Choni One Shots  by chonisflares
Choni One Shots by Duygu
Since Writer RAS won't give us Choni I have decided to take matters into my own hands or bunch of Choni One Shots and how the deleted scenes would be.
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Cigarette Daydreams // Archie Andrews (1) by QueenieLale
Cigarette Daydreams // Archie QUEENIE
"Cigarette daydream You were only seventeen So sweet with a mean streak Nearly brought me to my knees" The Blossom Triplets were a strange trio indeed. Athena...
  • jones
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B A N G // Riverdale by Cece20102
B A N G // Riverdaleby Sierra 20102
Melanie James Cooper. A bright eyed girl who never doubted the kindness in someone's heart. That's why everyone who knew her assumed Riverdale to be the best place for h...
  • story
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  • veronica
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Riverdale groupchat ❤️ by asia_telfer
Riverdale groupchat ❤️by Riverxvixen
Hey guys this is a riverdale group chat fanfic . Hope you like it ????????
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fake text | the boyz by ryuvio
fake text | the boyzby kevin holic ✧*。
welcome to the boyz fake messages! [most of text are not mine] cr. @TBZTXTS @theboyztexts @strayboyztexts since, 11 Mei 2018 ©ryuvio
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✲Restless in Riverdale✲ »Jughead Jones« by BipolarHypocrite
✲Restless in Riverdale✲ »Jughead BipolarHypocrite
"I was definitely dragged into this Jason Blossom mess by one Jughead Jones. I'm too lazy to investigate willingly." [RIVERDALE] ...
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  • archieandrews
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THE BOYZ IMAGINES by _seungmin
started 2017 #6 in theboyz #14 in kpopimagines #4 in kpopfanfiction (EDITING) ↺ | ❝ I DON'T LIKE YOU. I LOVE YOU ❞
  • sungyeon
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SWEET LIKE CANDY *SWEET PEA*by youlocalbitch
After hearing about their fathers arrest, Aviana and Jughead move to Southside high. Whilst her brother is writing articles, Aviana feels right at home and meets a boy w...
  • archieandrews
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The Guy From This Summer by QueenOfSarcasm13
The Guy From This Summerby Daisy♥️
The Coopers (Betty, Polly, and Chic) go to stay at their cousins for the summer to get away from their home town. What happens if Betty falls for a gang leaders son/crim...
  • bughead
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CHARMED ▷ SWEET PEA by swageya
CHARMED ▷ SWEET PEAby ˗ˏˋ Riri ˎˊ˗
❥ I know I was already charmed, the moment she walked through the hallway. ••• When Southside Students transferred to Riverdale High, Sweet Pea knew that his life will n...
  • toni
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  • fogarty
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Kevin's Baby by CrystalWings-
Kevin's Babyby CrystalWings-
"Well I think the best option is that we should get married" I said breaking the silence. "Have you lost your mind" she yelled at me. "Look I...
  • baby
  • pregnant
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Soul Mate Smut - Supernatural by insaneredhead
Soul Mate Smut - Supernaturalby insaneredhead
So this is a book for al the SUPERNATURAL soul mate books from the SIMB series. It is very much reader participation required, so put on your smutty hat and get to comme...
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Group Chat (Jarchie) by -gayshipsonly
Group Chat (Jarchie)by A💜
Random texts sent between the cast of Riverdale. Hella gay . You've been warned. p.s. JASON IS ALIVE IN THIS *The characters mentioned in this book are legally owned...
  • veronica
  • jarchie
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The Diner//J.J.||Riverdale by Equetta
The Diner//J.J.||Riverdaleby ⚫️💙⚫️
JugxReader cause why not🤷🏻‍♀️First real fan fiction on Wattpad😹 Don't get mad at me because I basically copied season 1 okay? OKAY😂❤️
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Riverdale Preferences  by xxkloiexxx
Riverdale Preferences by Crescent
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like in Riverdale? Trying to solve the mysteries. Would you be able to? What if you found someone? What if they liked you...
  • toni
  • andrews
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Riverdale Imagines [Completed] by sovnloshed
Riverdale Imagines [Completed]by ken
I got Reggie, Jughead, Archie, sweetpea, and fangs in here and one Veronica imagine
  • archie
  • reggie
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Cheryl's Love (Choni) by chonisflares
Cheryl's Love (Choni)by Duygu
"Why won't you let me inside your heart?", Toni asked while she put carefully a loose red hair strand behind Cheryl's ear. The model moved away from Toni's tou...
  • riverdale
  • madelainepetsch
  • cherylblossom
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riverdale // gif series by FandomsFuelMe
riverdale // gif seriesby trash can
【"it's called necrophilia, reggie. Can you spell it?"】
  • jasonblossom
  • jason
  • bettycooper
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Riverdale Imagines by LocationLost
Riverdale Imaginesby L . L
* Imagines/Preferences ** Any character from the cw show Riverdale can be requested! *** I will be using any pronouns that sound appropriate unless requested otherwise!
  • veronica
  • josie
  • andrews
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Knight In Shining Leather by AlicateReddo
Knight In Shining Leatherby AlicateReddo
The Northside Princess has a hard time opening up and letting her walls down, especially to a certain Queen of the Buskers. When Cheryl gets in serious trouble and her...
  • archie
  • gay
  • serpents
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