I Was Reincarnated as God's Messenger! by UltraOtaku
I Was Reincarnated as God's Maimi-chan
Gekko Tenshi ( meaning moonlight angel ) is a highschool girl famous for being the Discplinary Committee Chairman with an iron fist rule. Strong enough to punish rule br...
  • anotherworld
  • swords
  • adventure
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D.Gray-Man and Black Butler Crossover by YoungandChildish
D.Gray-Man and Black Butler JackFrost
Neah and Allen love eachother and can break apart into different bodies but don't always do it, Neah is very protective so is Undertaker. Allen is sick and tired of ever...
  • betrayal
  • blackbutler
  • drama
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Neah X Reader {Forever} by __Ayaka_
Neah X Reader {Forever}by Knight Of Heart
"" It's raining... They left... I'm on my own. I was 14 when it happened. The day I was abandoned. "What's wrong? Are you lost,"...
  • love
  • nea
  • probelms
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D.Gray-Man by Very_Fearful
D.Gray-Manby °•°I'm scared°•°
These pictures/fanart are from my d.gray-man collection they aren't my tho. All the picture to the rightful people.
  • naoh
  • allen
  • kanda
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Imprints by NeahDeAllen
Imprintsby Neah-Chan
At first everyone is born with some sort of birthmark. This determines the person's fate.
  • neah
  • fanfic
  • pallen
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