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head over heels (quackityhq x male!reader) by anxiousaries
head over heels (quackityhq x male...by Kereal Knockoff
"I honestly dont know what to say..." Alexis said, flustered "It's okay, we'll figure this out." You responded, slipping your hand into his.
The Ultimate Yōkai Guide by sandydragon1
The Ultimate Yōkai Guideby sandydragon1
This guide contains information about yōkai from Japanese folklore along with examples from various media.
Scion University by dementedlybroke
Scion Universityby dementedlybroke
A hidden university that only accepts two kinds of students; the smart and the brilliant. This university has all the elite children of society. The children of the gre...
Staring~ Imallexx (Alex), Bluesdank (Henry), Kappa kaiju (Couldn't find this bitches name), QuackityHQ (Alexis), kwite(Tyler), wildspartanz (Brandon), pyrocynical(Niall)...
Role Reversal by Caramilk13
Role Reversalby Imtheworst
What if the roles were switched from the start? What if the Queen never messed with the prophecy? (A 'Castle Swimmer' fanfic) Cover credits go to the original author, j...
Give Me Your Love /Kappiren\ by Jackaboo_Cute
Give Me Your Love /Kappiren\by Yaoi Writer
While Kappa has enrolled rolled to a school, He figures out that Siren is destine to be his boyfriend. And he's right.
Devoid by dekugodoki
Devoidby Raze Cyncus
When Kagome returns to the Feudal Era, she finds out from Shippo that someone has taken everyone captive, including InuYasha and Sesshomaru. Upon find the castle, the tw...
Youtubers x reader Preferences//Oneshots by Dillun
Youtubers x reader Preferences//On...by 👌Dillun👌
Hey look a big ol description- the only youtubers i have in mind to write (and the only ones i watch tbh) is Wildspartanz and the gang i feel like they get really neglec...
My beloved world of Darkness.  by Irisofthewaters
My beloved world of Darkness. by Irisofthewaters
It's been a long time since someone annoyed the Lord of Pandemonium this much. Good thing Rikuo Nura finds these so called "wizards" amusing.
his sunshine: an aksel and quackity oneshot collection by PixiePaint
his sunshine: an aksel and quackit...by Pixie
written in lowercase intentionally. featuring aksually (aksel) & quackityhq (alex) requests open!
Kappa of Legend by XxNinjaChanXx
Kappa of Legendby ✧ ♡ ✦ ♡ ✧
During the Edo Dynasty, otherwise known as Tokugawa, Imperial Japan emerges from the chaos of Sengoku. A time of economic growth, strict social order, and foreign polici...
Youtuber Oneshots by Cutesadpencil
Youtuber Oneshotsby I want to die
Hi, I'll be writing about youtubers in the commentary community and reddit community with some exceptions with your recommendations I'm open to writing about any youtube...
Lucky🍀 by pixiiverse
Lucky🍀by pixiiverse
Willowbrook Academy, an elite boarding school for the Mythical. Clover feels like they are being forgotten, until they meet pixie Adelaide LaCroft: tall, popular and spo...
The Last Step - Castle Swimmer Headcanons by MaxwellJacksWrites
The Last Step - Castle Swimmer Hea...by MaxwellJacksWrites
Short fanfics with headcanons I develop as Castle Swimmer gets updated, all with Audio narration!
Castle Swimmer Songs by Ripslinger13
Castle Swimmer Songsby Ripslinger13
The title pretty much says it all Castle Swimmer gang just singing songs
Ask or Dare Siren and Kappa by DarnealCraig
Ask or Dare Siren and Kappaby RainTech🍟🍔🍕🌭🧁
give siren and Kappa a question or give them a dare I do not own these characters or the webtoon all rights goes to the creator
A ZETA AND A KAPPA LOVE STORY (TRA...by jordanlover217
7 DEVILS : Japanese Mythology by alphawolf2308
7 DEVILS : Japanese Mythologyby 𝓿 𝓮 𝓭 𝓪 𝓼 𝓱 𝓪 𝓱
From mythical foxes and shape-shifting raccoon dogs to vengeful spirits and human-eating spiders, Japanese folklore is full of fascinating creatures born from people's o...