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Night Meetings by deathrabbit
Night Meetingsby deathrabbit
Allen skips dinner after along day of fighting with Kanda. Late into the night he is woken up by angry pains of hunger. He thought he would just eat and then go back to...
  • kandaxallen
  • kanda
  • allen
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D.Gray-Man Emotions Drabbles by ayabean
D.Gray-Man Emotions Drabblesby s.s & t.m 💕
Emotions are what we feel, so why not put them individually to see what happens? Reader X D.Gray-Man Characters [Mainly Allen, Lavi, Kanda, Tyki with occasional others]
  • exorcist
  • lenalee
  • gray-man
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Kanda X Reader  Losing You (lemon) by noodle_chan
Kanda X Reader Losing You (lemon)by noodle_chan
This is my first fanfic ever!! Let me know in the comments if i should continue it or nahヽ('▽`)/ soon i'll be uploading some lemon too ;)
  • kandaxreader
  • kandaxwounded
  • lemon
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How Again? (Kanda x Reader) by animeewriterr
How Again? (Kanda x Reader)by rosé!
Is kanda dating? (This was meant to be a one shot but it turned into a short story lolol. just saying I didn't really edit much so be prepared for mistakes!)
  • kanda
  • anime
  • yukanda
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Cupids (Yullen)(DISCONTINUED)(Read Description) by IBlameJaz666
Cupids (Yullen)(DISCONTINUED)(Read...by Blue
(DISCONTINUED)Okay, this isn't a Character x Reader or anything, it is a reader insert though. This story is Yullen with me (Delilah) and you (Name) running around, caus...
  • walker
  • gray
  • man
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Our guardian angel by FullmetalAlma
Our guardian angelby otaku_life
  • lavi
  • kanda
  • dgrayman
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The day it all fell into place by levi_chan88
The day it all fell into placeby levi chan
As allen spends more and more time with kanda at the black order he begins to notice that he has feelings for kanda but is hesitant to ask if kanda feels the same
  • romance
  • kandaxallen
  • fanfiction
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When You Disappeared in the Light by Yel_lue04
When You Disappeared in the Lightby Yel_lue04
Never will I go back in that place again.
  • allen
  • romance
  • blackorder
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The lotus and the lilac by hellokitty_and_anime
The lotus and the lilacby hellokitty_and_anime
Yu kanda and my character is all I can sy :3
  • jade
  • kanda
  • miyakagi
Innocence heart by kitkatkateyreader1
Innocence heartby Katey M. Smith
Allen Walker hasn't been in the black order for a day and is already shocked by a ten year old girl that is happily hugging Kanda and calling him big brother. The shocki...
  • allen
  • lavi
  • dgrayman
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A Normal Anime? I Think Not! by CrownedByThorns
A Normal Anime? I Think Not!by Kesho Shimizu
_______ is an average anime fan. But like all fans, she has a favorite. And in her case it is D.Gray-Man. It wasn't her first anime, but it captured her heart from the f...
  • readerpov
  • gray-man
  • anime
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The Prisoner's Dilemma by Blaxis
The Prisoner's Dilemmaby Tati
Modern AU. Have you ever thought which one of your friends would cover you up if you ever committed a murder? Honestly, neither did I, but that was until Alma came to us...
  • fanfiction
  • dgm
  • suspects
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Black Butler and Nabari No Ou: Sorrow (fanfic) by TrashWizard
Black Butler and Nabari No Ou: Sor...by Trash-Sama
Ciel Phantomhive has always been the bitter type, no one could pull him out of the hatred he was feeling, a mere smile was a miracle. But when Sebastian saves and brings...
  • sebastian
  • walker
  • ciel
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Alucard's Drabble Book by AlucardVlad01
Alucard's Drabble Bookby AlucardVlad01
I will post all of my drabbles in this 'book', I have alot of random situation from different fandoms, have fun to read them all :) A few of them are with smut, so I wi...
  • ffx
  • ffix
  • fma
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When Love Wins From Hatred by SkyLiarLee
When Love Wins From Hatredby SkyLiarLee
To their own disgust Allen and Kanda are sent on a mission together. When Allen gets wounded Kanda has to help him and slowly they become better friends. Even after comi...
  • allen
  • kanda
  • komui
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Yin without Yang (BNHA) by vampire123455
Yin without Yang (BNHA)by vampire123455
2nd book Yin without yang I don't own D.Gray-man or BNHA Do not read unless you've read the first book. Yin and Yang (D.Gray-man) Warning contains some self emotional a...
  • kanda
  • hero
  • innocence
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Cant he just love me?!  by kpopperstory
Cant he just love me?! by kpopperstory
Allen loves Kanda but thinks Kanda hates him...Kanda loves Allen but thinks Allen hates him what more is there to say read and see what happens
  • dgrayman
  • allenwalker
  • allen
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Here by MelancholicYuu
Hereby Jenny
  • yuu
  • suddenly
  • kanda
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