
Naruto Fanfiction Repostsby Mishi Uchiha
Just that- a bunch of extremely talented fanfic writes on FFN or Archives of our own who are my personal favorites
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