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Peculiar; C. Madrigal by _httpskaye
Peculiar; C. Madrigalby kaye
Is it risk to love. what if it doesn't work out? ah, but what if it does. (Y/N) Dela Cruz/Fernando is a peculiar girl, what do you mean by peculiar? find out.
Resol || Camilo Madrigal by AeKa20
Resol || Camilo Madrigalby Aeka
Spanish | noun. The Glare of the Sun, Sunlight. Where Camilo Madrigal and Clara Martinez fell in love with people who reminded them of the sun. Where Childhood Friendshi...
shades of blue by julixtta
shades of blueby Julietta
Charlie doesn't speak, so he paints.
zero by julixtta
zeroby Julietta
Quinn scribbles tainted emotions across thin layers of white paper. But to who? To someone who blinks once, sees her, and blinks again-just to make her disappear. To so...
shades of red by julixtta
shades of redby Julietta
when you have too many thorns, all you can do is paint them in red, because, maybe then, they will look like petals [sequel to shades of blue]
Encanto Preferances and Oneshots by LeShipper22
Encanto Preferances and Oneshotsby <3
encanto preferences andnone shots :) taking requests This is mostly preferences.
&. by julixtta
&.by Julietta
a collection of thoughts that always abruptly en
Remember Me... by ChonkaBONES
Remember Me...by BONES
What if when Bruno Madrigal left he left something behind. Something he never wanted to leave behind. His 2 year old daughter Sophia. All characters, except for Sophia M...
therapy by julixtta
therapyby Julietta
"they told us that we needed therapy, as if medication and tainted words could fix broken toys."
Camilo x Y/n (Fem) by DiscoverEmily
Camilo x Y/n (Fem)by Emily
Camilo's known you since you were both little, and has secretly had feelings for you since you were 13. He hasn't been interested in dating anyone, but you have a boyfri...
On The Down Low - Encanto Imagines + Oneshots by Spade_Karma
On The Down Low - Encanto Imagines...by Spade Karma
The Family Madrigals x reader I'm in love with like, all of the characters, so- requests are open
Camilo Madrigal x reader  by Official_TadashiYams
Camilo Madrigal x reader by ✨Yamagucci 😎 💵 ✨
You and your family often travelled, you didn't have a set home and just wandered around happily exploring nature, but found yourself in a beautiful town with amazing, s...
Encanto One Shots✔︎  by Havenfables
Encanto One Shots✔︎ by Haven
I loved the movie Encanto!!! And decided to make some one shots about it. •+• Encanto was created by Disney The picture for the cover was found on Pinetrest Requests...
A runaway by louisekinnie
A runawayby harper
What if they never found Mirabel? What if she never came back? Read about what the ending of Encanto could have been
Encanto Headcanons/Oneshots 🥶 by CosmicCowMilk
Encanto Headcanons/Oneshots 🥶by Jasper 😎
im obsessed so yuh les do this shit 😚
the art of by julixtta
the art ofby Julietta
"I think you should -" "Correction: I am in my own body, with my own mind; you do not and cannot tell me what to do."
Encanto; La familia Madrigal told in different P.O.V.'S by Lou-Kawaii-Blink
Encanto; La familia Madrigal told...by Mai
This is the story of the family Madrigal, who is blessed with a miracle. But even though everything looks perfect, funny, tolerable and fine, it wasn't fine at all. Beca...
The witch of Encanto. (MaleReader) by jormungand-watson
The witch of Encanto. (MaleReader)by Zafys
After your family rejected you for your practice of witchcraft you moved in Encanto hoping to be in peace there. But even there the town's people didn't seemed to tolera...
Far From Home by cooldudeking
Far From Homeby i believe in camilo supremacy
(name may not be permanent) an au where instead of the original ending lilo gets taken away by Mr.Bubbles and is taken in by a nice foster family in colombia (the Madrig...