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If I Could Go Back In Time... What Would My Life Be Like? by Gaara-LeviSummer
If I Could Go Back In Time... What...by Levi-Summer
My life has never been fulfilled. No mother, no father, no siblings, no friends... Nobody. Everybody who I know hates me. But... If I Could Go Back In Time... What Wou...
  • karura
  • shukaku
  • temari
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Tu Nuevo Dueño Soy Yo (Carla x __) by Atzusa-Sakamaki
Tu Nuevo Dueño Soy Yo (Carla x __)by Atzusa-Kun
Carla: Tu me perteneces..No eres de nadie mas. solo mía.. Yo soy tu nuevo dueño..
  • fanfic
  • karura
  • diaboliklovers
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Shikadai's Ghostly Adventures by girlwolf103
Shikadai's Ghostly Adventuresby girlwolf103/Talk No Justu
Shikadai dies
  • konkuro
  • greif
  • shikadai
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蝶. GOODBYE MY LOVE: KARLA TSUKINAMI ©. #2 by http-wxcked
❝ La vida se escapa entre mis dedos y no puedo detenerla. El tiempo está arrasando con...
  • shin
  • carla
  • lovers
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Sand Crossed (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Sand Crossed (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Six Konoha genin are stuck in Suna during the rare rainy season, and arguing in the Kazekage's library over whose parents have the most romantic storyline. Ebizo finally...
  • wattys2016
  • storywithinastory
  • karura
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•. ˚. ❝ DEAR DEATH: SAKAMAKI REIJI ❞ • ˗ˋˏ❝ 親愛なる死. ❞ˎˊ- ❝ El fin está cada vez más cerca y tiene ...
  • tsukinami
  • kou
  • anime
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Tio Yashamaru by LaviniaCrist
Tio Yashamaruby LaviniaCrist
Depois de anos desde a libertação do Shukaku em Sunagakure, é encontrada uma carta no meio dos relatórios sobre o incidente. Seria apenas um erro sem importância, se tal...
  • karura
  • gaara
  • yashamaru
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Scattered Puzzle Pieces (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Scattered Puzzle Pieces (Naruto Fa...by Yemi Hikari
Rasa and Karura hoped for a third healthy child, but complications occurred resulting in their third child being born prematurely. Frustration grows for Rasa upon realiz...
  • alternateuniverse
  • autism
  • romance
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Fairytales  by aurelie2204
Fairytales by aurelie2204
Il était une fois, moi, Kushina, dix ans, une simple petite fille. Il était une fois elle, Karura, l'héroïne de cette histoire et celle qui m'a sauvée la vie. Il était u...
  • kushina
  • amitié
  • karura
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Mãe by Inial_Lekim
Mãeby Inial Lekim
Mãe é aquela que deu à luz. Mãe é aquela que, mesmo não dando a luz, te pegou no colo e te ninou, te criou, te ajudou a levantar e a seguir em frente. Mãe é aquela mulhe...
  • ino
  • karura
  • orochimaru
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Love, Ai, Chika (Naruto fanfic/GaaraxOC) by candygood1
Love, Ai, Chika (Naruto fanfic/Gaa...by candygood1
What if Gaara wasn't a Jinchuuriki? What if Shukaku was never sealed into him while Karura was pregnant and what if she survived giving birth to him? What if it was Yash...
  • yuki
  • karura
  • uzumaki
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Backstage Politics (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Backstage Politics (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Theater politics meant Rasa never thought he would marry for love. A marriage involving family politics meant his future bride was already selected, but the arrangement...
  • rasaxkarura
  • yashimaru
  • romance
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Parting Ways (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Parting Ways (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
In a world where Karura lives, her relationship with Rasa ends, and she takes Gaara away. Rasa comes to terms with things being over between them. Disclaimer - I don't o...
  • gaara
  • kankuro
  • karura
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Ask Karura (Or the admin) by Karura_No_Sabaku
Ask Karura (Or the admin)by Karura no Sabaku
Questions for Karura or the Admin
  • ask
  • karura
Perfect Worlds (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Perfect Worlds (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
What is a perfect world? The perfect world to one person is not the perfect world for another. Is it even possible to have a perfect world. Disclaimer - I don't own Naru...
  • theperfectworld
  • karura
  • family
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The Missing Piece (Naruto fanfic/GaaraxOC) by candygood1
The Missing Piece (Naruto fanfic/G...by candygood1
Ryuuya was the daughter of Yashamaru and his successor as Gaara's caretaker. She loved her younger cousin and learnt from her father that he was not the monster that was...
  • rasa
  • yashamaru
  • chiyo
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•. ˚. ❝ DIABOLIK LOVERS: FANDOM REALITY ❞ ━ ˗ˋˏOpiniones referente a el fandom ˎˊ- Sencillo, es un espacio donde yo doy mi opinión referente a temas populares o de mi...
  • laito
  • yuma
  • shin
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¿Qué NO Harías Si...? || Diabolik Lovers by Khe_thuu
¿Qué NO Harías Si...? || Diabolik...by - Ketū -
¿Cansado de preguntarse "¿Qué haría si...?"? ¡En ese caso, está en el lugar indicado! Le presentamos la nueva version de "¿Qué Harías Si...?", llamad...
  • subaru
  • karura
  • kanato
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I'm sorry Karura by Lovenature10
I'm sorry Karuraby Not in Use
When the Kazekage agrees to put Shukaku inside of their third unborn son, he figures that he'll have to say his last goodbyes to something he loves the most. *everyday i...
  • suna
  • karura
  • nauto
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