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Sneaking & Peeking by ItsTeir
Sneaking & Peekingby Teir Marks
I will upload upcoming sneak peeks of stories that you all can look forward too.
The Family - The Loud House by Reomatic
The Family - The Loud Houseby ReoTheWolf
Its all about Lincoln having to deal with Chandler and his gang, now he must find someone like a local mob to deal with those peeved gang. Want to know more? Read the st...
Sincerely, Teir by ItsTeir
Sincerely, Teirby Teir Marks
This is where I will give you all important updates and story fun facts. This way things that I need everyone to know doesn't get missed on my message board.
This is our story by lovestorybathena806
This is our storyby kisseslove98
bobby and athena is this forever
the family by DanaKiezhaOcampo
the familyby enhypen
lisa,roseanne,jia(jisoo),jennie,neo(namjoon),jin,sean(suga),jino(jhope),jimin,theo(taeyhung),and justin(jungkook) are the most wealthy,geneus,siblings in the world. they...
The Family [ON HOLD] by BurningEmbers666
The Family [ON HOLD]by Burning Embers
A group of theives. Murderous and powerful theives. They call themselves The Family. All bad, and zero tolerance for good. This is the story of the five most powerful fa...
Close as strangers..... by aussiegirll
Close as aussiegirll
Casper is an orphan who is now 1 year old. His mother died giving birth to him but his father was no wear to be found. His time at the orphanage has given him bad health...
The Family by storiesforthegram
The Familyby storiesforthegram
Married Roger lived a happy life with his kids in wife. He made the mistake of ever meeting up with his ex, Tracy who won't take no for an answer.
Our lives by Nalani0908
Our livesby Nalani loustaunau
A group of friends who have lots of conflicts and are always hurting one another. Find out our secrets will the truth unfold or keep being clumped in to a ball and build...
Back to Stovepipe Junction by allthewritem0ves
Back to Stovepipe Junctionby all_the_write_moves
Guy decides to introduce Junior to the rest of the family.
A Distinctive Lack of Hue by TheAllTimeWizard
A Distinctive Lack of Hueby TheAllTimeWizard
This book will be about a family of four, in a mysterious land of adventure, more commonly know as "The Grey Lands". The inhabitants of this land are people pu...
The family by kkcool1
The familyby kkcool1
My family is absolutely CRAZY. And it is just this thing where you can't tell your whole life in 1 sentence. SO OPEN UP THIS BOOK AND START READING!
The story of my life  by Felicitysmith23
The story of my life by Felicitysmith23
My name is Bella star. My life was normal until a big changed happened, I had to move!?!? What am I gonna do? I'm gonna lose all of my friends my senior year of high sch...
Encanto: Mirabel x Macario by AlyssaCruz1834
Encanto: Mirabel x Macarioby The Various Girl
Years have passed since the magic was restored Mirabel is now a grown woman, her sisters and cousins had settled down and had children of their own but now she has come...
La Famiglia by GatoniKheira
La Famigliaby Gatoni Kheira
My family was not considered as "normal". Infact it was far from that, I was not like those kids who wake up hearing their mother calling the for breakfast nor...
The Family: Vol. #1: A Firm Foundation by ICMPublicationz
The Family: Vol. #1: A Firm ICMPublicationz
Lucky Newby, the son of Erie, Pennsylvania's strongest mafia Don (Larry Newby Sr.) along with a hand full of his childhood friends take over his Father's vast underworld...
(The Family) Adam Warren X Child Friend!Reader by LazyLazyLazyloo
(The Family) Adam Warren X Child LazyLazyLazyloo
You and Adam were best friends, nothing could come between you... That was ten years ago, Now, Everything's changed.
The Family: The Official Guidebook by Noxaura_Cille
The Family: The Official Guidebookby Noxaura "Nox" Cille
The Official guidebook for the Kik group Le Family of Siblings (Must be a Sibling to join) and the Family overall! Confused about Nox's dynamic? Say no more! Read the b...