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True Hero ~Supercorp~ by ASecretC
True Hero ~Supercorp~by ASecretC
*COMPLETE* "No friends look at each other like that. And the lip biting? That's a dead giveaway. On both ends. Like, seriously, I'm surprised you two haven't jumped...
The Sister? by Jules231
The Sister?by Juliaa
This is the sequel to "A Supercorp Tale", I decided to make one, since you guys liked the first one so much. This story will go around Reign, but it will also...
Love You To Argo And Back by Whimsy_Neptune
Love You To Argo And Backby WhimsyNeptune
Eventually, Kara's eyes met Lena's; when they did, Lena offered Kara a tearful smile and whispered: "I love you." Through her sobs. Lena watched as Kara's face...
Lena Luthor... Happy Birthday?! by EdenSinger
Lena Luthor... Happy Birthday?!by EdenSinger
Lena has, thus far, for reasons mysterious and unknown, refused to tell Kara her real birthday. This, however, does not stop the girl of steel from trying to catch her f...
"ACABARE CON TU HUMANIDAD" (Supercorp) by Laura83Jimenez
"ACABARE CON TU HUMANIDAD" (Superc...by Laura Jiménez
Este es un universo paralelo en donde la tragedia, los abusos, el engaño y toda la inmoralidad fueron parte de lo que aprendió la recién llegada a la tierra. El objetivo...
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Stories/Scenes/One Shots by Justakid444
Supercorp/Supergirl - Short Storie...by Sophie
The title should really give enough of a description. It's pretty damn gay.
Supercorp One Shots by number-9-is-my-shet
Supercorp One Shotsby number-9-is-my-shet
Here are some one shots of mine involving Supercorp (Kara x Lena - Supergirl). I also have a full Supercorp story coming soon but wanted to get some practice before the...
Thunder & Shadow - SuperCorp (EN) by Margot_Conte
Thunder & Shadow - SuperCorp (EN)by Supergirl_katie
Kara Danvers, Zeus' daughter, has just arrived at the Colony of Half-Bloods, she will quickly meet Lena Luthor, daughter of Hades. Everyone expects them to be rivals lik...
Unreachable You by roguealien
Unreachable Youby Everyoneisgayinmybook
"You were mine first. Why can't I have you now?"She asked with tears streaming down her face, heart barely aching for the numbness she feels. "Please, I...
AU One Shots// A Supercorp Book by Itsmeavalon
AU One Shots// A Supercorp Bookby 🌈Avalon🌈
This will be a book of one-shots all pertaining to Kara and Lena (Supercorp) If a one-shot is more than one part, it will be specified in title. If you have any requests...
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AU by Itsmeavalon
The Last Survivor// A Supercorp AUby 🌈Avalon🌈
Kryptonians had been poisoning their planet, Krypton, for years, and its core had become extremely unstable. 16-year-old Kara Zor-El, the daughter of Queen Alaura Zor-El...
Troublemaker - Supercorp Fanfic by taylorswiftisgay
Troublemaker - Supercorp Fanficby taylorswiftisgay
Kara Danvers has spent years trying to be normal, but when she meets Lena Luthor, owner of LCorp, something changes. Now, she sees her all over town, always there, alway...
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lena by iMazikeen
Dwa oblicza. Kara x Lenaby iMazikeen
Słyszałam wokół płacz, jęki, krzyki. Wszystko spowodowane było bólem. Ludzie najbliżej wybuchu umarli, osoby znajdujące się dalej zostały napromieniowane bardzo niebezp...
Sola. by Travelwhitthemind
Sola.by Travelwhitthemind
"Partecipante all'Iniziativa Femslash2016". In un immaginario futuro quasi apocalittico, Kara Danvers perde il suo unico, grande e vero amore.
A Super and a Luthor by Larkfeatherr0128
A Super and a Luthorby Larkfeatherr0128
After Mon El left again, Kara is faced with a surge of conflicting feelings. Relief, grief, and a realization of love for someone rather unexpected. Authors Note: This i...
How dare you insult the vertically challenged?! by Zor-Earp
How dare you insult the vertically...by Zor-Earp
Even though it was just the two of them, knowing Kara's endless pit of a stomach, Lena had learned that when it came to cooking for her other half, it was best to double...
Supercorp | Season 5 by TypicalShipzer07
Supercorp | Season 5by Typical Shipzer
I bascially am tweaking supergirl season 5 a little to create a Supercorp outcome. cheers. :3
Damn The Consequences  by SamanthasExhaustion
Damn The Consequences by sam
Lena Luthor, a woman trying to be better than her family, making a name for herself. Through her friendship with Kara Danvers, CatCo reporter and Supergirl, she learns t...
Supergirl Oneshots by AmyKateD
Supergirl Oneshotsby Amy
A collection of Supergirl oneshots.
In This World, And The Next by sten06
In This World, And The Nextby Kristen
The SuperCorp Proposal that nobody asked for.