Night Meetings by deathrabbit
Night Meetingsby deathrabbit
Allen skips dinner after along day of fighting with Kanda. Late into the night he is woken up by angry pains of hunger. He thought he would just eat and then go back to...
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  • yullen
  • kandaxallen
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The New Kid by AlexInChains
The New Kidby K.C. Powell
Allen Walker just transferred into Black Order Academy, a private school for students excelling in certain fields, for his musical talents. There, he meets an attractive...
  • yullen
  • school
  • blackorder
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Lavi x OC by insane_chick_02
Lavi x OCby insane_chick_02
A girl, by the of Siba (She-bah h's are silent), has finally return from a mission, after 5 years, to the Black Order. She is then reunited with the siblings who took he...
  • d-gray
  • johnny
  • lavibookman
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Exorcists and Wizards by nymphia08
Exorcists and Wizardsby Jenny No
After coming to the new Headquarters of the Black Order, Alice, Allen, Link, Leenalee, Lavi, and Kanda are send to a mission of Akuma's strange behavior. However, they e...
  • lenalee
  • fairytail
  • lavi
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Yu Kanda : Stubborn Love by YuKandafan
Yu Kanda : Stubborn Loveby Rocio Ochoa
A new exorcist has joined the Black Order and is sent on a mission with none other than our friend Yu Kanda .A finder named Toma also joins them.As Komui sends them away...
  • dgm
  • kanda
  • ốc
The Darkness Unveiled [DGM  Wattyaward 2015 Winner] by Phantomauthor
The Darkness Unveiled [DGM Wattya...by Phantomauthor
"Can we bring out the toy earl-sama?" Road begged. The Earl laughed. "Why of course!♡" The Earl exclaimed at a coffin rose from the ground underneath...
  • lavi
  • innocence
  • milleniumearl
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Kanda really was a sucker for certains things: like an adorable silver haired child whom he was forced to care for while his idiot of a friend goes off on vacation. AU...
  • child
  • walker
  • family
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Miracle [Daddy!Kanda x Mommy!Reader] by luka-love
Miracle [Daddy!Kanda x Mommy!Reade...by luka-love
The war is over. Two of you are free and decided to get married. Not too long after you learned that you were pregnant. What happens when your child will decide that it...
  • reader
  • child
  • miracle
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Not Really Enemies  by Nightmare_Dreamer_
Not Really Enemies by NightmareDreamer
Hoshiko Kimiko is an exorcist. She's no ordinary human. She's a human that not only has a past life but remembers it too. That's not even the name she was given at the t...
  • tykimikkxoc
  • blackorder
  • allenwalker
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The Earl's Daughter by Lunason1231
The Earl's Daughterby Luna
Have you ever had your heart shattered into a million pieces before well I have and this is a story about how Lavi Bookman broke my heart. I do not own D.gray-man or any...
  • ocs
  • lavi
  • yullen
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Sleeping Prince by Yullen-Senpai19
Sleeping Princeby Allen Walker
D.Gray-Man Version of Sleeping Beauty. Prince Allen was cursed, and forced to live without knowing who he is and what will become of him. Time is running out, so can he...
  • yukanda
  • allenwalker
  • allen
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Kanda X Reader  Losing You (lemon) by noodle_chan
Kanda X Reader Losing You (lemon)by noodle_chan
This is my first fanfic ever!! Let me know in the comments if i should continue it or nahヽ('▽`)/ soon i'll be uploading some lemon too ;)
  • dgrayman
  • lemon
  • kandaxreader
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Yullen  by KitKate8
Yullen by KitKate8
What will happen when Kanda can't find his beansprout. Kanda and Allen both have feelings for each other but can they make it through the trials that the world sends the...
  • fanfiction
  • dgrayman
  • allenwalker
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Ocean Moon by remarkableboy
Ocean Moonby remains
Kanda and Allen are sent on a mission overseas without an estimated return date. With golems not broadcasting, Kanda and Allen find themselves in trouble physically and...
  • torture
  • allenxkanda
  • dgm
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Left Me Alone (Yullen) by IBlameJaz666
Left Me Alone (Yullen)by Blue
Allen Walker is Yu Kanda's secret crush. As well as vice versa. But a dark part of Allen's past comes back as an exorcist. Can Kanda help him defend himself? Or will he...
  • walker
  • allen
  • kanda
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Scenarios ✘ D. Gray Man by TruRebellion
Scenarios ✘ D. Gray Manby s(tiles)lanky
❝You bastard.❞ ❝I love you too.❞ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story in which you indulge yourself in D. Gray Man characters, such as Allen, Kanda, Lav...
  • walker
  • anime
  • lavi
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A White Rose by AlexInChains
A White Roseby K.C. Powell
[BOOK 2 OF YULLEN FLOWER SERIES-- SEQUEL TO A SILVER LOTUS] 3 years later... Allen Walker just turned twenty-one and is still head over heels in love with Yu Kanda. They...
  • kandaxallen
  • lenalee
  • romance
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To Find An Exorcist (Sequel to TBAE) by LiveForNowAndForever
To Find An Exorcist (Sequel to TBA...by Live
Three years have passed since Naomi's awakening as the new Noah of Deception. She's now a sworn enemy of the Black Order but many of the members, including the love-conf...
  • dgrayman
  • yuu
  • tobeanexorcist
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Love Dangerous (Allen Walker y tu) D-Gray Man by CatLunalight562
Love Dangerous (Allen Walker y tu)...by Alyss
Alyss Milenium es hija del conde milenario , una Noé , quien llevará una maldición con ella por su mayor pecado , enamorarse de un exorcista . Advertencia (que quizás na...
  • lenalee
  • luciel
  • demonio
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Complicating Compensation (D. Gray Man Fanfic) (Male OC) by QWilliamSikes
Complicating Compensation (D. Gray...by QWilliamSikes
No name. No thoughts. Just survival. Yet, for whom? For her? For him? For that one? For me? It stopped mattering. I am me. But who is he? Frozen land, endless time, open...
  • angel
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  • allenwalker
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