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KAVA FF by ilovepatchcipriano03
KAVA FFby Maya Vashishta
Kabir Sharma is a 25 years old cop. Vansh Raisinghania is 28 years old mafia businessman. Kabir sends a under cover agent on mission to catch Vansh and unfold his illega...
RiAnsh : Short Stories And One Shots ❤️ by RakshitaRG
RiAnsh : Short Stories And One Sho...by Aesthetic_ Ruh🍁
。◕❤️Beautiful short stories and one shots of our favourite beloved couple #RiAnsh .. Stories are mostly based on track May be sometimes off track... ❤️Main leads - Rrahu...
Raabta: The Unwanted Girl Story  by 1234vidhi
Raabta: The Unwanted Girl Story by 1234vidhi
am I that bad to be loved, wanted. I am an unwanted daughter, now i will be an unwanted wife. God what's your problem. Why am i so unwanted in this universe...... kya li...
Riansh Ki Kahani by 1234vidhi
Riansh Ki Kahaniby 1234vidhi
Ek cold blooded murderer , dangerous jisko sirf order dena aata hai usse milegi self - respected larki jo galat nahi dekh sakti ab dekhte inki yeh kahani kis modh par ja...
meri childhood shadi 😜😜😜 by 1234vidhi
meri childhood shadi 😜😜😜by 1234vidhi
shadi toh sabki hoti hai meri toh bachpan mein ho gayi thi jab sab diapar pehente hai meine husband rakha hua tha
Unwanted Marriage  by 1234vidhi
Unwanted Marriage by 1234vidhi
Every girl has many dreams for there wedding and marriage....... Same way ridhima also had many wishes for her wedding......... The dream of getting fairtale marriage...
The Monster's Love by RiAnsh_forlife
The Monster's Loveby RiAnsh For Life
He loved her so much, much more than he had loved anyone in his life. He was ready to do anything for her, change himself.. but she betrayed him, cheated with his feelin...
This a Riansh ff. Do give it a try
Revenge Or Not by Hellyrrahul
Revenge Or Notby Riansh
This story will start from Makarsankranti Track. but there are some changes. peep in to know the changes
Riansh ka afsana  by 1234vidhi
Riansh ka afsana by 1234vidhi
she was in torn old dirty clothes If someone sees her, it cannot be said that she is the same girl who does not even tolerate injustice.........his face was very dull...
On The Path Of Love (RiAnsh) by ishaingle16
On The Path Of Love (RiAnsh)by ishaingle16
On this path of love, Riddhima and Vansh's destiny will get linked,there will be many twist and turns. Get ready for the thriller ride. I hope you all will like it ❤️
 ♥ Revenge and physcotic love ♥ by 1234vidhi
♥ Revenge and physcotic love ♥by 1234vidhi
We can see a decorated room and two people like a couple dancing with each other suddenly the girl hug his partner tight and speak Girl ( lovely) : jaan tum mere liye...
Love Story Of A Gangster OS by ishaingle16
Love Story Of A Gangster OSby ishaingle16
Hii everyone this is an OS and it's not my own story. It's a story from a movie so credit goes to respective owners. Characters Vansh/Guru:Ganster (male protagonist) R...
Kava(Katie x Eva) fic by blue_writedumfanfics
Kava(Katie x Eva) ficby 🍅🍅🍅
I love this ship so much and it's illegal that it has no fanfics so this will be the first Also there's Sadeth, noco and izzney (and other ships) in this fic 🤭
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ʀɪᴀɴsʜ: ᴅᴀʀᴋ ʟᴏᴠᴇ♡ by Shreya_585
ʀɪᴀɴsʜ: ᴅᴀʀᴋ ʟᴏᴠᴇ♡by sʜʀᴇʏᴀ...
Hi Guys! Peep in to know more .. It's a RiAnsh Story
About me! - Katie by Kavabaes
About me! - Katieby Kava forever #don'tjudgethat'...
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, this is basically the basic information about my life at the moment. ;D *UPDATED*
MAGIC INK AWARDS  by MysteriousFairy1234
WELCOME!! Ready for a contest Hi there welcome to magic ink awards You are most welcome to participate here. Only riansh Authors which are new to Wattpad or old to W...